Landscape Design 101: How to Plan, Execute & Maintain Your Landscape

Are you looking for a way to spice up your outdoor space? Creating a landscape design allows you to transform any outdoor area into an oasis! Landscaping may seem like an unmanageable task, especially when you don’t know where to start. Luckily, we can help!

Landscape design is a passion of mine, but you don’t need tons of experience to start. 

Below we have compiled a comprehensive list of how to create a landscape design for your outdoor space. Read on for helpful tips and tricks on how to change your boring yard into a beautiful garden, patio, or entertainment space. 

Planning Your Landscape Design

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The first step to creating an incredible landscape is to draw out a plan. Decide what your goals are and what you want to include. Do you want a patio for entertaining and for having dinner parties? Are you a garden planner and want to grow fresh fruits and veggies? Do you have kids and pets and need an open space to play? Think about features that are important to you and draw out a simple sketch. 

In your sketch, make sure and mark any specific features that already exist. If there are hills, existing trees, sunny areas, shaded areas, privacy concerns, and whatever else seems relevant. 

Creating Privacy

If you live near a street or neighbors, then privacy will likely be a concern for you. Some options of privacy ideas are hedge plants or potted plants for privacy from neighbors. Fences are also an option. Just make sure you check your local regulations. 

Creating Pathways

A beautiful way to make your yard accessible is by installing a pathway. You can use pavers, stones made from brick, concrete, or tile, to make stepping stones or a pathway.  When installing a path, you will need to coat your materials in a paver sealer. 

The best paver sealers keep stones in place, reduce staining, reduce erosion, and keep stones in good condition. They protect the material and keep dirt and debris from getting into the stone or brick. 

When it comes to maintaining your pathway, you will want to know how to clean pavers. This can be done simply by using a home and a mild, non-acidic cleaning solution. Simply wet your walkway, gently scrub it, and wash it off. 

Adding Plants

Adding landscape plants is a crucial part of outdoor design. They make it easy to create a specific look and feel. Plants are used as decor, just like how you would decorate a house! 

Plants can also be utilized for specific reasons. For example, If you want to include some shade in your yard, you can consider adding trees. The best trees for shade include Silver Maples, Northern Red Oaks, Pin Oaks, Tulip trees, Weeping Willows, and many more. If you are seeking a shaded yard, consider including some of these. Otherwise, research what would be the best landscape tree for your specific goals. 

Another example of a way to utilize plants for your needs is to create a vegetable garden. Decide which veggies grow best in your region, find the best soil for vegetables in your local hardware store, and designate an area for growing your own food!

If having a garden is not on your list of goals for your landscape project, leaning more towards low-maintenance landscaping might be best. Including things like perennials that come back year after year, climate-specific grass, rock beds, native plants, and artificial grass will reduce the amount of yard work that you will be required to do to maintain your landscape. 

Designing a Patio

Installing a patio into a yard is a common feature that most people prefer. This provides a space for entertaining and for relaxing outdoors. Whether it is a large wooden deck or a smaller concrete slab, a patio will add accessibility to your outdoor area. 

A table and chairs are usually patio staples. Look for small chairs and a side table if you have a small area or a large table with comfortable seating if you have lots of space. Consider how many people you will be entertaining and get enough seating for everyone to fit. 

Installing an outdoor ceiling fan can help keep you cool and add light so that you can enjoy your patio at night. The best outdoor ceiling fans are made from waterproof materials and have motor housings and blades that can withstand humidity and weather in all locations. 

Another common patio feature is a grill. Grills are commonly run on gas, charcoal, or electricity. Grills come in all shapes and sizes and can be tailored to fit your specific needs. For example, the best outdoor electric grill should be easy to transport and clean. Gas grills are often bigger and require propane to run. Charcoal grills are less common, but the heat comes from burning charcoal coals inside. Decide what kind of grill you want, and include it in your patio plans. 

Once you have a patio, you will need to maintain it. The best way to clean a wooden porch is to sweep it off and use either deck cleaner or bleach cut with warm water and a scrub brush. The best way to clean a concrete patio is to sweep or hose it off and clean it with a gallon of water mixed with ½ cup of baking soda and a scrub brush. Liquid dish detergent can also be used. Once clean, simply hose it off!


Once your landscape job is complete, you will want to show it off!  The best mosquito yard spray should keep bugs away from friends and family and keep everyone comfortable. You can also add things like a pool to swim in and a swing set. If you have children but do not have the space for a pool, consider getting a swing set for small yards. There are endless amounts of features and games that you can include in your outdoor plan for entertainment. 


There you have it, the step-by-step guide on planning, executing, and maintaining your dream landscape. No matter what features you include and what space you create, updating your outdoor living area will spice up your yard and allow for tons of fun and relaxation!


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