Compost Accelerator: Top Picks for 2022 plus DIY Options

Preparing compost takes anywhere from 3 months to 1 year. But not everyone can wait for that long to feed their garden. That’s where the compost accelerators come in. Compost accelerators contain ingredients that speed up the decomposition process inside the pile. They provide a jumpstart to the bacteria and microbes inside the pile.

With tons of compost accelerators available, which one should you get? For that, we’ve prepared a review of the 6 best compost accelerators.

6 Best Compost Accelerators Review

#1. Biomaster Compost-It Compost Accelerator/Starter

The BioMaster’s compost-it compost accelerator comes in a 100g spout pack. The compost-it compost accelerator speeds up the composition process from months to 4 weeks. And it is perfect for all types of compost bins, whether they’re drums, compost bins, piles. This organic compost accelerator is perfect for worm farms too.

The compost accelerator has more than 60 compost activator ingredients. These ingredients speed up the decomposition process and make it fast and effective. These active ingredients are beneficial for compositions. The compost accelerator is for bins, piles, and compost boxes. You can use it in the kitchen waste bins too.

What’s good about this compost accelerator is that it is made of organic materials. It doesn’t include any synthetic chemicals. This saves your compost from any poisonous traits. It will keep your garden’s soil safe from any long-term effects.

Biomaster’s compost-it compost accelerator reduces unpleasant odors. It makes the composition process very fast. 


  • Speeds up the decomposition process.
  • Easy to use.
  • More than 60 active ingredients.
  • Use of organic material.


  • The pack is small for big containers.
  • A little on the pricey side.

check price and availability on Amazon

#2. Green Pig Compost Accelerator

The GreenPig compost accelerator brings in a new formula in the market. The compost accelerator is made of the same microbes found in compost accelerators. Compared to other compost accelerators, GreenPig’s compost accelerator starts as soon as you put it in a pile.

GreenPig’s compost accelerator is designed to accelerate the natural process inside the compost bin. For that, it uses enzymes to produce bacteria. The bacteria are beneficial for decomposition. Every component used in the compost accelerator is natural. It doesn’t use any harsh and dangerous chemicals.

Pour in a packet of the compost accelerator in up to 2 gallons of water. Once the solution is ready, it will treat 9 cubic feet of compost material. Spray the solution over the compost pile. What’s good about this compost accelerator is that it reduces odor inside the pile. The accelerator creates humus inside the pile, which makes the soil great for gardening.


  • Perfect to kill odor inside the pile.
  • Easy to use, comes with instructions.
  • Made of natural microbes found naturally inside compost bins.


  • It requires a longer duration to prepare the compost.
  • Doesn’t dissolve properly in water.

check price and availability on Amazon

#3. Convino Compost Starter/Accelerator

The Convino compost starter is made of a natural formula containing special microbes. They are perfect for transforming everyday organic matter and food waste into nutrient rich compost soil.

The compost accelerator contains special ingredients that reduce the odor in the compost pile. It does so by a process called the aerobic process. In addition to that, it accelerates the composting process inside the bin and prepares it within 4 weeks. That it attains with the help of beneficial bacteria and fungi inside it, they enhance the composting process inside.

Convino does the courtesy of packing the compost accelerator in pre-measured doses. They are small 5g packages with the same power as a typical 350g compost accelerator. That means the 20g packing they come in is equivalent to 3lbs of compost accelerator.

Not only is it efficient, but it also reduces the odor in your compost pile. The prepared compost will significantly enhance the plant’s growth.


  • Reduces the odor inside compost bins.
  • The pouches are compostable.
  • The 5g packages are enough for a compost bin.


  • Poor advertisement doesn’t show the actual quantity delivered.

check price and availability on Amazon

#4. Roebic Ca-1 Bc1 Bacterial Compost Accelerator

Another remarkable compost accelerator with us for review is from Roebic Laboratories. It is the Bacterial Compost Accelerator. The compost accelerator is made of a specialized organic blend that contains bacteria. It is beneficial for compost breakdown. In addition to that, the Roebic Compost Accelerator boosts biological activity inside the pile too.

The compost accelerator works perfectly on weeds, leaves, shrub trimmings, vegetables, grass clippings, and peelings. Whatever compost material you name, the accelerator can make it faster. 

Acid is deadly for the microbes in the compost pile and your garden. For this, it has a pH buffer blended in it. The buffer maintains pH at the optimum level that ensures the decomposition process at its maximum.

Whatever temperature you have in your compost pile, the accelerator will work as efficiently as it would at normal temperatures. The microbes inside are active and working all the time, and the cold weather won’t affect their process. It contains high magnesium, calcium, and nitrogen levels that prepare a compost perfect for your soil.


  • Has a pH buffer blended in it?
  • Good for microbes inside the pile.
  • Reduces the smell of compost.


  • It doesn’t seem to affect the decomposing speed.

check price and availability on Amazon

#5. Dr. Earth 727 Compost Starter

The Compost Starter is a premium option available from Dr. Earth 727. It is 100% natural and organic. It is hand-crafted instead of machines. The compost starter can be used in all types of compost, whether barrels, bins, or piles. 

When you apply it to the compost starter, it will create humus to speed up. This humus will accelerate the breakdown of ingredients in the compost.

Dr. Earth 727’s compost contains their trademarked Trubiotic. It contains 5 microbes that are beneficial for decomposition. What these microbes do is that they lead to thorough decomposition. 

For that, they release nutrients in the compost pile. At the same time, seaweed extract and alfalfa meal are for your crops. They act as fertilizers and speed up the work in the soil.

Not only is this compost accelerator perfect for compost bins, but you can also use it in piles as compost tea. The premium compost starter is a well-balanced fertilizer rich in nutrients. Mixed in water, you can spray it on plants and crops.


  • Costs less than competitive brands.
  • The packaging has useful instructions for composition.
  • Works perfectly if you set up the compost pile properly.


  • The compost accelerator can leak while shipping.

check price and availability on Amazon

#6. Jobe’s Organics Compost Starter

Jobe’s organics is a well-known brand in the world of gardening. It is known to have remarkable customer satisfaction. In addition to that, Jobe’s Organics is one of the cheapest brands that provide good quality compost starters.

The one thing that differentiates Jobe’s compost starter from others is Jobe’s Biozome. It is their trademark blend. It contains mycorrhizal fungi and archaea. These microbes are best for increasing the speed and quality of the compost. 

The compost starter contains feather, bone, potassium, and manure. It is rich in nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. These elements increase the decomposing speed. But they are great for promoting plant health and soil quality.

And the ingredients don’t contain any synthetic chemicals. It is easy to use, and you’ll get to see the results in just 3 weeks. Although it is for compost piles, it also shows great results in bins. Jobe’s Organics recommends that you use 2-cups of its Compost Starter per cubic yard in the compost pile.


  • Perfect for jumpstarting the decomposition.
  • Contains Jobe’s Biozome, which is their trademark blend.
  • It is value for money.


  • The packaging is not durable.
  • It doesn’t reduce the compost smell.

check price and availability on Amazon

What Is a Compost Accelerator?

Anything that speeds up the rate of composition is known as a compost accelerator. People add compost accelerators to their compost piles for it to work quickly. It has fungi and bacteria packages in a concentrated ratio. These fungi and bacteria start the decomposing process in the compost pile.

A compost accelerator makes the decomposing pile decompose quickly. Compost piles have bacteria inside them that are already decomposing the organic materials. Insects such as termites, worms, etc., perform this task at the macroscopic level.

Do You Need a Compost Accelerator?

Compost accelerators are great to accelerate decomposition, but do you need them?

One thing to keep in mind is that not all compost accelerators are made of environment-friendly materials. Some cheap compost accelerators can be dangerous for the environment in the long run. 

In addition to that, you can find compost accelerators that have inorganic packaging. When thrown in the compost pile, its packaging can reduce the compost’s quality.

What to do then? You can do proper research on compost accelerators before getting one. If the compost accelerators are of sustainable practices, compost accelerators worth the price.

You won’t need a compost accelerator, to begin with. That is because whatever compost pile you have will decompose on its own. However, compost accelerators are good supplementary products to spare some cash.

What Is a Good Compost Accelerator?

There are hundreds if not thousands of compost accelerators available in the market. How can you determine which one is good and which one is bad?

A good compost accelerator will have the correct volume of active ingredients to boost decomposition. As decomposition is an organic process, ensure that your compost accelerator is made of organic materials. 

Nitrogen helps in bacteria growth in the compost pile. So, look for accelerators that have nitrogen-rich materials. Calcium and magnesium help speed up the acceleration too.

A lot of brands make compost accelerators. To find the best one, look for brands with a good reputation. While you’re at it, check user reviews posted online. The last thing to consider is the cost. Although they aren’t as expensive, keep an eye on the quality of the product regardless of its price.

So, here’s what you got to do.

  • Make sure that the composter has the correct volume of active ingredients.
  • It is made of organic materials.
  • Ensure that it has nitrogen with elements such as calcium and magnesium.
  • The brand should have a good reputation.
  • Quality over price.

How Do You Make a Compost Accelerator?

Material List

If you can’t find a reliable compost accelerator, then you don’t have to worry. Because you can make your compost accelerator. For this, you’ll need the following materials.

  • 1 gallon of water
  • 5-gallon bucket
  • 1 can of warm beer
  • 1 can of cola
  • ½ cup of household ammonia.
  • 1 shovel
  • 2-3 shovels full of soil

Step by Step Guide

Once you’ve collected all the materials, it’s time to make a compost accelerator. Follow our step-by-step guide to make your very own compost accelerator.

Step 1:

Take the 5-gallon bucket, and pour 1 gallon of water into it. Water is necessary because decomposing bacteria and fungi require dark and moist conditions. The compost piles tend to get dry, which can affect decomposition speed.

Step 2:

Add a can of warm beer to the bucket. It can be a cheap beer, as long as it’s not light. Open the beer can and let it sit for 24 hours. This will remove all the fizz. Beers contain yeast that increases the growth rate of bacteria and fungi.

Step 3:

Add 1 can of cola to the bucket. Make sure that it’s not sugar-free. The sugar will provide the bacteria and fungi with a ready carbon source.

Step 4:

Add ½ cup of household ammonia. The nitrogen-rich ammonia will reduce acid’s percentage in the compost.

Step 5:

Stir the compost accelerator well until the ingredients blend. Pour it slowly over the compost pile. Add in 2 or 3 shovels of garden soil. Garden soil contains microbes that will accelerate decomposition.

Step 6:

Stir the compost lightly with the shovel to distribute the compost accelerator and soil in a pile. With this, your compost pile won’t have any hot spots.

How Long Does It Take for A Compost Accelerator to Work?

If you’re buying a compost accelerator, you won’t be satisfied with its quality unless you know its accuracy. Without a compost accelerator, your compost will take 3 months to 12 months to decompose.

Whereas adding in a compost accelerator will start the decomposition instantly. A good quality compost accelerator that naturally boosts its speed will make a huge difference. It will take the 1-year duration to 3 weeks or even less.

Is There a Way to Speed Up Composting?

To speed up the composition process, you can use the following tricks:

Size of Organic Materials

If you have chopped and shredded materials, they will decompose quickly. Compared to larger pieces of organic materials.

Type of Organic Materials

For fast decomposition, a correct ratio of carbon to nitrogen is required. Experts suggest that a 30:1 ratio is perfect for decomposition. For greens, you can use kitchen scraps that are rich in nitrogen. Whereas corn stalks etc., are rich in carbon.

How Often Do You Turn Your Pile

If you turn your pile more often, it will help bacteria because too much heat inactivates them. Turning your pile will significantly increase the decomposition speed. It will provide the pile with oxygen.


Moisture plays an important role in decomposition. Too much moisture will end up replacing air in a pile. Whereas too little will slow or stop the decomposition. 40% to 60% moisture ensures efficient composition.


You won’t always need a compost accelerator. If your pile is there for months without any development, it is time to introduce the compost accelerator. 

Compost accelerators are beneficial if you need prepared compost. They will speed up the process so that it takes up to 3 weeks for prepared compost.

Remember that a compost accelerator alone can’t speed up the process. For this, you need to ensure that the materials inside are in the correct combination. And that they are chopped up to the correct size.

Read the related articles and learn more about speeding up the decomposition of your pile.


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