Landscape Maintenance 101: How to Prune, Clear, and More

We all want to keep our yards presentable, but not everyone has the time (or energy) to handle everything at once. That’s where easy landscape maintenance comes in. 

Landscape maintenance is an ideal solution for people who want to budget their time wisely. By calling for professional landscape maintenance or tackling it yourself, you can lessen the work you have to do for your garden. 

Professional services also save you money on equipment and products that may be out of your budget for lawn care

A man is pruning the hedge

Whether you hire professionals or do it yourself, landscape maintenance is crucial for improving your lawn’s health. In this article, we’ll highlight several components to landscape maintenance, including:

  • Pruning, trimming, weed control, and cleanup
  • Self landscape maintenance
  • The average costs for landscape maintenance

Do You Need Landscape Maintenance?

Before you hire a professional landscape maintenance team to tend your lawn or property, consider whether or not you need their services. There may be several reasons you may need to hire someone to do the job instead of doing it yourself. 

Some homeowners may not have the money or resources to purchase the necessary tools and equipment for maintaining their home’s landscape, while others may not have free time to keep their landscape tended.

What Does Landscape Maintenance Include?

Landscape maintenance services typically involve keeping properties in top condition, adding value to homes, and improving their appearance. 

While some services may be exclusive to specific landscaping businesses, the most common landscape maintenance services businesses include:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Pruning
  • Weeding
  • General lawn care
  • Spring and autumn cleanup
  • Fertilizing
  • Tree and topiary trimming
  • Insect control
  • Lawn sprinkler maintenance
  • Leaf raking

Some of these services may be available during specific seasons, so it would be wise to consider what you need.

Pruning and Trimming

Although some people may view pruning and trimmer as the same thing, these practices have several differences. Trimming involves controlling the shape of your grass or plants to prevent overgrowth. It’s also done to enhance their appearance. 

Depending on the types of plants you have, groundskeepers perform trimming services a few times per year. Most trimming should be done during autumn.

Pruning is an annual practice that involves removing dead or afflicted branches for a plant’s growth or health. While pruning periods may differ between some plants, the general period for pruning is between late winter and early spring.

Most landscape maintenance workers use the best gas hedge trimmers for grass, while others use the best corded hedge trimmers for shrubs and bushes.

Lawn Weed Control

Instead of spending hours weeding your lawn by hand, many landscape maintenance crews find using durable weed whackers with the best weed eater strings powering them. These devices are stable for ridding your lawn and garden of unwanted weed growth.

Annual weeds, such as crabgrass, require attention if you want to prevent its widespread growth during warmer months. Several weeding tools are designed for removing weed roots. Some professionals may use specific herbicides to rid your garden of weeds. There are many sprays that qualify as the best crabgrass killers.

If there are weeds in your flowerbed, it is best to remove them as soon as possible. If you can’t afford the best weed killer for flower beds, you can create a homemade one with vinegar and dish soap. 


As seasons and weather patterns change, your lawn or garden may become littered with unwanted debris. Landscape maintenance offers services for removing leaves, rocks, and branches from your property. If you have a large lawn, you can save time scouring every inch of it.

Groundskeepers may use gas leaf blowers or backpack leaf blowers to remove leaves from your lawn or patios.

Other cleanup tools, such as pond vacuums and cordless snow blowers, may also be included in land maintenance services. It’s ideal for clearing the pavement around your home and removing silt and debris from outdoor ponds. 

If you need to perform extra maintenance at home, it would be best to acquire a cordless trimmer blower combo to work around trees efficiently. 

How Do You Maintain a Landscape?

Depending on the type of yard you have, you may need to do routine inspections of your yard to determine if you need to do the maintenance yourself or hire professionals. These maintenance tasks might include:

  • Inspecting damaged plants for pruning
  • Testing your soil’s pH balance
  • Fertilizing your lawn, trees, and shrubs consistently
  • Removing flower bed debris

a garden which needs low maintenance

What is the Average Cost for Landscape Maintenance? 

On average, the cost for landscape maintenance ranges between $100 to $200. The costs may differ between specific businesses or maintenance works, so it would be wise to ask about the typical hourly or flat rates they have. 

If you need to use their services several times a month, you may need to spend more money on their services. The service costs may also vary depending on the number of services you request, how many landscapers work on your lawn, your location, and your yard’s size.

What is Landscape Installation and Maintenance?

While traditional landscape refers to keeping gardens, yards, and other landscapes clean and healthy, landscape installation refers to adding plants to your property. Some additions may include flower beds, perennial plants, shrubs, and specimen trees.

Landscape installation groundskeepers may also amend your property’s existing soil to make it sustainable for the new plants. These amendments may include compost or sand to improve a soil’s pH levels and drainage quality for the plants you want to place. 

Their services may also include hardscaping, such as installing a patio, pond, or fountain system.


Landscape maintenance is a reliable service that lets you save time and resources for keeping your yard in excellent shape. If you can’t afford specific tools or equipment, accessing these services is an essential alternative.

Landscapers use the best tools for their jobs and are capable of handling several lawn environments and conditions. Once the professionals complete their tasks, it’s ideal for homeowners to maintain their landscape’s appearance and health as best as they can.

The cost for landscape maintenance tools or services may vary based on what you need, so it would be wise to consider them carefully.

If you need our services for pruning, cleanup, weed control, or landscape installation, reach out to us to schedule or receive a quote.


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