6 Best Compost Tumblers of 2022

This is our review of the best compost tumbler in 2022.

To take care of kitchen food scraps or yard waste, you may want a compost tumbler. There are hundreds of compost tumblers on the market. As a result, finding the right one can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. 

I researched the best compost tumbler and found that FCMP IM4000 Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter is the best overall option. 

But depending on your preferences and grinding needs, you may want something different. If my #1 option is not for you, there are five other compost tumblers on my list. Read on to find out which is the best compost bin for you!

Our Top Picks

6 Best Compost Tumbler Reviews

#1. FCMP IM4000 Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter

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FCMP’s model IM4000 tumbling composter features two chambers for continuous composting. It requires full assembly and includes detailed instructions. It weighs 28 pounds and takes up about seven square feet of space fully assembled. 

The IM4000 has a total capacity of 37 gallons, with each chamber holding 18.5 gallons of compost material. The removable sliding door gives you easy access for both adding kitchen and yard waste and removing the finished compost. 

The container is made from a durable plastic that doesn’t degrade when exposed to direct sunlight. Its solid black color helps to trap in heat for faster composting. The manufacturer claims that under the right conditions you can have finished compost in only three weeks. 

The IM4000 requires regular turning for maximum efficiency. The deep indentations in the sides of the container act as hand-holds for spinning. You should spin the tumbler about five times every two or three days. 


  • The IM4000’s dual composting chambers allow for continuous composting.
  • Its durable black plastic traps in heat and speeds composting time.
  • Its removable door allows for easy loading and unloading.


  • One 18.5 gallon capacity chamber might not offer enough space for large amounts of yard waste.
  • The IM4000 requires full assembly which can be time-consuming.

#2. Miracle-Gro Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler

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Miracle-Gro is a well-known name in gardening, and their Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler lives up to their reputation.

The composter weighs under 18 pounds and takes up just four square feet of space when assembled. It features a 37-gallon total capacity and independently spinning dual chambers that hold 18.5 gallons each. Each chamber has a locking door to keep pests out.

The containers are made from UV-resistant and BPA-free recycled plastic. Its stand is made from powder-coated stainless steel to prevent rusting and includes built-in stoppers to lock the container in place after turning. 

Turn the Miracle-Gro Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler five or six times every two or three days. The containers also have aeration vents and feature internal mixing bars, which along with regular tumbling, can speed up composting time. 

The package includes a free bonus pair of water-proof gardening gloves and assembly instructions with how-to videos are available online. 


  • Miracle-Gro’s Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler has independently rotating and locking drums for total composting control.
  • It’s made with environmentally friendly and BPA-free recycled plastic.  
  • It has online instructions with easy-to-follow videos that make assembly easier. 


  • The online instructions require a QR code reader to access. 
  • Its smaller capacity might not be enough to hold yard debris.
  • The aeration holes can cause fluids to leak out of the containers.

#3. Miracle-Gro Single Chamber Compost Tumbler

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Miracle-Gro’s Small Composter is a single-chambered compost bin that holds 18.5 gallons of organic material for composting. 

Its lightweight and compact design gives it a footprint of less than three square feet, making it convenient for people who need to save space. This makes it a good choice for people living in cities or apartments as it can be used on balconies, rooftops, or patios. Many users even keep theirs indoors.

Made with both food-grade plastic and stainless steel, this small weatherproof composter is functional all year round. 

It has both internal mixing bars and an aeration system to help improve airflow for speedier composting. The bin should be turned a few times each week and kept in a sunny area for the most efficient results. 

Miracle-Gro provides online instructional videos that are easy to follow. Its small, single chamber design makes assembly quicker than other models. 


  • Miracle-Gro’s Small Composter takes up little space, making it the best compost tumbler for city and apartment dwellers looking to save space. 
  • It’s made from food-grade BPA-free plastic for toxin-free compost. 
  • Online instructional videos help to ease assembly. 


  • Its single chamber doesn’t allow for continuous composting. 
  • The small container capacity limits the amount of food waste you can compost.

#4. VIVOSUN Outdoor Tumbling Composter

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The VIVOSUN Outdoor Tumbling Composter has the highest capacity of all the dual-chambered tumblers on our list. It holds 43 gallons total, with each chamber having a 21.5-gallon capacity. This larger capacity makes it an excellent option if you want to make more compost for gardening or break down excess yard waste. 

The composter requires full assembly before use. The package includes detailed instructions and even a pair of free gardening gloves. 

It takes up just over four square feet of floor space and weighs about 25 pounds when fully assembled. 

The secure sliding doors make it pest and rodent-proof, and the chambers have adjustable vents to increase airflow. The door openings measure just over 10-inches wide and 6-inches tall.

You should spin the VIVOSUN Outdoor Tumbling Composter a few times a week. Its deep indentations make it easy to grab while turning.

It’s manufactured with both a durable BPA-free plastic container and a galvanized steel frame that makes it corrosion and weather-resistant. 


  • VVIVOSUN’s Outdoor Tumbling Composter has a generous 43-gallon total capacity. 
  • Its lightweight design and smaller footprint make it easy to place and store. 
  • It’s designed with sturdy materials to resist pests, weather, and corrosion.


  • It requires extensive assembly before use. 
  • The sliding door opening size might make it difficult to load and unload larger amounts of materials and compost.

#5. FCMP Outdoor Dual Body Tumbling Composter

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The FCMP tumbling comes with indents that prevent any material from clumping inside and have sides that are neither too rough nor smooth.

This compost tumbler comes with two different compartments having an equal size measuring a total capacity of around 37 gallons.

On the external side, that composter comes with deep indents which offer handholes turning the chambers easily even if it’s fully loaded.

This compost tumbler also comes with the chamber labeled with the finish and starts preventing you from opening the wrong side of the compost tumbler, disturbing the composting process.

Moreover, its removable doors offer you convenience and comfort. The openings of the compost tumbler allow you to compost the ingredients flexibly.

What you’ll love about this compost tumbler is that it is big enough to sit easily on the back porch. You can easily close the doors of the compost tumbler, preventing any pest infestation from attacking the material.


  • Removable labeled doors.
  • Pest-resistant.
  • Comes in a round shape.
  • Features chambers that are dual and independent prevent any material from clumping.


  • Assembly is slightly complex.

#6. EJWOX Dual Rotating Outdoor Composting Tumbler

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Last on our list is the EJWOX dual rotating outdoor compost tumbler, which is very convenient and comes in larger size compared to other models.

The best thing about this compost tumbler is that it comes with a capacity of around 43 Gallons dividing the compost tumbler into two different chambers.

Even if this compost tumbler is fully loaded, it is not difficult to turn this around. It just weighs around 25.9 lbs. The composter body of this tumbler comes with 7 panels featuring metal frames, doors, and ends that are assembled.

To assemble this composter, you will need around an hour, but it is not that challenging. For solar heat absorption, this compost tumbler comes with a black chamber. However, you have a choice of colors for its doors.

You can go for contrasting options like bright green or black giving it a minimalist approach. The doors of this compost tumbler are entirely closed, which prevents infestation of pests.

These doors are also watertight, which means the compost won’t be soggy, and there won’t be any moisture within the compost.

Once you are done turning this compost tumbler, it features a locking mechanism that holds all its parts. Therefore, you can easily fill it and assemble it without dividing it as it already comes with two chambers.


  • This compost tumbler comes with a 43-gallon capacity.
  • Features solar panels.
  • Comes with watertight doors.
  • Features locking mechanism.


  • You need to assemble it.

Types of Compost Tumblers

There are different types of compost tumblers available on the market, and owners must know the difference between each type to choose the tumbler wisely.

The three main types of compost tumbler include: ground rolling, handle operated, and the central axis.

Ground rolling compost tumblers

ground rolling composite tumblers come with two different pieces in the barrel. The base comes with a curved upper surface that cradles over the bin holding the bin in place.

Rollers are placed over the curved surface of the base of the bins allowing loaded bins for free spinning when you pull or push them.

The ground rolling compost tumbler is overground level, and they are a great choice for people living in cold weather. It allows compost to retain heat, keeping the compost microbes active.

Central axis compost tumblers

Central axis compost tumblers are designed with a metal Framework having an axle running within the midpoint of its bin. The framework is designed for two purposes.

One is to elevate the bin to a certain height producing stooping or bending for turning, filling, or emptying the bin. Secondly, it has the Bin and axle designed so that it helps in emptying all the contents.

They are the perfect choice for people who suffer from back issues and cannot load and unload material while in a standing posture. Some of these compost tumblers also come with wheels allowing easy re-location.


Gear-operated compost tumbler comes with gears allowing barrel turning to be more accessible. The gear built over the end of the bin matches well with the gear handle.

When the user crank’s the tumbler’s handle, it allows the Bin to move smoothly and under control. These tumblers are great for people having low physical strength.

They are great for seniors, children, or gardeners who have low physical strength.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Compost Tumbler

Compost Material

First, think about what kind of material you plan to compost. Do you need a composter just for kitchen scraps? Would you want to compost yard waste too? 

For kitchen food scraps and occasional backyard debris, it’s better to choose smaller tumblers in 15-25 gallon size range; if you need to handle large quantities of garden waste, go for large tumblers from 50-80 gallon size.

If you have a steady stream of kitchen and garden wastes, a double chamber tumbler is a better choice than a single one because it allows you to keep processing compost materials on the second chamber while the first chamber is filled up. 


If you need large amounts of compost for gardening, picking a higher capacity model with a strong seal to hold in heat is a wise choice. With larger, heat-sealing compost tumblers you can quickly make enough nutrient-rich soil to keep your garden vegetables healthy and thriving. 

Smaller compost tumblers will allow you to make enough compost to give your houseplants a nutrient boost. They also can help you to reduce your overall household waste. Even if you just plan on scattering the finished compost outside, small compost bins can help you reduce your carbon footprint


Compost tumblers are designed to allow air to reduce moisture and compost well, which results in a vital decomposition process.

Make sure to choose the compost Bin, which comes with the aeration built-in, which includes vents over the walls and fins over the flat sides and the mixing base. Once the material inside starts breaking down, it turns compacted.

When you turn the bin, it preserves material loosening and breaks down the clumps. The vents and air holes in the compost tumbler allow an exchange of different gases with the microorganisms leading to mattering decay and ultimate moisture escape.

The flat walls of the compost then force the material against the Tumble rather than over the side. The additional texture of the compost tumblers comes with features like bars or fins that help add oxygen and stir the material.

Pest & Odor Control

The enclosed compost tumblers allow the composters to prevent any invasion of pests like insects or rodents. The lids over the compost tumbler on the latch, units thread, or slide within the tracks keep the small animals and garden pests out of the compost.

The heavy-duty and durable plastic prevents rodents from entering the compost tumblers. However, the steel construction of the bins prevents any invasion completely.

A compost tumbler is usually designed for dealing with the foul odor, and it’s important to rotate your bin twice or thrice weekly, infusing oxygen within the mixture and promoting the beneficial growth of aerobic microbes.

Easy to Use

With a wide range of compost tumblers available in the market compared with the compost piles, you need to choose compost tumblers as they are highly convenient. They come enclosed with the compost material.

They are easy to turn, and you can immediately turn them. It requires only a minute or two to rotate the tumblers compared to the compost piles, which take around half an hour of work.

Apart from this, gardeners can easily move the compost tumblers in the garage or shade to efficiently enjoy the composting.

With a wide range of compost tumblers available in the market, it depends on the individual user to choose the compost based on ease of use. To distribute compost, you need to dump it within the wheelbarrow from the elevated bins.

Therefore, compost tumblers are usually appealing to all gardeners. It is important to choose the compost tumblers. They come with a wide opening allowing easy loading and unloading.

Unlike the threaded lids or latches, they might get clogged with debris. Moreover, you can choose the compost tumblers which come with the handles making it easy to rotate your bin. 

The Advantages of Owning a Compost Tumbler

kitchen waste is waiting to be composted by electric composter

Compost tumblers at home and make sure to eliminate any landfill waste. It also eliminates the need for trucks driving around your house to pick up the materials for composting.

Moreover, it allows you to compost and make your garden healthy with healthy house plants and landscape avoiding any downsides of traditional composting. With a continuous composter, you don’t need to work excessively, and there is no mess or attraction of animal pests.

Compost tumblers are designed to enclose the composting process, reducing any mess and attracting animals.

These tumblers are faster and easier, reducing the processing period and elimination of odors by 50-70% compared with the compost pile. They are convenient for processing a small waste efficiently compared to the compost piles.


a best compost tumbler is working in front of a house

Are compost tumblers worth it?

In short-absolutely. Most compost tumblers require very little attention and effort, unlike traditional outdoor compost piles, worm factory or indoor composter with compost starter . Simply add your kitchen scraps or yard waste, and remember to turn the composter as directed in the instruction manual. 

Compost tumblers not only transform organic waste into a plant and garden superfood but can also help you reduce your carbon footprint. In our book, that makes the little effort they require totally worth it. 

How do I choose a compost tumbler?

Compost tumblers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and prices. To choose the most suitable one for you, you need to do some digging. We recommend checking individual features and finding out which one suits you.

The most common type of tumbler is the 3-bin model, consisting of a primary bin, a tumbler bin, and a composting bin. They come with features such as being in-ground, having different sizes, and even different prices and solutions. 

How long does it take to compost in a tumbler?

Tumble composting is an advanced composting technique. Compost tumblers make it easy, but it usually takes four to six weeks, depending on temperature, humidity, and available oxygen. However, you should know that apart from the natural features, it also depends on the kind of product you are using. If you are looking for something faster, you can also get a tumbler that gets the job done in 30 days. 

What type of container is best for compost?

There is no “best” container. The best container is the one that you feel safe using. However, if you are still looking, tumbler containers are the best. They are relatively speedier, safer, and come in a range of features to be safe and useful. 

How often should I turn my compost tumbler?

On average, you can expect to have to rotate your tumbler 2-3 times per week. 

However, each brand and model has different recommendations for how much you should turn the composter. Make sure you check your compost tumbler’s instruction manual for the proper guidelines. 

What should you not put in a compost tumbler?

While composting can work wonders for many organic materials, there are some things you should avoid putting in your compost tumbler. These include:

  • Meat
  • Bones
  • Dairy products
  • Oils or grease
  • Citrus
  • Bread or cooked grains
  • Treated wood
  • Glossy papers

All of these things can either interfere with the composting process or are unable to be properly broken down. Save your composter, and look into other sustainable disposal methods for these items.  

Our Verdict

All the outdoor compost bins on the review list are top quality, and  FCMP IM4000 Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter is the overall best compost tumbler. Not only because it’s convenient for beginners with average-size gardens, but also because it attracts fewer bugs and animals than others.

Whichever option you choose, make sure it suits your garden’s needs and your budget. 

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