Cultivating 10 Virtual Garden Planner Apps

It’s hard to believe that it is already March, and now is the time to begin planning your garden layout. There are many free-to-download apps available online today. Garden planner apps are a great way to stay organized.

Many simple garden planner apps offer a trial period to new users. They have all the perks and capabilities to create a garden landscape from scratch. Some even show you ways to design the most efficient sprinkler system, including scheduled water cycles.

The Garden Planner Programming Way

With a garden plan, you’ll find it easier to develop a successful garden design. Garden planners make it easy to schedule when to plant your seed inventory and harvest. You can also learn other things like succession planting, plant spacing, and container gardening.

Get as specific as you like with the size of your garden, its shape, and topography.

After completing your garden design or selecting an existing garden template, be sure to use a free printable garden planner. Don’t forget to save your work, and be sure to include a list of supplies you’ll need to buy for your design.

1. Garden Planner

The program from Growing Interactive allows you to draw out your garden any way you like. You can choose from raised beds, greenhouses, chicken runs, and drip irrigation. The Garden Planner app guides you through a step-by-step process to personalize your account. It also supports various growing zones—a vital part of gardening.

You can download the app to your computer or phone. The program gives you access to over 250 vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruit. It guides you through crop rotation cycles, planting dates, sowing features, and companion planting.

2. Online Kitchen Garden Planner

From Gardener’s Supply Company comes an online kitchen garden planner available for download. This program works based on a “square foot garden.” The easy-to-use program is for use on raised-beds. You can choose from a plethora of herbs, plants, and vines.

Once you’ve completed your garden design and layout, you can print out your garden masterpiece. This planner provides tips on how many seeds to plant and when to plant seeds to optimize your harvests.

3. Planter

The Planter app by Percula is an app for gardeners looking for a program they can download to their smartphone. The Planter app will soon be available for download to your computer too.

It provides a list of companion and combative plants, gardening schedule reminders, and transplants. To do so, it uses a similar square footage technique to the Kitchen Garden Planner.

4. Smart Gardener

The Smart Gardener developed a personalized vegetable planner. The program uses your existing raised garden bed dimensions to assess the best companion plants for you.

The recorded data gets charted. From there, you can print it out as a quick reference guide. This helps in choosing the right plants for your growing zone and weather patterns.

If you’re looking to pay a little extra, you can also check out Clyde’s Garden Planner which offers expert advice on growing vegetables.

5. SmartDraw

The SmartDraw app is best for straight-forward landscaping and garden planning with many perks. The program’s simplicity gives you control over your garden plans by using templates.

To select shrubs, trees, and other plants, you can drag and drop your options onto the canvas. Afterward, reposition them however you like. These features allow you to complete your designs at a lower cost than other garden planner apps.

6. MyGardena Garden Planner

The company Gardena is a favorite for many household gardeners. They design and manufacture top-quality garden tools that ship to consumers and retailers. Shipping is available in more than 80 countries worldwide.

They also publish Garden Life Magazine for DIYers and home gardeners. Gardena is the leading manufacture of gardening tools. They offer an innovative online garden planner. They address some of the most common frequently asked questions here.

They offer you three different online garden planner programs to get you started. This will help in building your dream garden. Gardena Life also offers garden design inspiration and custom automated sprinkler systems.

7. Armitage’s Great Garden Plants

Allan Armitage is a professor of horticulture at the University of Georgia. Dr. Armitage is a world-renowned author of 17 books and hundreds of articles. He has published many academic research papers.

Armitage offers beginners and home-gardeners a garden planning app for iPhone and Android smartphones. The app offers a look at landscaping, ornamental plants for your yard and home, how to plant seeds indoors, and how to xeriscape your soil and garden with native plant life. This app offers you solutions for dealing with wildlife, invasive species, and pests.

8. iScape

The garden planner from iScape is a two-dimensional and three-dimensional augmented reality app. iScape is the most often downloaded app for designing outdoor spaces. This app is great for DIYers, home gardeners, or professional landscapers

This straight-forward app provides you with design tools that you can quickly use. It also offers a sharing feature to work with other users or landscape professionals. The app is currently only available for download in the iOS store.

9. Garden Manager

The Garden Manager is still a new app that is all about helping you plan and manage your garden harvest. The virtual gardening coach guides you through building a personalized gardening profile for you and your garden.

The app is downloadable to both iPhone and Android smartphones. This app takes the guesswork out of growing your favorite fruit and vegetable patch. Do you live in a growing zone with short cultivation cycles or a late summer? The virtual coach will share recommendations with you. This is great for growing your favorites in regions with short grow-cycles.

10. Garden Time App

The seed harvesting company and distributor Burpee offers gardeners a Garden Time app. This is available for smartphones and other “smart” devices. There’s no cost to you, and it is best suited for the new home gardener.

This application lists what vegetables and fruits grow year-round from a seed catalog. This provides you with a good starting point for planning your garden. It also offers valuable how-to-videos for cultivation and harvesting.

That’s a Wrap on Garden Planners

There are a lot of apps available for gardeners of any experience level to download. You can access a free garden planner with most of these garden planning apps. 

We’ll leave the decision up to you on which planner best fits your budget. By downloading a garden planning app you will take your garden space to the next level.


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