How to Choose the Best Pots for Cactus in 2022

Have you been trying to find the best pots for cactus but cannot find one? Well, that can be quite a bummer! 

Here’s a little unknown fact about cacti – they require equal amounts of attention and thought when choosing a pot for growing cactus. It can be easy to overlook this aspect, given the nature of these plants, prickly thorns and all (if you catch my drift)!

Now, if you wish to buy the best pots for cactus plants in your space, I have something in store for you! Read through the following post and learn everything about choosing the right pot and some best-reviewed pots on the market.

How to Choose the Right Pot for Your Cactus?

Without further ado, let’s answer your queries regarding the best pots for your beloved cactus plant. Here are some factors to keep in mind when shopping for planters.

Cactus are in the right pots


Cacti are known to grow and survive for over 200 years! This strong survival nature gives them the ability to grow without water for a prolonged period. The same adaptation magically works when a cactus is watered too frequently. 

So, the next time when you’re buying a pot for your cactus, ensure these two crucial points:

  • The planter or pot has holes to drain excess water.
  • If the pot doesn’t have drainage holes, ensure that you drill them before placing your plant in the pot.

Drainage of excess water allows the plant to breathe well and doesn’t clog up the bottom of the pot. The roots need space to breathe in the fresh air. 


Now, this factor is one of the essential ones to consider before purchasing a pot. If you love your plants, you’d want them to breathe well when they’re potted. Though there are no bad or good materials, it largely depends on your choices. 

Here are some of the most widely used materials for cactus pots. 

1. Terracotta or Clay

Trust me when I say this, the major reason why clay pots are so widely preferred by plant lovers is that they have a porous texture and nature. Since clay pot drains water relatively quickly, it helps create the perfect atmosphere for your cactus. 

Mentioned below are some pros and cons that you can consider:


  • They are cheaper than other materials and are also very low-maintenance
  • You can easily find them in uniform colors for your home décor


  • They are pretty delicate and can shatter if they hit or crash on a solid surface
  • They are prone to breakage during the winter season

2. Ceramic

This material is every home décor lover’s favorite! Ceramics is a good choice if you’re looking for the best pots for cactus that offer your plant a comfortable fit while adding elegance to your living room! 

However, be extra careful with these pots as they are heavier than the rest. As a result, a ceramic pot is ideal for your small cactus plant but not the bigger ones. 

Ceramic is available in two different types: 

  • Glazed: Glazed ceramics are non-porous materials, making them not an ideal choice for your cactus. There is next to no drainage and moisture available for the plant.
  • Unglazed: These are ideal as the material is adequately porous for the plant, making room for healthy growth.

3. Wood

Wood is another perfect material for your outdoor cactus since it is cold-resistant and holds water for a long period. Additionally, it can even enhance your home décor. You can easily find beautifully crafted wood planters. 

However, you will notice one major drawback to this material. It is easily susceptible to rotting. Therefore, I will suggest that you line the inside of the planter with plastic. 

4. Plastic

If you’re looking for readily available and affordable planters, plastic pot should be your go-to choice. They’re available in many different sizes, shapes, and vibrant colors and patterns. 

However, this material does not provide optimum drainage of excess water. Moreover, it’s also not ideal for outdoor use as the harsh sunlight can damage it. 

5. Metal

Another aesthetic choice for your indoor cactus plants, metal planters enhance your space with their classic look. They’re available in various colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns. Along with being durable, they are also a sustainable choice and can be reused often.

However, they are prone to rust, but by coating a rust-resistant substance every year, you can prevent that from happening. 


This one point is often overlooked when deciding on a pot for cacti. Size is one of the most important factors that determine the health of your cactus. If your plant is placed in a pot with ample space for the right amount of moisture and water to drain, it will thrive!

The pot size must be the same as that of the roots. Measure the roots of your cactus plant. If it has long roots, go for a deeper pot. If they are short but spreading on the sides, go for a wider one as you will also need to leave some space for the roots to grow. 

When choosing the correct size of pot for your cactus plant, ensure that it has 1.2 inches extra width to make your plant feel comfortable in the pot. Ensure the depth is 4-7 inches, depending on the type, shape, and size of the cactus.

5 Best Pots for Cactus Reviews

Now, this section will give you details and insights on the 5 best pots that you can purchase for your cacti. Let’s continue!

1. Terracotta Pots for Plants with Drainage Hole

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These Terracotta Pots for Plants with Drainage Holes are a perfect addition to your family of planters. Available in a pack of two, these clay pots are round in shape and 8.66 inches in size. 

The pots are made of premium terracotta with a touch of modern design. It is made of unglazed clay, which means that your plant will have the best time thriving in it. 

What sets this product apart from the rest is that every pot comes with a drainage hole to drain excess water and retain moisture. 

Along with this, it is designed with a large base to pot multiple other succulents. Hence, placing it outdoors will not be a problem because of a large base as it will not fall off due to wind. 


  • Has an effective drainage hole
  • Made of top-quality terracotta
  • Has a responsive customer service
  • Easy to dye


  • Can be prone to breakage

2. Alchemist Original Cool Family Pots

Alchemist Original Cool Family Pots

If you love decorating your space with vibrant and fancy pots that add elegance to your indoor area, this family of pots is the right choice. They also act as a perfect gift for your family and friends. 

Made of resin material, which is lightweight, durable and recycled which is eco-friendly to the environment.

Purchasing this product will be a perfect addition to any interior space as these pots have a cute and lovely shape. This makes them super efficient for small succulents that you can place on your office desk.

They are also very uniquely designed and very versatile to use. You can use them as a planter and a desk organizer. 


  • Made of premium and eco-friendly material
  • Perfect for gifting purposes
  • Great for plants of all sizes
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • The pots are fragile and can break easily

3. DeeCoo Succulent Pots

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These cute and round pots are perfect for people who love adding multiple succulents together. It comes in a pack of 2, and bamboo trays accompany the pots. 

Made of ceramic, it has a minimal yet attractive design. You can place them on your tabletops to flaunt your cute little succulents. 

These pots come with the perks of a drainage hole at the bottom to ease out the flow of excess water. This is also helpful when you’re watering the plant. 

Since these pots are ideal for indoor use, they come with a bamboo tray for each pot to help catch the excess water from falling beneath. 


  • Comes with an eco-friendly bamboo tray
  • Has a minimalistic design
  • Has an adequate drainage hole
  • Made of high-quality ceramic


  • The bamboo tray requires regular maintenance

4. Owl Succulent Plant Pots

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An ideal gift for your loved ones, or perhaps for your office desk, this product is one of the cutest ones on the market! It comes in a pack of 6 pots with uniquely designed owls in each pot. 

I think decorating your space will be a fun experience with these pots. They’re made of high-quality ceramic and baked at high temperatures.

Each pot in this pack has a uniquely designed owl that adds to the overall aesthetic and makes it an attractive choice. Moreover, the pots are made with high-quality ceramic material.


  • Made of top-quality clay
  • Has a unique design
  • Comes in a pack of 6 pots
  • Can be gifted to loved ones


  • The ceramics are highly fragile

5. OAMCEG Succulent Plant Plots

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This beautiful and elegant set of six pots makes your space look aesthetically pleasing and is one of the best pots for cactus. They have a minimal and attractive design. It adds a perfect balance to any space with its modern design. 

The hexagonal shape makes it different from other products. You can even consider gifting these as a perfect housewarming present to your loved ones. 

The quality of the material is top-notch and will not be damaged or destroyed easily. It provides high stability and durability to the pots. So, deck your space up with these gorgeous and minimal pots!


  • Stylish and modern design
  • Made of ultra-hard quality
  • Comes with a bamboo tray 
  • Can be used for multiple purposes


  • The pots are too small in size

Frequently Asked Questions

Plants are in the best pots for cactus

1. What kind of pots do cacti like?

Cacti usually thrive in permeable pots and allow excess water to drain quickly. This way, your plant will have enough moisture and water to absorb, which will help them grow. 

Whenever you shop for planters next, look for materials like ceramics, plastic, or even hanging pots. Your plants will love growing in these materials. 

You can also contact a professional to help you choose better for your houseplant.

2. Do cacti need pots with holes?

Absolutely, yes! The best pots for cactus and succulents have well-draining holes in them. The cactus soil and water need ample porous space. You can also add gravel and expanded shale at the bottom of the pot to improve drainage. 

Remember never to let your container sit in water or saucer for too long. Additionally, if you do not have holes in your pot, you can choose to drill some for optimum use. This will allow a better transfer of air and moisture to the plant. 

3. Do cacti like big pots?

It is always better to pick pots for cacti that are 10% larger in diameter than the plant itself. Experts recommend going for bigger pots so that your plant can fit in easily.

Your plant will not feel suffocated if the pot is bigger. So, choose a bigger pot regardless of what material you pick for your cactus. 

4. Are terracotta pots good for cacti?

Terracotta is an excellent material for cacti. The pots made from this material are breathable and absorbent. Proper water drainage and air circulation are very effective in helping cacti thrive in a terracotta pot. 

They are also very affordable and are available in a wide range of options for you to choose from. Once you purchase the material, you will see the benefits yourself. 

Bottom Line

Now, you know you must choose a planter for your cactus that is of suitable material and size. Every plant parent wants to see their plants thrive. Potting them in an environment that best suits their growth is essential. 

If you’re a new plant parent, you will find the point mentioned above very helpful for buying the best pots for cactus plants. So, listen to me and skim through this post before purchasing a pot for your favorite cactus. 

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