Plants for Privacy from Neighbours

Engineering plants for privacy is also a great way to reduce noise and block views you don’t want to see. Besides utility, this is also a way to enhance the aesthetics of your property. But there’s a lot to consider to take full advantage of the benefits of a privacy tree or screening plant. 

Read on to see how to get the best use of plants for privacy from neighbours.

Key Considerations

What follows is a thorough review of the following points.

  • Why choosing a variety of plants, trees, and shrubs is the better option compared to using a single plant.
  • Why privacy screens provide greater coverage when you group different plants.
  • Why you want to avoid certain plants and should lean towards native plants.

The Big Mistake Most Owners Make with Privacy Screening

A lot of property owners go straight to identical rows. This may seem practical but can be hard to do. Regardless of intricate planning, the symmetry can be difficult to pull off. The end result will be flawed and frustrating for property owners.

A mix of privacy plant varieties for privacy from neighbours creates the screen you want. It also eliminates the need for managing that perfect line of sight.

Benefits of a Mix of Plants for Privacy from Neighbours

Plant mixes are strategic settings of groups of plants to block views. A cluster of varying plants creates a natural look. You arrange clusters in groups and a line of rows. 

With identical rowing, you end up walling off the area. You should aim for an open and attractive view. With clusters, you get interesting backgrounds. The collective planting also accommodates good airflow and tackles prevailing winds.

Native Plants 

Here is a range of benefits for using native plants for screening.

  • Native plants are already comfortable with your climate conditions and local soil. So you’re not forced to learn or seek out specific landscaping talent to manage exotic plants.
  • Your native plants will interact well with natural areas outside your perimeter. A privacy hedge will help disperse winds. Depending on your choices, you create cross-pollination in surrounding areas. This supports your ecosystems.
  • The process protects wildlife. All forms of wildlife rely on native plants. Birds, butterflies, squirrels, and more rely on plants. Your choices matter and should support native plants, pest control, and natural beauty. 

Invasive Plants

Native plants are sound, but you may still feel the need to go outside local plants. If you do, make sure you use plants that aren’t invasive and problematic. Those plants can degrade habitats and even affect soil composition.

Planting & Planning

Before choosing any plants for privacy from neighbours, talk with a landscaper. Let them test the site and planting areas. You can also do it yourself. You need to know zoning and space limitations. Also consider drainage, soil type, availability of water, and other factors. 

Popular backyard privacy plants include:

  • Green Giants
  • Arborvitae trees
  • Clumping bamboo
  • Deciduous shrub plants

A combination of native plant life, including ornamental grass, is ideal. The variety can help provide a fast growing hedge and barrier. 

Unfortunately, poor preparation leads to new plants, trees, and evergreen shrub varieties dying. You need a clear understanding of the plants you plan to use in your privacy garden. Your site must accommodate the plant’s size, plus barriers like a fence or property line.


Plant screening makes for a great barrier. Create wind barriers and minimise the noise in your space. Enhance your landscape while keeping prying eyes away. But do it smart. 

Use a variety of native plants that are eco-sharp, and talk with a pro. Even if you choose to DIY your project, it’s best to have advice from a pro. Soon, you’ll enjoy the benefits of plants for privacy from neighbours.


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