10 Best Weed Killer For Flower Beds – Reviews & Guide

The best weed killers kill unwanted weeds or stop them from growing. Beautiful flowers brighten up your property and enhance curb appeal for your home.There are many products that will help you with your weed problems.

I’m a former florist and professional gardener. I have and hands-on experience with many weed killer brands and want to share them with you. My favorite is Roundup Extended Control Weed Killer.

Please keep in mind that where you live will make a difference in what weed killer you should use. I hope this helps you keep your flower beds blooming and beautiful. Let’s get started.

10 Best Weed Killer For Flower Beds

10 Best Weed Killers For Flower Beds Reviewed

Consult with your area’s landscape architects and garden centers. They can tell you what flowers grow best in your environment and climate. Then, compare their recommendations with ours.

#1. Roundup Extended Control Weed Killer

  • Special formula kills growing weeds and stops new ones from growing
  • Ideal for large flower beds, gardens, and lawns
  • Great to use around walkways, sidewalks, and driveways
  • Kill pesky weeds at the roots for up to four months

Roundup Extended Control Weed Killer is the best. It is a top weed killer. This product is a name trusted name in the weed control industry. The packaging is easy to use with effective results. There is a total customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied, return the receipt. This selective herbicide has a well-designed comfort wand. Its extended reach feature and continuous spray prevent arm and hand fatigue. This product will kill growing weeds and stops more lawn weed seeds from growing. It will last for three or four months. It works by absorbing through the weeds’ leaves and goes all the way to the root, killing the growth. The manufacturer advises applying Roundup when the weeds are growing. Spray it when the air is calm, so the wind doesn’t carry the spray on desirable flowers. Read and review the instructions on the label.

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#2. Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed Killer

  • Ready to use, no mixing necessary
  • Kills any type of existing weed, weed seed, and grass seed in a matter of hours
  • Contains corn and certified for organic use
  • Contains 20 percent acetic acid and safe to use. Use it in residential, commercial, and agricultural settings
  • Use on driveways, sidewalks, mulch beds, pavers, concrete, parking lots, bans, etc.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer is on our review list because it is an all-natural vinegar weed killer. As a matter of fact, Green Gobbler is also a popular chemical-free indoor cleaner. It kills common weeds but won’t harm the environment. Green Gobbler is biodegradable. The active ingredients are corn gluten meal and 20 percent vinegar. It is a certified organic and natural weed killer. It will kill any weed species or unwanted grass within hours. This product will not degrade the soil. It is different from other weed killers due to its formula does not have bleach, dyes, or sulfates. It does not have Glyphosphates either. Green Gobbler is a great weed killer for plants and flower beds. Always read and refer to the label for proper instructions.

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#3. Preen Garden Weed Killer + Plant Food

  • Safe for established flowers, trees, shrubs, and vegetables (edibles)
  • Not kill nearby plants or existing weeds
  • Not meant for lawns
  • Stops weeds from growing for up to three months
  • Use this product throughout the entire year

Preen is a gardener’s secret weapon for pre emergent weed killer brands. Preen stops weeds, weed seeds, and unwanted plant growth. This is why they named the product, Preen Garden Weed Preventer. Preen also has plant food to feed the flowers and help them grow. Remove all weeds from the garden before you apply the Preen Garden Weed Preventer. All existing weeds must be gone. Preen is not a weed killer like others on the market. Expert gardeners and novice green thumbs will see results when they use Preen. Watch flower beds flourish without weeds growing. The first application will take some patience because some unseen weeds might remain. After a few applications, this will go away and will no longer be necessary. Keep Preen away from your flowers because it will damage them. Sprinkle the granules on the dry ground about a quarter-inch apart. Next, apply water to activate Preen Garden Weed Preventer. If you can’t water right away, rake the granules below the soil and mulch to protect it from sunlight. Always refer to the label for proper instructions.

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#4. Roundup Landscape Weed Killer

  • Prevents weeds and grasses for up to 6 months
  • Not harm desirable plants and flowers
  • Prevents weeds from growing
  • Creates a weed barrier

Roundup Landscape Weed Preventer is one of the best systemic weed killers. It prevents weeds from sprouting and growing. It will kill clover, chickweed, crabgrass, barnyard grass, foxtail. goose grass and 40 other broadleaf and grasses. Roundup Landscape Weed Preventer is powerful and lasts a long time. It creates a barrier against weeds at the soil surface. This stops weeds from sprouting and growing above the soil. This barrier will continue to work for up to six months. First, you must remove all weeds that are in your garden. This product does not kill weeds. It is effective to prevent them from growing. Apply in the spring before adding mulch. Then water to activate the product. Add mulch to cover the soil. Make your flower gardens, ornamental beds, and vegetable garden look good. Always refer to and follow all the instructions on the label. Then, water your garden to activate the product. After watering the product into the soil, cover the garden with mulch for the finishing touch.

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#5. Spectracide Weed Killer

  • Kills weeds and grasses at the root within three hours
  • Safe to apply driveways, walkways, fences, and most areas in the yard
  • Rain-fast and water will not reduce its effectiveness
  • Concentrated product that must mix with water
  • Has a customer satisfaction money-back guarantee

Spectracide Weed & Grass Killer is a powerful chemical weed killer product. It is a nonselective herbicide. It is on our review list because it has powerful ingredients. It kills all plants and nutsedge. It also kills flowers. Spectracide is a great product for clearing weeds and preparing an area for a new flower garden. Different weeds and different parts of weeds need different ingredients to work. It has three active ingredients that work together to kill the weed’s roots and leaves. It also prevents photosynthesis, so the weed cannot make food. Apply to a garden on a warm, calm, dry sunny day. Apply to fences, paths, patios, around flower beds, driveways, and rock gardens. To spot treat, apply right on weeds around flower beds. It is safe to replant flowers and plants after one day. Always follow the instructions on the label to get the best results.

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#6. Ortho Weed Be Gone Weed Killer

  • Kills 250 listed weeds and weed seedlings at their roots. This includes dandelions, clover, and other broadleaf weed types
  • When used as directed, will not harm the lawn, and ornamental plants
  • After use, experience results within a few hours

Ortho Weed Be Gone Weed Filler for Lawn’s guarantees to kill perennial weed types at the root. Many gardeners plant flowers within their lawn, so the lawn acts as an extension to the flower beds. This is why this popular product made our review list. It will kill more than 250 and more weed types starting at the root. This includes dandelions, clover, and other hearty broadleaf weeds. Use the product as directed on the label, and it will not damage a lawn. Spray on living, weeds and repeat after a few days to prevent more weeds from growing. Cut longer weeds down before you apply the product. Weeds that are growing in landscaping and in pavement cracks are no match for Ortho Wed Be Gone. According to the manufacturer, weeds should not grow back for an entire year. Always read and refer to the label for proper instructions.

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#7. Compare & Save Concentrate Weed Killer

  • Kills weeds and grass at the root
  • Treat up to 25,000 square feet
  • Rain and waterproof within two hours
  • Provides visible results between two and four days

Compare & Save Concentrate is a nonselective herbicide. It made our list because it will kill any pesky weed. This product is perfect for lawn restoration and renovation projects. It kills growing weeds. grasses, brush, and other unwanted plants. It is simple and convenient to use. Mix the Compare and Save Concentrate with water and spray on weeds and weeded areas. This includes walkways, driveways, landscapes, landscape fabric, and under fences and around buildings. It is also great to prepare landscaping projects and garden plants. Unlike other unselective herbicides, this product is a nonselective herbicide. It should not come into contact with the roots, leaves, or any part of plants you do not want to kill. Always read and review the instructions on the label for proper use.

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#8. Ortho Ground Clear Super Weed Killer

  • Features a dual-action formula and kills weeds on contact down to the root
  • Works on contract and weeds begin to wilt within a few hours
  • Easy to use features an easy-to-use spray,
  • Safe to use on patios, walkways, driveways, fences, and buildings

Ortho Ground Clear Super Weed & Grass Killer kills 175 types of weeds. This includes unwanted crabgrass and dandelions that grow next to wanted flowers. Weeds can’t hide from Ortho! It has a dual-action formula. One kills the weed on contact. The other one goes deeper into the plant and kills the roots. The weed will wilt when the product is on it. Then after one to two weeks, the weeds will be gone. Ortho Ground Clear is easy to use and needs no mixing. It has a convenient sprayer. This ready-to-use product removes weeds from patios, sidewalks, gravel, and driveways. It is perfect for flower gardens, landscaped areas, under fences. Ortho is the perfect product to kill active weeds. Refer to the label for proper application.

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#9. Roundup Weed Killer Concentrate

  • Kills weeds and grasses at the root.
  • Safe to use around flowers, shrubs, and trees. Use on patios, walkways, driveways, mulch beds; along fences, edging, and foundations
  • Not meant to use on edibles
  • Rain and waterproof within 30 minutes of application
  • Has a manufacturer’s money-back guarantee

Roundup Weed & Grass Killer Concentrate features Fast Act Technology. This is why it is on our review list. This weed killer is easy and convenient. There is no mixing required. Growing unwanted weed types absorb this concentrated weed killer. Then, it travels to the roots and kills the weed. This selective weed killer product promises results within 12 hours. The company has a money-back guarantee. Always read and review the label for proper instructions.

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#10. Natural Armour Weed Killer

  • Safe to use anywhere. It is safe for patios, driveways, barns, fence lines, gravel, mulch, and anywhere weeds are not wanted.
  • All-natural and is both poison and chemical-free
  • Easy to use, no mixing required
  • Safe for pets. It will not contaminate groundwater or affect birds, fish, or mammals.
  • Has a 100 % money-back guarantee if not totally satisfied

Natural Armor Weed & Grass Killer is natural and certified organic. This is good for pets and children, and wildlife. It is nontoxic for weed seedlings. There are no chemicals or poisons in the ingredients. This includes Glyphosate. Natural Armor Weed & Grass Killer is safe for the environment. It is easy to use and requires no mixing with other products. It also has a clog-free sprayer. Spray anywhere you don’t want a pesky weed to grow. It is perfect to use on flower beds, patios, fence lines, and landscaped areas. It works on walkways, driveways, gravel, mulched beds. This product is safe for wells, water systems, and pools. It is not harmful to people, pets, and the environment and kills more than 250 types of weeds. The company offers a 100 % money-back guarantee.

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The Verdict

I found the best weed killer for flower beds is by far the Roundup Extended Control Weed Killer. However, the best choice for you will vary depending on your needs as a buyer and a homeowner. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you find that you need more information.


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