8 Best Organic Lawn Fertilizer – Buying Guide & FAQs

Creating high-quality grass requires you to fully understand the different ways you can enhance its overall appearance and make it stronger for longer. For instance, you must understand the many types of organic lawn fertilizers on the market. Doing so will ensure that you are satisfied with your organic lawn care service.

Thankfully, the best organic lawn fertilizer is available for many buyers. We took a look at dozens of different fertilizers on the market. We then narrowed it down to just 8 of the best options. When you are done reading, you will know exactly which fertilizer helps without causing fertilizer burn.

10 Best Organic Lawn Fertilizer Reviewed

#1. Andersons Innova Premium Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Like the first non-chemical fertilizer on our list, this option comes from plants. It uses an all-natural formula free from animal parts or manure. Instead, it mostly comes from soy and soy-related products. The unique blend here includes amino acids and extended-release nitrogen. These compounds help to fuel plant growth by making your soil healthier. We found this option created a very stable soil blend.

It possesses NPK values of 7-1-2, making it very rich in nitrogen. We suggest it for soils low in this nutrient to get the best results. However, we also find that it works well with other soil options when blended with other fertilizers. That said, it does have a few limitations to consider.


  • Does not smell that bad
  • Perfect for nitrogen-deficient soil
  • Plant-based compound


  • Could be weak on other types of soil
  • Relatively slow acting

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#2. Safer Brand Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Our tests found that this natural fertilizer is best for all-year growth. When applied to healthy soil, it helps with drought, heat, and cold. When appropriately applied, it provides a very green turf that is perfect for lawn repair. With a nitrogen-rich NFK rating of 9-0-2, this plant food is best used for rapid growth. The potassium does help to boost the root strength for a healthy lawn. As a result, your grass will grow fast and strong without inorganic fertilizers.

We also liked this slow release fertilizer. When used correctly, this feed fertilizer will last for up to eight weeks. That slow-release rate allows the nutrients to absorb more fully. Therefore, we suggest this option for those who want fast results with long-lasting benefits.


  • Contains animal products (for those that want them)
  • Works in less than a week
  • It only requires three applications


  • Contains no phosphorus
  • Smells pretty bad

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#3. Simple Lawn Solutions Extreme Grass Growth Liquid

Simple Lawn stands out with its unique NFK formula. Its blend is 6-19-0, meaning it has more phosphorus and potassium than other options. These two nutrients help support grass and plant root growth. In this way, this fertilizer helps to make grass stronger and longer-lasting. We suggest this option for those who want their grass to last as long as possible.

We also like that this product derives its ingredients from plants like seaweeds. Nutrient-rich plants like these boost growth as much as possible. We suggest this blend for St. Augustine, zoysia, and centipede grasses. You should see results as quickly as overnight.


  • Very easy dispenser
  • Almost immediate results
  • Large application area


  • Lacks potent animal products
  • Still smells

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#4. Espoma All-Season Organic Lawn Fertilizer

This product comes in fall, spring, and summer variations, and the all-season option reviewed here. Choose the season in which you want a nitrogen fertilizer with the best results. The NFK values will vary depending on this factor. For example, the fall compound comes mostly from poultry manure. This mixture gives it an NFK rating of 8-0-6. As a result, you can expect fast grass growth and strong roots.

We found the granules of this product were very easy to spread. All you need is a fertilizer spreader to move it around your lawn. We also loved the chemical-free nature. In our tests, we discovered that it was safe for children and pets in small exposures.


  • Formulated for special seasons
  • Chemical-free design
  • Utilizes high-quality nitrogen


  • Potent scent
  • High price

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#5. Milorganite Organic Lawn Fertilizer

When golf courses favor a fertilizer, you know it is worth your time. Over the years, this option has become heavily used on golf greens around the world. This fertilizer is one of the few on this list that uses sewage. And it is hard to deny the results it produces. When used correctly, this option will create vibrant and green grass. Dense grass growths may also develop.

Its heat-dried mixture uses microbes designed to boost grass growth. And it uses slow-release nitrogen in its 5-2-0 NFK formula. So what’s the best deal? Slow-release nitrogen helps this fertilizer last for 10 weeks. This long-lasting formula helps to save you money by decreasing your application frequency.


  • It contains a stable level of iron
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Very easy to apply


  • Acts pretty slowly
  • Can be costly

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#6. Purely Organic Lawn Food

Do you want a nitrogen-rich formula with no phosphorous? Then this 10-0-2 blend is for you. This high nitrogen level is one of the strongest on the list. And its ingredient list is also quite diverse. We like the many types of food waste blended into this formula. Each provides high-quality nutrients for your grass. If you want a fast-acting fertilizer, this option is a great one for you.

We also like how much fertilizer you get in each bag. When properly applied, it will cover a 5,000 square-foot area. That’s a massive benefit for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money. And this fertilizer is reasonably safe for children and pets. As a result, you don’t have to wait a long time before letting them loose.


  • It doesn’t smell awful
  • Lacks burning phosphorus
  • Spreads without clumping


  • The smell is still quite strange
  • Works best with rainy weather

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#7. Simple Lawn Solutions Organic Lawn Fertilizer

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, most organic fertilizers are high in nitrogen. However, no other blend meets the nitrogen levels of this fertilizer. Are you ready to be shocked? High Nitrogen Lawn Food has an NFK blend of 28-0-0. That means it contains 28 percent nitrogen in its bag. And 70 percent of this nitrogen is quick-release. As a result, fewer fertilizers will produce such immediate results.

While we love this element, we find it is also a drawback. Though the slow-release nitrogen in this mix does help with long-term growth, there’s only minimal root support. We suggest this option for those who just planted a new lawn and who want quick results.


  • Noticeable results within a week
  • Helps with hard and compacted soils
  • Highest nitrogen content on the market


  • A bit one dimensional
  • The package doesn’t cover a vast area

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#8. Dr. Earth Super Natural Liquid Lawn Fertilizer

This ready-to-use fertilizer is one of the easiest to use on this list. Make sure to focus on areas that need fertilizer the most. We specifically suggest this fertilizer for new lawns. With an 3-0-1 NPK blend, it will produce fast growth and strong roots. We also like that this fertilizer contains a large number of pre-biotics in its mix.

Pre-biotics help your growth by boosting microorganism growth. These organisms help support grass strength and overall lawn health. With a complete lack of sewage sludge or manure, we also find this to be one of the least stinky fertilizer options. Choose this fertilizer if you want a fresh smell on your lawn.


  • Pre-biotics help with fast-acting growth
  • Safe to handle and spread
  • Speedy acting


  • Some struggles with the bottle operation
  • It doesn’t enhance root growth

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The Types of Fertilizer Available

lawn care with lawn mower

A non-synthetic lawn fertilizer comes in one of three different types. These include animal, plant, and sewage sludge varieties. Each provides additional benefits that make them worth consideration. Yes, even sewage sludge can enhance your garden! Read on to learn more about which is right for you.

Animal Options – Helps With Quick Growth

Animal-based lawn feed products utilizes bone meal, corn gluten meal, feather meal, blood, and manure. These soil microbes and organic material types are gross but provide a large number of nutrients. Typically, animal-based fertilizers are best for fast growth. They contain a large amount of nitrogen that releases very quickly.

However, these organic fertilizers can burn grass roots if used too heavily. And some may attract animals that may feed on your grass. Make sure to choose the best option for your needs carefully. Tweak your purchase based on the nutrients you need and the amount of fertilizer you use.

We suggest using this option on new lawns that need some nutrient boosts. Apply it on bare spots of your yard to get the best results. Try to spread it as thinly as possible to avoid burning. No more than an inch of animal-based fertilizer is necessary for this application process.

Plant Options – Best for Soil Conditioning

Many farmers focus on plant-based fertilizers for conditioning their soil. These compounds usually contain more phosphorus and potassium. However, they can also be changed up to provide more nitrogen. In most cases, they possess more balanced NFK values.

Most plant-based fertilizers come from various plants composted over extended periods. However, some fertilizers also contain kelp, alfalfa, and cottonseed. Some even have seaweed, which is a very nutrient-dense plant. Please read the label on your bag to discover what plants were used in its creation.

We suggest using this fertilizer on well-established grass. Spread it no more than one-inch thick across your lawn. We also recommend this fertilizer if your yard struggles with water retention. Plant-based fertilizers retain water more effectively and keep a lawn in great shape.

Sewage Sludge – Better Than Its Name Suggests

Though it sounds unappealing, this fertilizer has benefits. Also known as biosolids, this fertilizer contains composted sewage. The composition process helps to make this safe to handle and use. As a result, you won’t have to worry about cross-contamination on your property.

Biosolids do possess the worst smell of any of these three fertilizers. However, it contains balanced NFK levels, albeit one rich in nitrogen. We suggest using this option as a good middle between animal and plant fertilizers. It provides a bit of the benefit from both and minimizes their deficiencies.

Note that you cannot use this fertilizer for edible plants. The USDA has ruled against allowing this type of fertilizer here due to its origination. Some may contain human hormones and other elements even after composting. However, you can easily use it on your turf grass for a high dose of various nutrients. Some even help with weed control.

Know What Your Nutrients Do

Nitrogen is essential for promoting fast-growing plants with a solid green color. Phosphorous-based conventional fertilizer helps with root systems and boosts long-term growth. Potassium also helps boost root strength and protects plants from extreme conditions. Always perform a soil test for these nutrient deficiencies before fertilizing. Find a soil testing kit at a nearby garden shop. Test grass seed, grass clippings, and soil structure in spring, summer, and fall before you fertilize.


organic lawn ferilizer test

Why are some organic grass fertilizer products free of phosphorus?

Though this compound is excellent for most types of plant roots, it is water-soluble. As a result, it may quickly run in the rain and is often discouraged in many fertilizers.

Are lawn grass fertilizers automatically better?

Organic fertilizers don’t add chemicals to your lawn and protect microorganisms. Though artificial types have higher NFK values, organic fertilizers are safer to use.

When is it necessary to apply organic fertilizers?

Try to add fertilizer to your lawn on warm days when the weather is sunny. Choose your fertilizer based on the season, with high-nitrogen types being best for spring use.

What are NPK values?

Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NFK) refer to the balance of these nutrients in your soil. Nitrogen supports fasts growth, phosphorus boosts lifespan, and potassium helps grass roots.

What’s the difference between natural and organic?

Natural products contain a large number of natural products but may still have chemicals. By contrast, organic products only have natural ingredients.

Our Verdict

As you can see, the best organic lawn fertilizer will vary depending on your needs. Though we believe Andersons Innova Premium Organic Lawn Fertilizer is the best on the market, make sure to read through all of these options a few times before choosing. Also, make sure to pay attention to your lawn’s particular needs. Often, your soil will be deficient in nutrients due to excessive growth. Boosting these chemical levels will help make your lawn stronger for longer.


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