Crassula Capitella Campfire Succulent Care Guide

Do you know how much watering is needed for your crassula capitella? Is it an indoor or outdoor plant?How much sunlight is required to keep the plant healthy and safe?

To know the answers to these and many more similar questions, keep on reading our ultimate guide.

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What Is a Crassula Capitella Campfire?

Crassula capitella ‘Campfire’  is an evergreen succulent plant native to South Africa. It is a low-growing plant that is ideal for covering the ground. It grows up to 6 inches in height and 3′ in width.

You can observe beautiful fragrant white flowers in summer on campfire crassula’s unique red and green leaves. Furthermore, it is an evergreen plant that blooms in summer. 

This plant grows well when it gets 6 hours of sunlight. However, you can keep it indoors, ensuring that it gets enough sunlight.

You must give it water when the soil is dry. Ensure that the water doesn’t sit for long in the pot. For this, you must put it in a porous and airy pot. For example, succulent pots made with ceramics or terracotta is ideal for this purpose. 

However, it can be toxic. You must keep them away from children and pets. Keep reading for more details and ways to take care of your crassula capitella.

How to Care for Crassula Capitella Campfire?

Crassula Capitella Campfire Succulent Care Guide

To take good care of your little campfire crassula, you must consider the following factors. 

Pot and Soil

Pots made with terracotta or ceramics are ideal for campfire crassula capitella. These pots are airy. Therefore the plant may get the required air, and the soil remains dried, eliminating the chances of fungal growth.

Furthermore, you may add coarse sand, pumice, and perlite along with the potting soil. It will increase the growth and health of your capitella campfire. 

Light and Temperature

This red pagoda is not a plant for too cold areas when it comes to temperature. Temperature less than 1.1 C (30 F) is inadequate for this plant. It grows well in a place that gets almost 6 hours of full or partial sunlight.

Watering and Feeding

Capitella campfire is a succulent plant and doesn’t require too much water. At a moderate temperature, you can water it weekly. However, if you live in a highly heated area, you can water it more often.

Also, ensure that water doesn’t accumulate in the pot for longer. It may result in fungal growth in the pot/plant. For this, you must drain excess water from the pot. 

How to Propagate Crassula Capitella Campfire?

Do you want to increase the number of crassula capitella in your house? Or are you thinking of gifting a similar planted pot to your friend?

You can conveniently do it at home. Propagating a campfire from cuttings is not a difficult task. Following are some specific ways you may adopt.

1. Propagating through Stem

Propagating through stem is an easy process. You can do so by using a sharp knife. For that process, remove a stem from the main plant. Leave it for several days so that it becomes hard. Make sure to put it in well-drained soil. Always water the plant when the soil is completely dried.

2. Propagating through Leaf Cuttings

You can also propagate the capitella campfire from the leaves. For this purpose, twist the leaf entirely from the plant. Leave it for some days to callous.After that,  place it in well-dried soil and you are good to go!


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Following are some most commonly asked questions about the crassula capitella campfire.

1.  Is Crassula Capitella an Indoor Plant?

Among the indoor plants, crassula capitella possesses a unique position. You can keep it indoors as well as outdoors. However, it needs proper natural sunlight for almost 6 hours. Similarly, it is recommended to keep the plant indoors if the outside temperature drops below 30 F. 

2.  How Much Sun Does a Crassula Capitella Need?

Partial to bright sunlight is ideal for crassula capitella’s adequate growth. It can be inside your lounge or out in your garden. If you want to keep it inside your house, ensure that you put it in a room (maybe beside a window) from where plenty of natural light comes in. 

As the plant loves sunlight, its leaves become bright red in direct sunlight. However, they develop a lime green color in partial shade.

3.  How Often Do You Water Crassula Capitella?

Moderate watering is the need for the crassula capitella campfire plant. In a shady area, you must water it weekly. Water the plant more often if heat increases. Similarly, reduce the amount of water in winters.

Ensure that your pot has a drainage hole beneath, so that excess water may drain out of the pot leaving the soil dry. Water accumulation in the pot for a prolonged time may result in root rot.

Final Thoughts

So, you must give a reddish lime color to your house by keeping a succulent plant like crassula capitella campfire. It doesn’t require too much care. Just place it in a brightly lit room and water it weekly.

Similarly, you can plant it on your lawn. It is better to plant it in a pot to put it indoors in winter.

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