Herbs and Their Meanings

The relationship between humans and herbs developed many centuries ago. And it continues to prevail today. The more you experience herb magic the more you realize the true power it has. 

But there are so many different herbs you can find it becomes pretty overwhelming to keep a track of what each of these herbs can do for you. Understanding that most of the information available on these herbs is scattered and noncohesive we have developed this guide for your assistance.

We have conducted thorough research online using a variety of books on these herbs and various other materials to develop our content. You will find it useful in achieving your goals and living a dream life. 

The goal is to provide you with concise information about how to use these herbs for different purposes. Herbs can be powerful but it is only possible to benefit from them the most by understanding their true powers.

And today, we will discuss which herb has what special properties. 

Herbs for Protection

There has been an overwhelming number of herbs used for this purpose. Therefore, protection is one of the most important concerns for so many people.  

These herbs will guard the bearer from any psychic or physical attack, accidents, injury, snakebite, poisoning, evil spirits, lightning strikes, evil eye, and the list goes on.

But you have to keep in mind they won’t come in handy if something has already happened to you. These protective herbs are essentially preventives. It also doesn’t mean you can live your entire life without pain or suffering if you have these herbs. 

But if you have these herbs with you, they will filter out some harmful circumstances. In the current world, we need to guard ourselves by every possible means. And one of these means is protective herbs. 

Herbs for Love

Love is that endless quest of companionship, emotional fulfillment, warmth, sexual contact, and having someone to talk to and share the life. Love spells should be only of one type, and that is to attract some unspecified person in your life. 

Therefore, with these herbs, you will meet different people. These herbs will also help you overcome your shyness and communicate that you are more than in the love mood. 

Compared to the lust plant, the love herb extends a gentle emotional vibe and attracts individuals in the same mindset. These herbs will call out for you, and an interested one will get to you. 

Of course, all this happens at the subconscious level, and no one is going to come to you to say that your love vibes are irresistible. But with these herbs in your possession, people will start paying more attention to you, and you will meet new friends. 

You must remember that you must not use these herbs to persuade or force someone to love you. It is a manipulation of a free soul, and it will also not work. 

Herbs for Manifestation

Some magic herbs focus on raising demons and spirits to become visible and usually within a triangle or a circle. You have to burn these herbs and use the smoke as a medium for the spirit to materialize. 

But you have to be extremely careful as it is a pretty dangerous form of magic and is difficult to perform. But It is a traditional way of performing magic. So, it should only be tried once you become experienced and understand the full potential of these herbs.  

Herbs for Prosperity

With the possession of these herbs, an individual will have an increased financial capacity. However, don’t expect that you can make dollar bills out of nowhere. But money will come to you in different ways, such as legacies or unexpected gifts. 

But usually, it will allow you to get a better job or a raise in pay. You might also be able to secure a good investment, or somebody has repaid you the loan all of a sudden.  

Magic is quite frequently used to gain money. But very few people need money. They are in need of what money can purchase. For instance, if you want to pay your bills, these herbals can make a few ways. You are essentially giving the power a direction, and it will start flowing. 

Here are the 40 popular magical herbs with their symbolic meaning;

  1. Acacia – Psychic powers, protection
  2. Alfalfa – Money, anti-hunger, prosperity
  3. Allspice – Healing, luck, money
  4. Almond – Wisdom, prosperity, money
  5. Aloe – Luck, protection
  6. Apple – Immortality, love, garden magic, healing
  7. Avocado – Beauty, lust, love
  8. Balm, Lemon – Healing, success, love
  9. Banana – Potency, prosperity, fertility
  10. Barley – Healing, protection, love
  11. Basil – Exorcism, wealth, protection, flying, love
  12. Bean – Protection, potency, love, wart charming, exorcism, reconciliation
  13. Beech – Wishes
  14. Beet – Love
  15. Birch – Protection, purification, exorcism
  16. Bittersweet – Healing, protection
  17. Blackberry – protection, money, healing
  18. Blueberry – Protection
  19. Cabbage – Luck
  20. Caper – Love, lust, potency
  21. Cardamon – Love, lust
  22. Carrot – Lust, fertility
  23. Cashew – Money
  24. Cedar – Money, healing, protection, purification
  25. Celery – Psychic power, lust, mental powers
  26. Cherry – Divination, love
  27. Chili pepper – Love, hex-breaking, fidelity
  28. Cinnamon – Love, healing, power, lust, protection, spirituality
  29. Clove – Money, love, exorcism, protection
  30. Coconut – Chastity, protection, purification
  31. Coriander – Healing, health, love
  32. Corn – Divination, good luck, protection
  33. Cotton – Rain, protection, healing, luck
  34. Cucumber – Fertility, healing, chastity
  35. Daisy – Love, lust
  36. Dandelion – Calling spirits, wishes, divination
  37. Dill – Love, lust, money, protection
  38. Ebony – Power, protection
  39. Rose – Love, divination, protection, luck, psychic powers, healing
  40. American Elder – Sleep, prosperity, healing, protection, exorcism

Final Words

Since the middle ages, people believe that medicinal herb exists and they have been using that dried herb leaf with a secret meaning as folk medicine. There are so many other fresh flowers and herbs used for their magical powers like mint family, lavender, lemon balm, aloe vera, and parsley. 

Some are used as an alternative to traditional medicine and herbal medicine for health benefits due to their medicinal properties, e.g., dietary supplements. They have been used since ancient times for this purpose. And it goes to show how effective they are in the long run. So, keep these herbs in your possession, and you will see your life changes right in front of your eyes.


Scott Cunningham. 1985. Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, Llewellyn Publications, Woodbury, Minnesota

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