10 Large Succulent Plants In The World

Succulents come in a lot of varieties that can make your garden more beautiful than before. When you want something truly unique, going for a large succulent can be the perfect idea. There are some amazing large succulents that you can find around the world. Some of them can be quite unique.

In this article, we will introduce 10 large succulent plants in the world, keep reading to find out more.

10 Large Succulent Plants in the World

1. Tree Aloe

Tree Aloa plant

The Tree Aloa plant comes to us from Africa and many experts will recognize it as one of the biggest of its kind. Thanks to the large height of this plant, it is not uncommon to see it as a type of centerpiece for which the rest of the landscaping is centered around. Full sun is best for this one and you don’t have to give it much water, even when it is hot out. 

2. Spineless Yucca

Spineless Yucca

Yuccas have made a name as a popular indoor plant. The Spineless Yucca is one of the tallest of these plants, able to reach four feet. The leaves are going to be spineless and smooth along with a thick trunk and sparse branches. The plant is deer and rabbit resistant and also immune to many disease and pests. It prefers to be in full sun and sandy soil.

3. Mountain Aloe

Mountain Aloe

This succulent plant will grow to be 20 feet. The dense rosettes will form on a single stem and the reddish spines will line up on the edges of the leaves and other parts of the plant. This plant will bloom between May and September. This plant works well in succulent and rock gardens. It can resist most of the pests and diseases, outside of scale and mealybugs.

4. Madagascar Ocotillo

Madagascar Ocotillo

If you would like to have an odd to have in your home, but it can look great in your garden. It comes from Madagascar and has the ability to get up to 60 feet high. The stems will tangle together over the years. It needs a soil that can drain well and full sun. It tolerates colder temperatures, but will drop the leaves in the winter. Avoid watering in the winter.

5. Dinosaur Back Plant

Dinosaur Back Plant

The Dinosaur Back Plant is a type of cactus that has a few columnar branches and stems that can grow close together. The height of this plant can get up to 15 feet, with the crown reaching 16 feet. Because of this large size, make sure to give it enough space to spread the roots out. You will need to repot each year. Give it full sun and a moderate amount of water. Do not plant in sub-zero temperatures.

6. Century Plant

Century Plant

The Century Succulent comes to us from Mexico and some of the southern parts of America. The spiny blue-green leaves will arch down as the plant gets older. The stalks can get as long as 15 feet by the time the plant is 10 years old. It does have flowers that are greenish-yellow in color. This plant can look nice as an accent plant and is pest and disease resistant, needing sandy or gravelly soil.

7. Desert Spoon

Desert Spoon

This plant has a short trunk that looks like a small desert spoon. This one will grow to be five feet tall, though the trunk can sends out some flowers that are capable of reaching 15 feet and the beautiful leaves, which are a blue-green color, can make a symmetrical type of rosette as well. and there are teeth along the margins. This does well under the sun but watch out for scale developing.

8. Bitter Aloe

Bitter Aloe

This one comes to us from southern Africa. The gel from the leaves can be used to help produce cosmetics, supplements, and herbal products. The resin is also collected as a treatment for arthritis. Gardeners will be able to get this plant up to 10 feet tall when it is all matured. The leaves are fleshy and will arrange into rosettes. It has spines when it is younger to provide protection.

9. African Candelabra Tree

African Candelabra Tree

This succulent is able to reach 26 feet tall. The leaves do not last for a long time and will regrow over time. Once the plant is mature, you will not have to give it a lot of care. Give it the full sun and warm temperatures, though it can handle a little colder. The sap can be an eye and skin irritant, so handle it with care.

10. Madagascar Dragon Tree

Madagascar Dragon Tree

This is one of the more popular houseplants in the world because it is tough to kill. You can let it go a few weeks without water and it will bounce back quickly. This one will grow to eight feet tall and may take 10 years to grow. The leaves can vary in color based on the variety. You may need to train the canes to ensure they will grow upwards.


What is the largest succulent plant?

The Adansonia Digitata, or the African Baobab, is considered one of the largest succulent plants in the world. It is a tree that is able to provide shelter, water, and food. Some believe that it can help to provide relief from sickness.

What are the giant succulents called?

Some of the giant succulents of the world will be listed above. They go by many different names. The time and attention you give them will help them to grow even larger.

Can succulents grow to be very large?

It is possible for succulents to grow very large. When you give them favorable growing medium and care and attention, the succulent will grow to its full height.

Are there giant succulents?

Yes, some succulents can become giant. There are several varieties that can get to 20 feet or taller. These can be almost like trees in your home and you will need a lot of room for them.

Final Thoughts

Large succulents can be a great way for you add a conversation starter to your garden. Whether you are looking for one that is flowering or one that gets really tall, take a look at some of the top large succulent plants above.

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