The Best Outdoor Grow Setup

Growing marijuana outdoors is a highly enjoyable activity. However, it is a challenging task that needs extra effort and time. For all first-time cultivators, you must dive in to look at how to manage the best outdoor grow setup of marijuana. 

You may work with limited resources when growing marijuana outdoors or indoors. Learning the perfect tips and tricks for growing marijuana is the best thing you can do.

Dive in to find out all about growing marijuana outdoors. 

Is It Legal to Grow Weed Outdoors? 

The utmost thing you need to consider about growing the weed outdoors is whether it’s legal or not. You need to analyze all the local laws and risks when growing weed outdoors. The legality of growing weed outdoors varies from country and state if we talk about the US in particular. 

For instance, adults can grow five weed plants within Canada, six within the Netherlands, and unlimited weed in South Africa. In the US, you can grow recreational cannabis.

Advantages of Growing Marijuana Outdoor

Dive in to have a look at the ultimate advantages of growing marijuana outdoor:

Less space: You don’t need much space or a specific space for growing marijuana outdoors. You can grow weed in outdoor space receiving around four to six hours of sunlight each day.

Growing weed is difficult in colder weather but growing some strains is difficult as they don’t adapt rapidly to the outdoor temperatures. 

Cost-effective: It’s cost-effective to grow marijuana outdoor plants. You don’t need any growing setup. For growing weed, you rely on ambient temperature and sunlight. 

Simple to grow marijuana: Growing weed is simple; you don’t need any experience gardening weed. You need to maintain the growing process of weed, check the growth site, put in some extra water, and keep your weed off the pests. 

Lastly, it’s easy to search for locations helping you grow marijuana outdoors. 

Best Outdoor Grow Setup Essentials:

Dive in to have a look at the outdoor growth setup essentials for marijuana:

Grow Lights

Grow lights are great for the speedy growth of marijuana. These lights are brighter and efficient enough to help in blooming the marijuana. Choose the grow lights that come in full-spectrum, including yellow, blue, red, white, and more similar to sunlight. 

You can opt for Giixer 1000W LED Grow Light, which has a dual switch and full-spectrum LED lights.

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Grow House/Room

Grow house/ room also works great for growing marijuana outdoors. These grow rooms block any light from escaping giving a perfect boost to marijuana growth. 

Choose a grow house that is sturdy, durable, and highly reliable for growing marijuana. Get your hands on the grow house, which is easy to observe, easy to install, and much more for a perfect outdoor weed growing experience. You can choose  VIVOSUN 48″ x 48″ x 80″ Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent. This grow room comes with an observation window with a floor tray allowing you to grow marijuana.

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Marijuana grown from seeds offers more food. Plant these seeds in the garden at times of cold, wet weather. Then, plant during springtime or start growing them indoors, and once they are hard, you can transplant them in the ground. 

For marijuana, get your hands on the feminized seeds or choose auto-flowering seeds for growing outside. Such plants start growing once they mature. During temperate climate, it gives you two crops during a year. You can easily plant a crop during late winters or early spring, or the beginning of summer. 

Healthy marijuana seeds are dark; they are young and firm. You need to choose the seed type based on the climate zone. 

Grow Media

A growing media for the cannabis plants is where the weed plant develops the roots. Many cultivators keep the cannabis plant growth simple within the soil in pots. The potting soil must contain phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen nutrients, like FoxFarm soil is a good choice.

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You must know that there is no such best way of growing marijuana plants. Every growing medium listed below comes with pros and cons. Apart from it, marijuana growth also depends on the grower’s preference and resources. 

The plants should be capable of accessing the nutrients, water, oxygen, and much more for the good growth of marijuana. 

You can explore several growing mediums. Here are some of the commonly used ones:

Soil/ compost – if you want a simple medium with natural nutrients. 

Coco/ perlite – if you are an experienced marijuana grower who is confident enough to grow in soil. You can opt for growing in coco/ perlite as it has several advantages. However, it’s quite easy to grow in soil. 

Hydroponic system – Are you seeking to choose the fastest growing media for marijuana opt for the hydroponic system? This system offers huge yield and complete control over the growth. You can use inert growing media with a hydroponic system, including perlite, clay pebbles, or Rockwool.


For growing marijuana plants, you need to place them in containers, you can choose VIVOSUN plant grow bags if your space does not have a great soil quality. If you have less space, add containers on the roof, patio, or deck and grow the marijuana plants. 

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You can easily move the containers all over the day, taking advantage of sunlight or the grow lights while shielding them against wind or heat. 

It’s just that the marijuana grown in containers is smaller compared to in the garden. 

You can place small to medium-sized plants in the 5-gallon pots while big plants in 10-gallon pots. 

Some marijuana containers include:

  • Flower pots
  • Air pots
  • Fabric pots
  • Hempy Buckets


Plants need many nutrients; the same goes for marijuana plants. The essential nutrients include phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. You need to add more nutrients if your soil comes with different composition. 

Choose an inexpensive fertilizer like FoxFarm liquid nutrient trio soil formula that releases quick nutrients for your marijuana plants.

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Best Outdoor Grow Setup Location

For the best outdoor growth setup for marijuana, dive in to have a look:


Marijuana plants need direct, full sunlight for around 6 hours each day. For growing weed in the backyard, make sure that the plants get full sunlight the entire day.

Marijuana plants should receive as much sunlight as possible. Make sure to give them sunlight during midday when sunlight is not right. At the seasonal change, plants receive less light, triggering the flowering stage. 

Temperature and Humidity

You should keep humidity levels between 30% and 40%. It will help you to get the optimized yield, appearance, and flavor from the plant. COLZER Dehumidifiers help you get rid of the excess moisture and keep your area maintained for growing marijuana. 

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As far as the temperature is concerned, it can vary between 70 °F and 80 °F. 


Marijuana plants need healthy water for proper growth. For greater results of marijuana growth, you need to expose them to rainwater. You also need to water the plants in high amounts if you grow marijuana in minimal rainfall and warm climates.

However, make sure you don’t overwater the plants as this is detrimental to your plant’s health. For growing marijuana plants in dry, hot climates, consider digging the drainage in the growth site with clay-rich soil. 


Marijuana plants need a slight breeze, especially in humid and hot climates. In harsh winds, the marijuana plants get damaged. You need to install a windbreak for growing outdoor marijuana. 

Tips For Grow Setup

To help you grow marijuana, we have listed down the tips for growth set up too:

Understand Growth Stages

To grow a marijuana plant, you need around 4 to 8 months. Get familiar with their growth stages, so that you can better take care and manage the plant’s growth.

Cannabis Growth Stages

Outdoor Grow Privacy and Security

When growing marijuana plants outdoors, you need to maintain security and privacy. If you are growing marijuana outside, you need to maintain the local regulations and grow it in a secure location. 

Most outdoor growers like discreet gardens so that no trespassers or annoying neighbors are poking their noses in the marijuana field. 

If you have neighbors, make sure to grow trees, tall fences, or shrubs offering discretion to the weed field. 

Disguise your marijuana plants through pruning in a non-typical fashion or make use of plants like jasmine, lavender, staghorn sumac, or more for hiding weed. 

You can also opt for an outdoor structure or greenhouse for hiding the cannabis plants. 

Cheaper Ways for Indoor Grow Setup

The cheapest indoor marijuana growth setup includes LED grow light positioned above the plants in a fabric pot, allowing plants to breathe without being overwatered. Pots should be placed in the saucer for collecting all runoff water. 

Your plants don’t need a designated room to grow well. You can place marijuana plants in any part of your home with lights hanging on them from the ceiling. Put your marijuana plant in such a place where it can enjoy natural sunlight, increasing LED lights’ effect. 

Cannabis or marijuana plants are more prone to attract mites or pests, so it’s ideal for keeping them in a clean area. Make use of diatomaceous earth for the soil plus natural shine on leaves. 

You can also invest in pots that come with the right tool for setting up the space. Choose a post with high-quality soil; watering can, scissors and magnifier for successful growth of the plants. 


Growing marijuana is a simpler task if you follow the tips and tricks. Let the natural factors take over the growth course and keep the right conditions maintained at all times. Then, you can grow them outdoors and indoors easily with minimal experience by using the right cannabis seeds. 

Your growing setup does not need to be extra expensive; you can invest in a cheaper growing setup and enjoy growing weed. There is no need for extra equipment or worrying about light, water, nutrients, or anything else. 

Just invest in the grow lights, grow house/ room, and the right soil choice if you plan on growing cannabis indoors. 

Hope this guide helps you grow the perfect marijuana in your own space with excellent results. 

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