Rosemary Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Rosemary, part from a classic album and delicious set of herb, it has deep spiritual meaning. People use rosemary for its magical properties. Rosemary symbolizes remembrance, faith, and love. Keep reading to learn more about the rosemary spiritual meaning.

About Rosemary

The name Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) translates to “dew of the sea.” This plant is part of the Rosaceae family.

Rosemary grows best near a marine environment. It is an evergreen shrub that originated in the Mediterranean. The bushes grow up to six feet tall. They have needle-shaped green leaves with blue flowers.

Rosemary blossoms in moderate climates. You can use it as an herb, tea, essential oil, preservative, fragrance, or cosmetic ingredient. This aromatic shrub accompanies sage, cabbage, carrots, and beans because it wards off carrot flies, bean beetles, and moths.

This herb has a somewhat spicy, earthy scent and flavor. You can use it as a garnish or one of the primary flavorings in sauces or soups. 

Is Rosemary a Sacred Herb?

Rosemary is considered a sacred herb in many cultures.

Legend has it that the Virgin Mary took shelter by a rosemary bush when the Holy Family escaped Egypt. The plant had white flowers before the Virgin Mary placed her cape on the bush. Then, the flowers turned blue. As a result, people called the plant Rose of Mary.

As early as 3,000 BC, Egyptian tombs featured rosary sprigs. In 500 BC, the ancient Greeks and Romans used rosemary for medicine and cooking. The Native Americans viewed rosemary as a sacred gift from the creator.

People use rosemary in spells related to protection, love and health. It can purify a living space, repel negative energy, and provide symbolism. Rosemary’s correspondings include:

  • Gender: Masculine
  • Planet: Sun
  • Element: Fire
  • Powers: Protection, Love, Lust, Mental Powers, Exorcism, Purification, Healing, Sleep, Youth

Rosemary Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

rosemary spiritual meaning

Rosemary has many symbolic uses. You can use it for the meaning that best resonates with you.

Love and Fidelity

Rosemary is a symbol of love in many cultures. At weddings, couples will exchange sprigs of rosemary to express their loyalty to one another. It can amplify feelings of honesty, joy, and positive energy as well.

Some traditions believe that if you take a rosemary sprig from a bride’s bouquet and plant it, the bride will have a happy home life and a long-lasting marriage.

Many people use rosemary in love potions. If you can smell rosemary, they say that you will find love. However, you can use this connotation to manipulate people to love you.

Nevertheless, you can use rosemary to strengthen a loving bond and attract others to you.

Some people believe that rosemary can guide you to your true love. You place a rosemary sprig under your pillow and hope to dream of your true love. If you performed this task on July 21, it would have the strongest effect because it would fall the night before Mary Magdalene’s Feast.


Using rosemary on remembrance dates can help commemorate the dead. Some cultures have sprigs thrown into their coffins. Others place rosemary stems into the dead’s hands. Australian Anzac Day celebrations involve people wearing rosemary sprigs.

If you suffer from memory loss, you can use rosemary to heal the issue. The scent of rosemary extract can bring back your memories through flashbacks. Some believe that the herb can slow the mental aging process as well.

For those trying to learn something, you can remember the information you learn faster by drinking rosemary tea, using rosemary oil, or burning some incense.


The rosemary plant can protect against evil spirits. You can burn the rosemary leaves as incense or distribute them throughout your house.

Its healing properties can protect you from disease and illness. When you feel weak, you can brew rosemary tea, perform aromatherapy with rosemary essential oil, or cook with the herb. You can also burn it as incense or keep the plant around.

If you perform spiritual cleansing rituals, you can use rosemary to rid your space of contamination by burning incense. You walk across the room with the incense to distribute the smoke.

Rosemary also helps with exorcisms. You can rid someone or something of evil spirits by growing a rosemary plant around your house. The scent should remove the spirits.


When you’re feeling confused, you can use rosemary to gain some direction. Burn some rosemary incense and use your intuition to guide you. The smoke may flow in a specific path, or you could use the feelings evoked by the incense to provide clarity.


If you have trouble sleeping, you can place rosemary under your pillows. The plant will ward off negative thoughts and help you fall asleep faster. They say that three sprigs under your pillow can prevent nightmares and help you remember dreams.

What Is Rosemary Oil Good for Spiritually?

You can use rosemary oil during a massage. When a therapist massages the oil into your skin, you can reduce muscle strain and fatigue. It can produce anti-stress hormones as well.

Rosemary oil makes a powerful tool for aromatherapy. It can reduce inflammation, stress, and pain while boosting cognition and memory.

For those with headaches, you can apply rosemary oil to your forehead and massage your skull.

If you want to make a lasting impression, drop some rosemary essential oil behind your ears. You can also use it while studying to better remember the information.

You could spray rosemary oil on your bed or pillow to treat insomnia and fall asleep faster.

If you struggle with acne, the phytochemicals in this oil can reduce redness, swelling, and excess sebum. Rosemary oil can also help with dry skin, bug bites, and sunburn.

Does Rosemary Bring Good Luck?

Yes, rosemary brings good luck. The Romans believed that rosemary brought luck, warded off evil spirits, prevented plagues, and got rid of disasters. Here are some ways to use rosemary to bring about good luck:

  • Wear a rosemary sprig as an amulet
  • Wash your hands with rosemary-infused soap
  • Hang a rosemary garland on your door
  • Use cosmetics with rosemary
  • Plant rosemary in your yard
  • Boil rosemary on the stove

The component in rosemary that promotes good luck is camphor. This ingredient also helps to reduce pain, cleanse your space, and strengthen your spells.

Rosemary wards off every negative energy. You can steer clear of envy, hatred, and disease while drawing in love and light.

Wrapping Up

This herb has extensive magical properties that can aid you in your spirituality. To determine what symbolism aligns with you, you can burn rosemary incense while meditating. Then, journal your feelings and experiences.

Overall, rosemary draws forth feelings of love, fidelity, protection, remembrance, clarity, and rest. Consider using this herb today to improve your life.


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