Best Compost Grinder for Home Use – Buying Guide and FAQs

If you compost, you already know that it is cheap to do. Composting turns your garden and kitchen waste into nutrient-rich food for your garden. Composting helps save money and resources, and it is great for creating healthy soil to grow your fruits and vegetables. The biggest reason to compost is that it helps reduce your footprint on the environment.

To care for scraps of food scrap, you need a compost grinder to pulverize them so they can become nutrient-rich food for your plants and garden. Below are the best compost grinders in our experience.

Our Top Picked Compost Grinder

We tested out several compost grinders. The Vivosun tumbling composter proved itself in durability and performance. The Vivosun was the best overall for its ease of use and short compost cycles.

Each compost grinder on our list has been compared against other machines on the market, and the ones we have on our list, have come out on top. It isn’t easy to search every machine on the market and compare it against all others, so we’ve made it so that you don’t have to. 

We’ve compared and researched the users’ favorites to save you the leg work. Our comparison includes small compost grinders that can sit on your counter to larger ones that fit under your sink or on your porch.

The Vivosun is our top recommendation. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who wants to create compost in a short amount of time and does it odorless. There is no draining, venting, or any additives needed to work this grinder.

Some of our other top choices offer the ability to create compost at the same time that a batch is ready to use. Others are portable and compact, and well suited to fit into every kitchen decor. Keep reading to see which grinder is the right one for you.

5 Best Compost Grinder Reviewed

#1. VIVOSUN Tumbling Composter – Best Overall

The Vivosun tumbling composter comes with an array of features that you won’t want to miss out on if you’re looking for the best compost grinder on the market.The slick matte black galvanized steel and high-quality PP plastic is durable enough to resist corrosion and the elements while providing a long lasting service life.

The rotating design allows you to easily turn your compost every few days with just a turn of the barrel. It doesn’t require any straining hand mixing or extra equipment to do so. With adjustable air vents and deep fins, the overall aeration is excellent in the Vivosun. It can quickly break down large clumps resulting in healthy, nourishing compost within just a matter of a couple of weeks.Furthermore, the dual chambers allow you to add organic matter to one chamber, while the other chamber cooks for a consistent supply of fresh compost.


  • Rodent proof design keeps out pests
  • Matte black shell promotes heat absorption for quick compost
  • Included garden gloves to protect your hands 
  • Simple rotating design for hands-free rotation
  • Dual chambers for continuous compost


  • Many parts to assemble which can be complicated
  • Sliding doors may be difficult to move

check price and availability on Amazon

#2. Food Cycler Platinum Indoor Compost Container 

In a matter of hours, the Food Cycler Platinum converts your food scraps and reduces them up to 90%, creating a nutrient-rich soil perfect for feeding your garden. The Food Cycler is simple to use. Throw your food waste into the bin and push the go button without adding anything else such as enzymes or pellets.

After using this food grinder, you will have healthy fertilizer. It is easy to clean up this compost grinder. The grinder has a removal bucket that is dishwasher safe. The food recycler is lightweight and odorless. Keep it anywhere in or out of your home without attracting pests.

We like this compost grinder because it has small size, which can be easily fit for your daily composting needs if you live in an apartment. And as an electric composter, its price is relatively higher than traditional composters.


  • The cover is secure and locks
  • Three hours per compost cycle
  • Easy to use


  • Composting chamber is small
  • Can be noisy
  • A little bit expensive

check price and availability on Amazon

#3. EJWOX Garden Compost Bin – Best for Efficiency

The EJWOX is a dual chamber composter that allows you to compost continuously. While one bin is busy composting, you can still fill the other side of the bin with food scraps. This garden compost bin produces rich, nutrient-filled compost that is perfect for creating a healthy garden.

This bin has a tumbler that turns on an axis, distributing contents evenly for a balanced rotation. The aeration system has an internal bar that mixes the contents and provides airflow. The double walls absorb heat and retain it. The EJWOX is perfect for the garden and anyone that wants to keep compost bins separate from organic green waste.


  • Tumbler design allows for balanced rotation
  • Fast composting times
  • The barrel is easy to turn
  • Steel, powder-coated frame
  • Galvanized steel base to prevent deterioration


  • Doors are narrow
  • Assembly can be time-consuming

check price and availability on Amazon

#4. Miracle-Gro Small Composter

The Miracle-Gro composter is a 27.7-gallon composter that allows you to put it in smaller spaces. The Miracle-Gro compost bin is best kept outdoors, either on your balcony, in your garden, or anywhere that you have some room.

This powerful composter turns your organic waste into fertile compost that can be added to your garden soil. The Miracle-Gro small composter comes with a unique aeration system that uses inner mixing bars to speed up the process of decomposition to allow you to grow a healthy garden.

Compost all year round with the sturdy design of Miracle-Gro’s composting machine. The side-locking mechanism is sturdy, and enabling loading and unloading the composter is easy. Maintains an airtight seal, is BPA-free, plastic is protected from UV-rays, all means you won’t have any harmful toxins in your compost.


  • It fits into the tiniest spaces
  • Unique Miracle-Gro aeration system
  • Mixing bars inside help speed up decomposition
  • It has a tight seal
  • The heavy-duty manufacturing design allows you to compost all year


  • The design could be better

check price and availability on Amazon

#5. Miracle-Gro Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler

The Miracle-Gro Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler comes completely assembled and is low-maintenance. Miracle-Gro is top of the line for composters which is why there are two on our list. The Miracle-Gro Dual Chamber has two compartments to make composting more efficient.

With the dual chambers, you get to add composting materials to one side while the other side is ready to go. Internal mixing bars promote decomposition so that you can add fresh compost to your garden in 4-6 weeks.

With this dual chamber compost grinder, it is simpler to cook the compost with no digging, turning, or mixing it by hand. Open the door and add your scraps and follow up by turning it in every few days, only 5-6 times.

With Miracle-Gro, you will have a healthier garden that produces better produce in no time. This compost grinder is good for outdoor and indoor use. 


  • Easy assembly
  • dual chamber
  • Short cook time


  • The door may be difficult to open
  • Doors may be flimsy

check price and availability on Amazon

Simple Guide to Choose the Best Compost Grinder

You already know about the benefits of composting; how it helps to diminish your footprint, promotes garden growth, gives houseplants a bit more life, but what should you look for in a compost grinder? There are some things to consider in your search for a grinder that suits your needs and space.


A determining factor when choosing a compost grinder is the size and where you will put it. Some grinders fit on your countertop or mid-range that fit under sinks, to larger models that can be kept outdoors or in a garage.

When you choose a grinder, consider the size of the garden that you need to feed the soil. If you have a small area to cover, you want a smaller size versus a larger size for a bigger space. You do not need a big unit taking up space if you aren’t going to utilize the capacity or use the compost it produces.

Compost doesn’t just happen overnight; it can take a few weeks to produce, so you want to make enough to cover the area you are working with all at once. 


Depending on the model of compost grinder and the extent of the machine’s abilities, it will already come assembled, or you will need to put it together yourself. To put the compost bin together, you may need to purchase the appropriate tools. 

If you are handy with putting together various products, then it may not be a big deal to you whether it’s an easy assembly or not. However, if you are not particularly handy, then you’ll want pre-assembled or easy assembly.

There are some companies that can help assemble the item for you, but they will most likely charge a bit of money for this. Most composters are easy enough to put together.


The ease of rotating your compost heap plays a significant role in how quickly you can promote decomposition and how healthy your compost will be when it’s finished.

Some traditional methods require you to turn your compost by hand or use a special aeration tool to do so. By finding a compost grinder that offers fluid turning of the barrel, you can take a lot of the legwork out of producing healthy compost.

Rotating your compost is extremely important to the overall health and process of decomposition. Depending on the size and material in your compost heap, you should turn it every few days to once a week. This allows air pockets to form within the compost, which gives microbes the oxygen they need in order to live and function. Healthy microbes then break down the organic matter turning it into nice, healthy, nutrient rich compost. 

If you don’t regularly turn your compost, you can experience a few issues such as overheating of the pile, over consumption by microbes, moisture build up, or compaction. These things will all slow down the decomposition of your pile which could lead to odors, mold growth, or pests. 


Airflow is critical for composting because it helps break down the scraps, but some units don’t provide proper aeration or any at all. Compost will break down much faster and more evenly if there is ample airflow, and the amount of ventilation needs to be sufficient for the size of your machine.

Some composting units have an aeration bar set up on the inside of the machine that helps by making it harder for smells or pests to get in or out. Some units have screens on the side to allow air to get in without the compost getting out. 

Adding and Unloading Compost

When you are adding or unloading compost, the doors make it easier or more difficult for you, so they make a difference. It makes sense that if you are composting a large amount, you will want larger doors. If the doors of the composter are not big enough, you will run the risk of spilling food everywhere.

The grinder height also matters because it needs to be tall enough to put a bucket under it to avoid spillage when the compost comes out. Locking doors are necessary so that the grinder doors do not open and cause spillage.

Dual or Single Chamber

Choosing a smaller grinder will help you save on space, but you won’t have the benefit of the dual chambers. The dual chamber allows you to have double batches of compost on the go at all times. While one side is completed, the other side is just beginning. You can empty either chamber, which will have an exit and access point, so you can empty one side and refill the other.

The dual chamber is good for someone who has a larger garden and greater composting needs. If you are only tending to a small garden plot, then a single chamber compost should do just fine.


When you are choosing a grinder, make sure the materials used to make it are durable and will last a long time. You want to make sure the grinder’s body is made of durable, UV protective plastic, and the frame should be made of stainless steel.

Most compost products will be made of recycled plastic and should be made of long-lasting, anti-eroding materials on the parts that will be used excessively, like the doors. You do not want the hinges wearing down or breaking due to wear.

If you are going to keep your compost grinder outdoors, make sure that the materials are rust and corrosion-resistant.


If you still have some questions about the best compost grinders, we’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions one has before making a purchase. 

What Is a Compost Grinder?

A compost grinder takes your food and garden waste and turns it into a viable soil additive for your garden or plants. A compost grinder pulverizes the food, and it breaks down to be used to enrich the soil. 

The grinder built into composting machines helps reduce the decomposition time. The better the compost grinder, the speedier the process of composting is. The grinder is a crucial part of the whole unit.

A compost grinder helps break down the food, reducing it faster, so the compost can be used much sooner. A compost grinder could make the difference between waiting two weeks for your compost to cook versus six weeks.

How Do I Grind Compost?

When you compost vegetables and fruit waste, the grinding process is not as important. If you cut up the scraps of food, the composting process will take less time. By breaking down the food, you are adding to the surface area of the composting material, which will allow fungi and bacteria to gain access to breaking down the compost by increasing the surface area.

Centipedes, spiders, and other predatory invertebrates will help contribute to the healthy production of the compost. These critters will help speed up the composting process and are good for your garden, so invite them in by expanding the composting area.

Should I Grind my Compost?

Grinding your compost will certainly help speed up the process of composting, but it is not necessary. The composting will happen whether or not you grind the compost. It just may take a little longer.

Depending on how often you need new compostable material and the type of materials you add to your compost will help you decide if grinding them is the right option. Grinding your composting material is an extra step, but it helps speed up the process considerably.

What Is the Best Compost Accelerator?

The microorganisms that are involved in composting need carbon and nitrogen to work. When carbon is abundant, the composting process slows down, but adding nitrogen-rich items, like grass clippings, will speed up the process.

Manure is also a great nitrogen-rich material that helps to speed up the process of composting. You may smell a thick manure odor when passing farms, especially during planting seasons, and this is because the farmers use manure to help speed up composting and then add it to their fields. 

You will only want to add grass clippings and manure to an outdoor compost shredder for obvious reasons.

Can You Compost Through a Shredder?

You can put compost through a chipper shredder. When garden waste is shredded, it will break down and compost much faster than if it was just put into a compost pile and left. Garden wood waste can also be shredded onto the borders of the garden and used as mulch. Spreading compost directly onto the edges will help hold moisture in and help to deter weeds from growing.

How Do You Shred Scraps for Compost?

When composting, you want to make sure there is sufficient surface area for the microbes to work. Speeding up the composting process is efficient when using ingredients that are rich with carbon like straw, dropped leaves, and paper. 

The type of shredder does not matter. What does matter is that the method you are using can handle the items that you are shredding. Even a lawn mower can shred leaves by running them over after they are stacked in a pile.

It is not necessary to shred succulent organic materials because they compost very quickly. Adding the final step to shred succulents may help a bit, but it is an unnecessary step, so save yourself the time and add them as they are.

Our Verdict

Whether you are a novice composter or a seasoned pro, choosing a composting grinder will take time and research to make sure you choose the one that is good for you. The Vivosun tumbling composter was our top choice, but it’s up to you and your composting needs to determine what suits your soil. 

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