Sedum Adolphii (Golden Sedum) Grow and Care

Sedum adolphii is a fast-growing succulent, native to Mexico. It also goes by the name of ‘Golden Sedum’, ‘Golden Glow’, and ‘Adolph’s Sedum’. The plant features unusual shaped foliage and an easycare nature. It is a quirky and popular type of succulent to grow indoors or outdoors.

What Is a Sedum Adolphii?

The Golden Sedum is a succulent with a trailing or creeping habit. It produces banana shaped leaves which grow in swirls around the stems to form fleshy rosettes. This is a small plant which can grow to heights of 8 inches. Sedum adolphii leaves measure up to 1.4 inches in length. They have a yellow-green color which develops to a warm shade of golden orange in high levels of light. In optimal conditions, this succulent produces fragrant, star-shaped white flowers in the spring.

How To Care For Sedum Adolphii ?

sedum adolphii

Pot and soil

Like most succulents, good drainage is essential for a healthy Sedum adolphii. You can create your own free-draining soil by adding sand and gravel to a cactus soil mix. This will ensure the soil around the roots does not retain water, helping to prevent root rot. The compact nature of the Sedum adolphii means it is well suited to life on a windowsill in a cute and small pot

Light and Temperature

The Golden Sedum plant enjoys high levels of light, along with warm temperatures. In climates where temperatures are consistently above 20°F, this succulent can be grown outdoors. In cooler climates, grow the Sedum adolphii indoors on a bright windowsill. Direct light is ideal for this plant, but it can also tolerate a semi-shaded position. You should aim to allow the succulent at least six hours sunlight everyday. The coloring of the foliage on the Golden Sedum is affected by the amount of light it receives. If you want to witness the golden orange glow of the leaves on this plant, position it in a very well lit spot. 

Watering and Feeding

Sedum adolphii are sensitive to conditions which are too moist. They will thrive in soil which is allowed to fully dry out between waterings. You can expect to water this plant more frequently in summer months when the soil dries out more quickly, and apply water more sparingly in cooler months. The best tactic to use is to dip your finger into the soil around the plant, and only add water if the soil feels completely dry. Use a liquid fertilizer to feed your Golden Sedum during the active growth stage in spring and summer. 

How To Propagate Sedum Adolphii?

Step 1- Take Cutting

If you want to create more Sedum adolphii plants you can achieve this by propagating with leaf or stem cuttings. For leaf cuttings, gently twist and pull a healthy leaf from its stem. For stem cuttings, use sharp scissors or a knife to make a clean cut around 1.5 inches from the end of the stem. Set the cuttings in a shady dry area for several days while they callous over.

Step 2- Encourage Rooting

Set the cuttings on a moist layer of well draining soil in a sunny position. Spray the soil with a light spritz of water when it begins to dry out. After a week or two, you will see roots start to sprout out of your cuttings.

Step 3- Pot Up

When your Sedum adolphii cuttings have developed an early root system, you can plant them up in a pot. To do this, fill a small pot with well draining soil and create a hole in the middle with your finger. Place the rooted end of the cutting into the hole, and bed it in with extra soil. Care for the rooted cutting as you would a regular Sedum adolphii plant. The fast growing nature of this succulent means that you will soon have a thriving new Golden Sedum plant.


Succulent plants are in the best soil for succulents

How much sun do sedum adolphii need?

Sedum adolphii can tolerate full sun or partially shaded positions, though they will perform best in bright light. Aim for at least 6 hours of direct sun each day for a healthy Golden Sedum.

How do you care for sedum adolphii?

Sedum adolphii plants are easy to care for because they don’t require much water or attention. Set your plant in a warm, sunny spot and water it sparingly. It will thrive on neglect.

Do sedums like sun or shade?

Sedums will grow best in the sun, though they can tolerate some shade. These succulents are native to Mexico where they are accustomed to getting plenty of sunlight. For the best results you should mimic these bright conditions. 

How often should you water sedum adolphii?

The amount of water a Sedum adolphii needs will depend on its size, the level of light it receives, and the climate it is growing in. The best way to water this succulent is to allow the soil to completely dry out between each watering. It does not need much water to survive, and will fare better with little water. Soil which is kept too moist will rot the roots of a Sedum adolphii and lead to its demise. 

Final Thoughts

Sedum adolphii plants are attractive and fast growing. They are a good choice for beginner gardeners because they don’t require complex care. Follow these easy tips for looking after a Golden Sedum to be rewarded with a healthy and unusual-looking succulent plant. 

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