10 Best Paver Sealer Review – Buying Guide & FAQs

Pavers provide your yard with the kind of high-quality look and style that it needs to stand out. However, you need to make sure that you add an acrylic sealer to your pavers to keep them strong. These sealants vary in style and finish and have a varying level of success for many people.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best paving sealer products on the market today. Each of these items provides you with many benefits and is well worth consideration. Make sure to read through this whole list to get an idea of which is the best choice for your overall brick paver maintenance needs.

Our Top 3 Best Paver Sealer

  1. Best Choice: Armor AR350 Concrete Sealer and Paver Sealer
  2. Runner-Up: StoneTech BulletProof Paver Sealer
  3. Best Budget Buy: KILZ Liquid Masonry Paver Sealer

10 Best Paver Sealer Reviewed

#1. Armor AR350 Concrete Sealer and Paver Sealer

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The Armor AR350 is a solvent-based acrylic sealer that’s breathable. Its manufacturing employs non-recycled resin and has UV treatment. Therefore, its quality is promising. 

When you apply the paver sealer, it displays non-yellowing color. That is, it darkens pavers, concrete, and leaves behind a long-lasting glow finish. Furthermore, it makes the pavers look somehow wet. 

The Armor AR350 paver sealer has a self-priming ability. For that reason, it blends with various concrete and pavers. You can use it on pavers previously sealed with solvent-based sealers. At the same time, it also matches concrete and pavers that have no sealing. 

When you use it correctly on your pavers, it minimizes the damages caused by abrasion. That includes minimizing cracking or pitting. Besides, it resists flaking and peeling off. 


  • It has a long life of up to 7 years depending on where it’s used
  • It’s compatible with both stone and concrete
  • UV resistant
  • Improves the look of faded and dull pavers


It takes a long time to dry, about 24 hours.

#2. StoneTech BulletProof Paver Sealer

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We genuinely believe that this option is hard to top for anybody who wants the best paver sealant on the market. This stain-based sealer help lock the stones on your pavers to keep them strong and secure. It also provides a high-gloss surface that is rather sharp and attractive. We found that this sealer looked the past on stone decorations, though this benefit will vary depending on the person.

And with our vigorous testing, we also found that this concrete paver sealant penetrated very deep into the holes, pores, and cracks in your pavers. In this way, we found that they provided a maximum level of protection. Without a doubt, this option is the finest that we could find for this article.


  • Provides many different colors
  • Produces wet and dry styles
  • Works on stone and brick


  • It dries a little slower than other sealers
  • It may be a bit more pricey compared to other options

#3. KILZ L390201 Liquid Masonry Paver Sealer

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Those on a tight budget will appreciate this option because it not only costs less than others but covers a pretty broad area. Though we did find that it can leave behind a white finish without a secondary coat, this problem was easy to solve. The fast-drying nature of this solvent based sealer is another huge bonus, as you’ll be able to apply another coat after about an hour of curing on block paving.

Another thing that we loved about this sealer was its coverage area. When properly applied to your pavers, it can cover 250-400 square feet per gallon. Compared to other sealants, this is one of the most impressive coverage levels found on the market today.


  • Very affordable price
  • It covers a surprising range of surfaces
  • Easy to adjust your overall shine


  • It may require a few coats
  • Requires some preparation before application

#4. StoneTech Heavy Duty Paver Sealer

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StoneTech produces some of our favorite products on the market, and this paver sealer is no different. It is one of the best products on the market for preventing mold and algae growth on paver stones. We tested its specialized formula and found that it stopped mold and fungus better than most other sealants on this list, making it an excellent choice for those who live in wet and cold environments.

And we also found that it worked pretty well for indoor use, something not always familiar with the best paver sealer products. It produces a matte, non-slip finish that is among the safest on the market and which minimizes your risk of experiencing a very nasty fall in your home.


  • Powerful de-icing chemicals
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • It covers up to 100 feet per gallon


  • It dries a bit slower than some sealants
  • It may require a little more maintenance than some options

#5. Miracle Sealants Impregnator Paver Sealer

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Do you own sanded grout, porcelain, glazed tile, stucco, slate, or granite floors? If you do, you’re lucky because they are beautiful – and this sealant is for you. It is very resistant to UV rays and provides a high level of protection to most of the pavers on which we tested it. We also found that it helped prevent slippage and water stains, which is a massive bonus for this product type. We found it was a strong paver sealing option that worked better than most silane siloxane sealer or other potent chemical-based paver sealer.

Surprisingly, it also lacked the kind of intense odors we’d come to associate with the best wet look sealer options. Even better, it will not change the color of your paving stones, which is perfect for those who want to keep their garden or home natural stone designs looking sharp.


  • A diverse range of uses
  • Stops slipping even when wet
  • It won’t change the stone color


  • Not suitable for those who want to change their pavers’ tone
  • Surprisingly pricey

#6. Miracle Sealants 511 Porous Plus Paver Sealer

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This unique option is very appropriately named – we found it dried miraculously fast on a paver patio and provided a high protection level. Our tests found that its protection level was near the top silicate sealer options on our list. That said, we found that the color changes it caused could be pretty heavy without proper application, so we had to cut it down our lit a bit. And yet, we still think it’s an excellent choice for most homeowners.

Even better, we liked how much coverage this sealer provided for homeowners and their patio pavers. Depending on the material you use, it is possible to get up to 4,000 square feet per gallon. We found that more porous pavers cut back on this coverage area as they absorbed more of the unique water based paver sealer.


  • High level of coverage
  • Protects against stains
  • Dries in under 24 hours


  • May change the color of your stones
  • Not suitable for all surfaces

#7. Rain Guard Water Repellent Paver Sealer

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Explicitly designed for high-moisture areas, this product is easy to add to just about any sealing pavers. The overall finish ranges from a matte finish to a drier look, depending on the materials you apply. We found that this option provided a pretty middle-of-the-road level of protection for our list: it’s not the best at anything and does many things pretty well.

And while the coverage area of 1,500 square feet per five-gallon barrel is solid, it isn’t quite as good as other products on our list. That downside does drop it a bit here on our list, unfortunately. However, we still find that it is excellent film forming sealer for both indoor and outdoor use in many environments on many paver surface options.


  • Very safe to use in most environments
  • It is pretty environmentally safe
  • It handles high-moisture areas very well


  • Preparation is necessary
  • Decent but not huge coverage area

#8. Black Diamond Stoneworks Wet Look Paver Sealer

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We found that this option produced one of the better “wet” looks on the market. The best paver sealer products typically create a unique look all their own, and this product makes a shiny look that is not slippery. This benefit is enormous for those who want pavers that truly shine. Our tests found that this solvent based acrylic sealer sealer looked equally lovely in both outdoor and indoor environments.

The reasonably fast drying speed of this option on a sealed paver was also much appreciated. It fully cures within 24 hours, and you can walk safely on it (lightly) eight hours after initial application. As a result, this option is suitable for indoor environments with light footwork or which need to be accessed more quickly with minimal paver prep.


  • Surprisingly fast curing time
  • Reasonably priced for most buyers
  • Extensive range of protection benefits


  • Not a considerable coverage area (600 square feet per gallon)
  • We found it took a few coats to achieve the best shine

#9. MasonryDefender Wet Look Patio Paver Sealer

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This high-quality is similar to the eighth choice on our list but isn’t relatively as high-quality. It penetrates the surface of pavers quite well and helps to produce a solid and attractive look. While it isn’t quite as good-looking as the eighth option – in our humble opinion – it does cost a little less, which makes it a good compromise for those on a budget.

We found that this option protected against UV rays a bit better than a few other options on our list in our tests. However, we believe that it is well ranked at ninth. While it is still one of the 10 best options on the market, it’s not quite top-tier than a few others.


  • Reasonably priced for its effectiveness
  • Requires only a few coats to look great
  • Protects quite well against UV rays


  • Not quite as attractive as other options
  • It takes a bit longer to dry than we’d like

#10. KILZ Low-Lustre Paver Sealer

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Not every homeowner is looking for the best paver sealer to create a high-shine look. We understand that tastes vary, so we think this is an excellent option for many homeowners to consider. Designed to produce a less overly shiny look, it provides a perfect style that is attractive. We think it’s suitable for those who don’t like the somewhat efflorescence look other sealants produce on a concrete surface like a pool deck.

Beyond that, we also liked that this sealer naturally preserved the stones’ look, not changing their yellow color with age. Our many tests found that these stones refused to change tone when this sealer was applied, which is a significant benefit for those who like a natural brick.


  • Won’t change the color of your bricks
  • It doesn’t create a distracting cloggy effect
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • Not a good choice for wild styles
  • May require more frequent applications than other products

Types of Best Paver Sealers

Best Paver Sealer

Film-Forming vs. Non-Film Forming

The film-forming paver sealer creates a physical barrier that protects the top surface of the paver. Often, the film-forming paver sealers exist in gloss, semi-gloss, and satin finishes. Despite requiring frequent reapplication, they give comprehensive coverage and protection.

Non-film forming paver sealer leaves behind a matte and not gloss finish after curing. Compared to their film-forming counterparts, they provide a more durable protection. Also, it gives a more natural look to the pavers. 


A solvent-based paver sealer blends acrylic and polymer. The sealers provide a thick coat over the paver. However, the exact thickness depends on the volume of solid in the sealer. But when you compare it to the water-based paver sealers, solvent-based sealers have a thicker coat and better gloss. 

Also, they contain a high volume of volatile organic compounds VOCs. And besides, they generate a strong scent. After curing, the solvent-based sealers leave the pavers with a wet look. However, solvent-based sealers call for a more thorough clean-up after application. 


Water-based sealers also employ acrylic and polymers. However, unlike their solvent-based counterparts, the polymers are distributed in the water molecules. 

And upon application, the water molecules evaporate. As evaporation takes place, the polymers that remain behind stick together. By doing so it creates a protective barrier over the pavers. 

At first, when you apply the water-based paver sealer, it presents a milky or white finish. Such a color occurs since the polymer present in it scatters light. On curing, it changes from milky to a clear finish. 

Unlike solvent-based sealers, water-based sealers produce low odor, have low levels of VOCs, are non-flammable, and are less demanding to clean up.

Best Paver Sealers Buying Guide

Reflect on the following to choose a good paver sealer:


Cured paver sealers exist in different finishes; matte finish, satin finish, high or low gloss sealers with a wet look, and natural look. Note that the penetrating paver sealer doesn’t form a film and so leaves behind a more natural look. 

Non-Slip Quality

Some paver sealers are very slippery. Such high gloss or deceivingly looking wet sealers don’t fit high traffic zones. If you must use them, consider using non-slip additives as a second coat on the film-forming sealers. 

Life Expectancy

Ideally, paved sealers should last about 3 to five years. But other factors such as volume of traffic, maintenance, or weather reduce its lifespan. When your paver stones begin to wear out, film-forming sealers help hide and restore their beautiful look. 

Drying Period

On average paver sealers take 6 to 24 hours to dry; depending on the prevailing weather. After evaporation of the sealant, the stone loses its stickiness. Curing takes up a longer duration; approximately 7 to 30 days. After that, the paved sealers become hard and thus resist damage.


Sealers that penetrate deep into stones and concrete block all the holes that otherwise existed. For that reason, it shields the paver concrete or stones from damage. Such damages may arise from dirt or other insects. 


When computing the cost of paver sealers, know the expanse of area you want to apply the sealers. Besides, the type of paver stones also counts. For example, porous stones need more sealers. 

Tips for Using the Best Paver Sealer

Once you have chosen the best paver sealer for paving projects, it is essential to know how to use them. The following tips will help you apply your sealer as smoothly as possible and make it easier for you to pick an application method that works best for homeowners like you.

Avoid Stopping to Get the Best Results

Once you start applying the best paver sealer to your stones and the paver joints, you can’t stop. Too many people try to break when they start and end up worsening their stones’ overall look. You can’t stop because you’ll end up bunching up a bunch of sealant on one end and cause it to look misshapen. We tested a few different ways to get the best results, and here is the approach we found worked best:

  1. Choose a stone where you want to start the application process
  2. Begin at the top and move from left to right to the bottom
  3. Use short and fluid strokes to provide maximum stone coverage
  4. Move on to the next stone from left to right and top to bottom
  5. Wait at least an hour or two before applying another coat

By creating a uniform application method, you decrease your risk of causing problems with your sealer. These tips are still applicable even if you’re using a spray applicator. You probably need to move more consistently and fluidly with that type of application tool than you do with a brush. On that note, let’s explore a few of the best methods for applying a paver sealer to your stones.

Choosing a Brush or an Application Spray

Most people apply a paver sealer with either a brush or an application sprayer. Both of these methods have benefits and disadvantages and are suitable for certain people. Brushing has a pretty broad array of benefits, including:

  • A more hands-on and measured approach
  • Less spray and staining around the application area
  • Lower risk of mistakes and errors
  • More accessible tracking capabilities when you’re so close to the stone

However, this process is much slower than an application spray and may be hard for some people. For instance, older adults or those with bad backs or weak legs may find applying sealer to be a chore. In this situation, a good sprayer is a great option. It will provide a pretty broad range of benefits that ensures maximum success for your projects, including:

  • A faster application speed that taxes the body less strenuously than brushing
  • Surprisingly even application level, if you are consistent
  • Faster cleanup if you are careful with your application
  • More even curing times thanks to the faster application

That said, using a sprayer is going to cost you more – as you’ll need to buy or rent it – and may cause many errors. Though spraying can be more even and smooth when handled properly, many people may not feel comfortable performing these steps. If you make a mess with a sprayer but can’t handle a brush, hire a professional to perform these steps to decrease your time investment.


What kind of sealer is best for pavers?

The best type of sealer for pavers depends on personal taste. However, it should blend with your existing type of pavers and give them outstanding protection. Most people agree that the best is the penetrating sealer type. For example, the Silane-Siloxane hybrid sealer is a good type to consider. It doesn’t darken the pavers, gives them low gloss, and valuable protection. 

Is it better to spray or roll paver sealer?

You can use several items to apply paver sealer. That includes a pump-up garden sprayer, brush, or sponge roller. Your choice of application depends on the vastness of the area, shape, and size of the pavers. Moreover, the taste varies from individual to individual. However many people find it beneficial to use a pump-up garden sprayer on large pavers. 

Why should you not seal pavers?

Moisture, insects, dirt, and stains degrade the quality and appearance of unsealed pavers with time. A sealer helps to protect the pavers against such destruction. Besides it also improves the look of rather dull and old pavers. So there isn’t any solid reason for not sealing your pavers. 

Is it worth sealing old pavers?

Sealing old pavers enhances their look and is thus more appealing. That’s why it’s recommended to reapply sealers to the pavers periodically 3 to 5 years), as advised by your landscape contractor. Apart from awarding a pristine appearance, sealing old pavers makes them less porous and resistant to damage. 

Where can I find the best paver sealer products?

Typically, it is pretty easy to find the best paver sealer products in a typical high-quality retail shop, in many different online sites, or garden and paver specialty stores.

How does a paver sealer work?

A good paver sealer is applied directly to your pavers to provide a high level of protection from UV rays, water, and other types of weathering issues that could affect your stones.

How much paver sealer do I need?

Although each of these sealers covers a pretty broad range of areas, a good rule of thumb is to expect around 80 square feet of coverage per one gallon of sealer used on your project.

What makes up an excellent paver sealer?

When finding the best paver sealer on the market, pay attention to the finish that it provides your surfaces. Also, try to choose a slip or non-slip option that feels right for your project.

When should I apply a sealer?

We strongly suggest that you add your sealer on a day when the temperature is around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Ensure that the day is sunny and dry and will stay that way for at least two days.

Our Verdict

We found the best paver sealer is by far the Armor AR350 Paver Sealer. However, the best choice for you depends on your needs and the many options available on the market. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today if you find that you need more information.


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