9 Best Mosquito Yard Spray Review – Buying Guide & FAQs

The best mosquito yard spray will cover a broad area of your yard and not only kill mosquitoes but stop you and your family from experiencing any mosquito bite problems as well. For instance, many mosquito killer sprays can deter various types of pests from coming to your yard, providing a vast array of benefits well worth your consideration.

The following 10 options are the best mosquito spray products we could find on the market. Each has many advantages and disadvantages to consider. We’ll also include various FAQs and a simple application guide to make this mosquito killer spray application process smoother and more efficient for you. These sprays work better than a bug zapper, too, by focusing on stagnant water and other areas where these pests may breed.

Our Top 3 Best Mosquito Yard Spray

  1. Best Overall: Compare-N-Save Bifenthrin Concentrate
  2. Runner-Up: Talstar Professional Insecticide
  3. Best Budget Buy: Durvet Permethrin Insecticide

10 Best Mosquito Yard Spray Reviewed

#1. Compare-N-Save Bifenthrin Concentrate

Though many sites and reviewers rated our runner-up higher than our top mosquito spray Compare-N-Save, we have to disagree. Compare-N-Save is not only the best mosquito killer spray on the market but also suitable for other pests. We found in our tests that it could kill ants, cockroaches, termites, and other creatures throughout a yard. And the mosquito treatment concentration was strong enough to work back to the nests and queens of these colonies.

We also found that it was among the fastest-acting on the market, killing a vast majority of your mosquitoes in mere hours. This speed is due to its concentrated nature, which allows it to attack insects with relative ease. In our tests, we found that all of our mosquitoes were gone from our yard in just 24 hours: no other product we tested had that kind of effectiveness.


  • It is harmful to the skin and on pets
  • May damage your yard if used too frequently
  • It won’t destroy water supplies that hatch mosquitoes


  • It uses a high amount of Bifenthrin, a chemical that can damage yards
  • Slightly expensive compared to other options
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#2. Talstar Professional Insecticide

After testing this top-rated product for ourselves, we had to dip it down just a bit compared to others on the list. Now, don’t get us wrong: this product is still worth your time due to its unique pesticide density and its potency in managing mosquitoes in a yard. However, we think that it isn’t quite the top pick for a few various reasons.

That said, we found that this yard spray was still among the most effective for eliminating mosquitoes. Beyond that, it also helped to destroy many other types of pests in a yard, such as crickets and more. This benefit makes it an excellent option many times, especially as it is relatively safe for pets and should cause minimal other problems with your yard.


  • It lasts a very long time – months in fact
  • Very effective against mosquitoes
  • Not hard to apply


  • It does not come pre-mixed
  • It may contain chemicals some people don’t like
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#3. Durvet Permethrin Insecticide

If money is an issue and you want a pesticide that is inexpensive, seriously consider buying this option. It is the best mosquito spray for a small budget because it has a concentrated nature, a potent range of uses, and a unique dualistic approach. Essentially, it can be used to destroy mosquitoes on the ground and other pests beneath the surface of the soil.

Even better, it can contaminate still water on your property to kill mosquito eggs, one of the primary goals of any treatment method. We found that this moquito was powerful when managing various male mosquito species, focusing on their primary breeding and feeding grounds.


  • Inexpensive and very beneficial
  • Easy to use and apply
  • It lasts for weeks after application


  • Won’t kill spiders
  • It has little rainproof protection
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#4. Mighty Mint Gallon  Peppermint Spray Oil

Mighty Mint Gallon is a natural mosquito repellent and deterrent for many types of pests. When sprayed on your yard and around your home, this treatment should easily keep mosquitoes away for days. Critically, we found that this treatment was very safe on most plants that are not weeds, allowing you to spread it quite quickly with minimum worry.

And its natural design makes it among the safest to use in a yard, as it shouldn’t bother pets or children with small exposure. That said, we found a few downsides that do take it down our list – it was pretty close to being our runner-up without these issues.


  • Organic and safe
  • Very useful for outdoor and indoor use
  • Works with many different pests


  • May cause dizziness in high concentrations
  • It does not kill mosquitoes
check price and availability on Amazon

#5. Adams Plus Yard Spray

This product uses permethrin to kill and repel many insects, including most mosquito species and mosquito larvae. We like this chemical because it is a little safer than others and is very potent. For instance, one 32-ounce bottle will keep mosquitoes out of a 5,000-square-foot yard. And one treatment will last you for up to a month, producing one of the best value qualities on the market today, one that works better than a mosquito fogger or mosquito dunk.

Beneficially, this insect repellent won’t spray or stain your yard, flowers, plants, or home with any nasty chemical residue. The smell is also relatively easy to tolerate and nowhere near as disruptive as peppermint oils. And it is among the easiest and quickest sprays to apply to your yard and any outdoor surface you need, to easily control a mosquito population during the heavy mosquito season.


  • Incredible value for the purchase price
  • Will repel and kill most mosquito species
  • It lacks a nasty smell


  • It contains many chemical-based properties
  • It easily washes away in light rainfall
check price and availability on Amazon

#6. Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer For Lawns

As a generalized insecticide, this option is the best mosquito yard spray if your yard is a playground for vermin. For instance, this will quickly kill pests like tickets, crickets, gnats, fleas, worms, cockroaches, ants, termites, and much more – up to 260 total species. We love that this treatment can kill worms because many of the mosquito yard sprays cannot.

Usage levels include up to 2,100-square-feet per single bottle. Not quite as large of an area as some of these sprays but higher than others. Where it shines is its length of benefits – we found it lasted nearly three months after a single application! That gives it a fantastic cost-to-use benefit that is competitive with other products on this list.


  • Surprisingly long-lasting potency
  • Decent coverage area per bottle
  • Stain and smell free


  • Not safe for people or animals
  • A bit middle-of-the-road
check price and availability on Amazon

#7. Cedarcide Yardsafe Cedar Oil Mosquito Yard Spray

This option is attractive because it has a predominantly natural design that makes it much safer than other sprays. It helps to repel mosquitoes and many other biting insects with potent cedar smells. Cedar typically disgusts most adult mosquito species (though we think the scent is quite lovely), though it doesn’t kill them. In our tests, though, we found mosquitoes stayed away from this mosquito trap and spray. In some of our tests, we found that this option also killed some bed bugs.

One thing we loved when researching this mosquito repellant for pest control was its cruelty-free guarantee. It doesn’t use DEET or other types of chemicals to kill flying insects and the biting female mosquito. The manufacturer strives to minimize animal exposure and does not test on creatures with its products. It also seeks to make sure that any pests exposed to this pesticide die quickly, minimizing their suffering. Though you may not care if a mosquito suffers, it is nice to see a company strive for this protection from their bug spray.


  • Mostly natural design is relatively safe
  • Very great cost value
  • Guaranteed free of animal cruelty or testing


  • Not an organic option
  • Not quite as potent as other sprays
check price and availability on Amazon

#8. Spectrum Cutter Backyard Bug Control

The name of this spray makes it seem somewhat dull or perhaps even generic. However, we find that it provides a surprising array of benefits for mosquito control. It is one of the best mosquito yard spray options for high coverage areas and easy application. , its potent chemicals may be a bit off-putting for those who want a more natural and safe application option.

Thankfully, this product uses a unique sprayer bottle design that allows for easy application. We love this design because it attaches to your garden hose and requires no specialized equipment rental or other expensive items. And its 5,000-square-foot coverage area is very competitive with different options on this list, making it a bit of a sleeper choice.


  • It lasts almost three months
  • Treats an extensive area
  • It doesn’t run easily in water


  • May be costlier compared to some products
  • It could be dangerous to some pets and children
check price and availability on Amazon

#9. Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller

Finally, it’s the tenth best option on the market, a unique product that is not quite a yard spray but still worth consideration. It is designed to handle a pretty large amount of different mosquito species, ensuring maximum levels of protection. We loved this choice because it worked well as an alternative to sprays or smoke, which take up the form of most mosquito repellents or extermination options. It operates on a slightly different design instead.

Instead, this system uses a simple device that warms up mosquito repellent and spreads it quickly throughout a small area. It is something like a citronella candle and is good at repelling mosquitos and other biting flies. It is a bit safer than an aerosol spray but doesn’t quite have the range of a barrier spray or misting system. We also like that it didn’t have the somewhat potent smell of citronella oil. We chose this option even though it’s not strictly a yard spray because it provides a few unique benefits that make it a good choice for some individuals.


  • Very safe and non-poisonous to children and pets
  • Creates a safe zone in which you can relax
  • Minimizes nasty smells and potential yard contamination


  • Provides only a 15-foot protection area
  • It does not kill mosquitoes or deter them outside the zone
check price and availability on Amazon

Guide To Buying Mosquito Yard Sprays

Many mosquito is around a little boy

While mosquito yard sprays require little expertise to apply, care is needed to avoid any issues. The following guide will give you a few essential tips on this process and ensure that you don’t end up contaminating other areas or causing problems with people who live next door to you. Just as importantly, you can avoid causing damage to your yard or your home via inappropriate pesticide usage.

Set Up a Coverage Area

Make sure that you map out where you want to spray these products before you begin. We find that it is best to focus on taller grasses and areas near the edges of your property. These spots are where mosquitoes most often breed and rest. Just as significantly, this coverage can help to protect your neighbors and prevent contamination of mosquitoes from one yard to the next.

Pick an Appropriate Time

Ensure that you use the best mosquito yard spray during the right time of year – in late spring before the mosquito eggs hatch. Try to spray on days when you won’t expect rain for up to a week. Doing so helps to minimize the risk of your spray washing away on you. And never spray on windy days – the wind will blow away your spray and cause contamination risks on people next door to you.

Before you do any spraying, you should make sure that your yard is dry and that it hasn’t rained in a few days. Even a little remaining water on the yard may cause the spray to rinse away. Try to pick a sunny day, as well, with minimal cloud coverage. In this way, we find that it is usually easier to track your application and avoid covering the same ground multiple times with your pesticide application.

Apply the Spray

Depending on your product, you will apply your spray in a few different ways. If you have a spray bottle, walk through your yard and spray the pesticide directly onto your grass. Most of these sprays utilize a bottle-attachment that allows you to add a hose. We strongly suggest using this type because you’ll get the most significant possible application spread with the minimum amount of grunt work.

Use an end attachment to get maximum pressure and cover all of your yard with the spray, focusing on areas where you anticipate mosquito growth. As the chemicals in the spray settle, they will cause issues with the mosquitos’ nervous systems. This problem will cause them to die, even when they are in larvae or egg form, with minimal difficulty. As a result, you can destroy most mosquitoes as fast as possible.

Potential Problems to Avoid

When choosing your spray, it is essential to consider yard coverage. For example, some spray bottles may not be enough to treat a whole backyard fully. And remember that the coverage area promised on the bottle is more of an estimate or a maximum range than an average. As a result, you may need to buy two or more bottles to get the full coverage that you want and deserve for your yard.

You also need to make sure that you avoid spraying areas where beneficial insects may live. For example, honeybees may be susceptible to many mosquito yard sprays. We suggest avoiding flowers when spraying your pesticide to minimize this risk. You may also want to look around your yard for beehives and avoid these areas to reduce your risk of injuring these gentle insects.


A kid is using mosquito yard spray for his father

Are mosquito yard sprays safe?

The safety of your yard spray will vary depending on the chemicals used, the potency of these chemicals, and more. In general, it is best to avoid exposure to these products.

How often do I have to apply these products?

Most of these items will have a specific application schedule that you should follow. Some may only require application once or twice a year. Others may require monthly usage.

Do mosquito yard sprays damage grass or other plants?

As these sprays are designed to be poisonous or repellent to mosquitoes, most are usually safe on your plants. You may want to avoid applying any to any edible plants you may eat later.

What’s a good price range for these sprays?

Thankfully, even the best mosquito yard spray isn’t that expensive for the average buyer. Price ranges vary from as little as $8 per bottle all the way up to $24 or so for more extensive options.

Our Verdict

We found the best mosquito yard spray is by far the Compare-N-Save Bifenthrin Concentrate. However, the best choice for you is depends on your needs and the many options available on the market. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today if you find that you need more information.


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