Top 10 Best Crystals for Plants in the Garden & Home

Crystals are not only beautiful items to decorate your home with, but also a useful gardening tool! Believe it or not, putting them in your plant pot or garden will allow their healing energy to vibrate into the soil, making planting a smoother process. Read on to find out how to use crystals for plants in your garden.

Gardening With Crystals 

Crystals have been used for thousands of years for their healing properties and other useful effects. There are many types of crystals out there, and many are used for their different healing properties. Some crystals can even be used to relieve various ailments. 

The various types of stones represent the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. These stones may not only relieve your plants’ ailments but hopefully your own as well by rejuvenating your spirit through the earth. 

Crystals also come in various colors and textures, so you have an infinite number of options with how you may want to decorate your garden and plant pot. Some small stones may be used to spruce up a plain birdbath or fountain, as well as a container garden. The larger ones may be used to line a path or trail, or the perimeter of a garden. 

There are specific ways to use each particular crystal, for certain ailments or issues you may be facing with your garden.

many crystals are in the potted plants

How to Use Crystals for Plants 

There are many ways to use your crystals to help nourish and heal your garden! Simply remember to treat these precious stones with respect, cleanse their energy regularly, and in return, they will support your connection to the Earth. Soon, your garden will flourish! Here are some ideas on how to implement these powerful tools of nature:

  • Creating a crystal grid around the garden or at the center; here’s a guide I found on how to make one 
  • Leaving the crystal as offerings to Mother Nature and nature spirits 
  • Wear crystal jewelry to remain connected to the Earth and its energies throughout your daily life
  • Place the crystals in patterns around the plants 
  • Use crystals within rock borders 
  • Bury crystals in the plant soil 
  • Hang the crystals or stones from bushes and trees
  • You may even create a crystal water elixir, in which the crystals charge the water to drink and remain hydrated while gardening

potted plants with crystals

10 Best Crystals for Plants 

Below are the 10 best crystals for plants. Information on how each crystal can help with plant growth is included! 

1. Clear Quartz

This fresh and clear stone has many benefits and is one of the most versatile crystals you can get! It is an adaptable crystal, which responds easily to intention. While being used in the garden clear quartz can promote fertility and cell growth through its vibrant energies. 

This is the perfect crystal to place near any plant requiring a little boost of growth! You may also use this crystal as a center for a crystal grid, or the center of your garden to draw positive universal life force energy.

2. Moonstone 

This bright, pearly crystal helps promote fertility, good fortune, health, and intuition. It is helpful in the nurturing and healing of distressed plants, which allows for a more calming harmony in the garden. As the name alludes to, this stone is also related to the moon. 

Moonstone can assist in tuning you and your garden to the moon’s cycle and rhythms which is helpful in Biodynamic gardening. It also adds an element of peacefulness and relaxation. 

3. Rose Quartz

Often called the “love stone,” Rose Quartz is a pretty pink rock radiating with unconditional love energy. Rose Quartz’s gentle vibrations will bring peace to your struggling plants and uplift your spirit. It’s even said that if you hang this ancient crystal on a fruit tree it will infuse the fruit with loving energy so that when you eat it, it will ignite your self-love. If you ever feel lacking in self-love or care, be sure to use this stone in your garden! 

4. Citrine  

This stone is seen in a variety of shades of orange, yellow, and gold, meant to represent the vibrant energies of the sun. This crystal helps to promote happiness and positivity as well as dispel any toxins or negative vibrations in your garden. Make sure their vibrant beauty doesn’t get washed out in the sun for maximum effect! To prevent your crystals from sun damage, you can tuck them under the soil or hang them under some shade. 

5. Tigers Eye

This crystal can be found in colors of brown or gray with veins of gold and white the streaky pattern of its surface resembles wood. This reflective, holographic effect promotes strong root growth, harmony, as well as more balance and success in the garden. The courage and strength that this stone promotes will help the perseverance of the plant’s roots in your garden. 

6. Green Aventurine

This stone ranges in the color of light green to dark green and all variations of it are vibrant. The large stones display a mottle of green tones while the smaller ones differ greatly in color and therefore create a decorative aspect to the garden. This crystal is meant to absorb negativity as well as stress. This allows for a reduction of plant shock and aids in new plantings. 

7. Malachite

This green stone represents a fertile and abundant nature, that allows for the powerful absorption of pollutants and negativity. It is seen as a healing stone that helps restore the earth’s energies. This special crystal also promotes transformation and new growth, which of course we always want in our gardens. 

8. Moss Agate 

Moss Agate is probably one of the best stones for gardening as it is often referred to as “the gardener’s talisman”. This light green stone will help strengthen your connection to the earth with its grounding energy. Moss Agate helps to promote health and vitality in your plants, so be sure to place this crystal in the soil around your plants, particularly when first planting with seeds. 

9. Amethyst

This beautiful rock is found in vibrant purple hues. This crystal will help your garden thrive with its serene vibes and light, protective energies. It helps promote peace, purity, and protection allowing for a more calming aspect to your garden. It will encourage more pure growth in the stem and root of your plant, so be sure to wear this while you dig in or near the roots of the plants deep in the soil.  

10. Black Tourmaline

This dark rock will protect your garden fiercely. Black Tourmaline can absorb energies and has a powerful ability to dispel negativity. Due to this rock’s association with the Root Chakra, it will help promote growth in your plants. 

It will protect against pests and toxins as well, its protective shield and dark color helping to evade all negative vibrations. Make sure to place it in the soil surrounding the plant to promote its growth and development. 


Do crystals help plants?

Yes, they do! Take this article, for example, providing first-hand accounts of people’s experiences with crystals and plants. Just make sure to set the intention and energy of your crystal first, to allow for the positive programming of its vibrations. 

Their natural energy will do most of the work, but to truly assist in your gardening life, be sure to use them as nature intended! Not only do crystals help boost plant growth and development, but they also add an aesthetic touch and air of positivity to your garden. 

Can I put crystals in my plant pots?

Of course you can! One of the best places to put your crystals is directly in the potting soil with your plants. This way, the energies of the crystal can thoroughly sink into the soil, creating life and a stronger connection to the earth. While the energies also help your plants thrive, the beauty of the crystals will also help attract positivity and vibrance to your garden. 

Can I put stones around plants?

Yes, putting stones around your plants gives it a decorative effect, while also allowing the energies to become attracted to the plants it surrounds. While digging them in the dirt may be a more direct effect, placing them in patterns around your garden may also help attract nature spirits and a closer bond with the earth. 

Placing them in a grid, as I mentioned earlier, may also assist in attracting positive vibrations and growth to your plants.

Final Thoughts 

If you’re struggling to grow your garden, look no further than these crystals to assist in their growth. These crystals may not only help in the garden’s growth and vibrance but may even help your own. Their positive energy and vibrations have helped heal people for thousands of years, so why not you? Even wearing gemstone jewelry will have a healing effect on your life. 

To help promote more peace and love in your life, take a look at these precious gems!

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