6 Best Grass For Florida – Reviews & Guide

Are you looking for the best grass for Florida lawns? And are you sick of buying inferior seeds that don’t take? Then you should read our guide. We tested and reviewed six of the best seed types on the market. And we found that Jonathan Green 10322 Black Beauty is the best overall choice for Florida lawns. However, there are five other options that you may enjoy. So read on to learn more about your options.

Our Top 3 Best Grass For Florida

1) Best Overall: Jonathan Green 10322 Black Beauty Ultra Grass Seed

2) Runner Up: Scotts Turf Builder Bermudagrass Grass Seed

3) Best Budget Buy: Scotts Turf Builder Fescue Lawns Grass Seed

6 Best Grass for Florida Lawns Reviewed

#1. Jonathan Green 10322 Black Beauty Ultra Grass Seed

We choose this grass as our top option for a few reasons. First of all, you can cover up to 2,800 square feet with a single bag. We also liked the mix of fescues, Kentucky bluegrass, and perennial ryegrass. Our tests found that this combination produced a vibrant color that was perfect for many lawns.

And we found the grass leaves held onto moisture quite well. No other grass seed produced the high-quality look we wanted. Even better, it works well for just about any Florida temperature zone.


  • It works well on all Florida lawns
  • It thrives in partial shade conditions
  • It works well in clay soil types common in Florida


  • The price may be high for the amount you get
  • It may be hard to find in some areas

check price and availability on Amazon

#2. Scotts Turf Builder Bermudagrass Grass Seed

Those homeowners who want a very fine-bladed texture will enjoy this seed. Bermuda grass is a popular option throughout Florida soil. This popularity is due to its simple consistency and ease of maintenance with all soil condition types.

With little work, your grass will spread fast throughout your typical bermudagrass lawn. This speed is boosted even more by the WaterSmart PLUS coating. This patented product absorbs two times more water than other seeds. As a result, they’ll grow faster and achieve a better spread with pasture grass. Be prepared for frequent mowing.


  • A diverse range of bag sizes
  • It works well against heat and drought
  • It resists pests, like mole cricket invasions


  • It may spread too fast for some users
  • It can be hard to balance on some lawns properly

check price and availability on Amazon

#3. Scotts Turf Builder Fescue Lawns Grass Seed

Fescue grass is one of the most heat-resistant types on the market today. It creates a very diverse and lush lawn that will look great for years to come. And this mix is a great budget option for homeowners. It tolerates partial shade and full sun with ease. And it resists heat and drought with minimal troubles.

Our tests found it could successfully seed up to 750 square feet. We suggest it for those with smaller lawns. However, we also recommend it for those who want a specific green. This grass will be pretty bright and requires a lot of water to stay healthy.


  • It is very reasonably priced for the budget-minded
  • It works surprisingly well considering the price
  • It produces solid and hardy grass growths


  • It requires quite a bit of water
  • It covers only a small portion of large lawns

check price and availability on Amazon

#4. Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed

Zoysia is a trendy ornamental grass type throughout Florida. It is very dense, hardy, and beautiful. And Zenith’s zoysia is the best option for Florida lawns. A Zenith Zoysia grass lawn is excellent for home lawn designs and commercial landscape projects. We also believe it works best for flower bed designs and golf courses. Its hardiness level is perfect for Florida lawns in just about every area.

We suggest this grass for those who want very dense growth. Make sure that you’re ready to mow at least once a week during the prime growing seasons. Don’t forget to add a safe amount of water every day. You typically want the soil to be damp without being drenched. When it rains, you need not water the lawn.


  • It creates a very dense lawn
  • It has a high drought tolerance
  • It also works as a cool-season grass


check price and availability on Amazon

#5. Outsidepride Blue Grama Native Grass Seed

This grass resists droughts and high-heat conditions very well, making it an excellent choice for most Florida lawns. And it can resist burning, a common problem in Florida areas. Though our tests found that this grass does not grow fast, it does spread steadily. We suggest this option for patient growers. You might not see sustainable grass for several months after planting. But this grass does help maximize your erosion control.

In this way, it’s an excellent long-term grass option for Florida yards. We suggest it for young growers who want a challenging lawn. Its unique facets make it perfect for this age group and growing personality.


  • Very reasonable price
  • A diverse range of bag options
  • Produces a great color


  • It may not do well in direct sun
  • It does not grow very quickly

check price and availability on Amazon

#6. Pennington Smart Seed Sun and Shade Grass Seed

We loved this Florida grass seed because of its unique combination of different grasses. You’ll get tall fescue, perennial ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, and fine fescue. When planted properly, it is perfect for areas that get between 4-6 hours of direct sunlight every day. A seven-pound bag should cover at least up to 2,330 square feet on an existing lawn.

However, it will plant just 770 square feet on a new lawn with no grass. We found this grass quite resistant to drought conditions and high heat levels. As a result, it is an excellent choice for South Florida lawns. However, it can work quite well in most mid-range areas. Make sure to regularly water this turf grass variety.



  • The large bag may be hard to handle
  • It may only work well as a warm-season grass

check price and availability on Amazon

Preparing Your Soil Before Growing Grass

the best grass for florida

The most challenging part about choosing grass seed for a Florida lawn is knowing how to prepare the soil. You also need to make sure that you maximize your growing window. Unfortunately, Florida’s soil is not great for grass for many reasons. Geological and geographical limitations make grass hard to grow here. As a result, it is a good idea to get a pH test done before you plant any seeds.

This test will give you an idea of the nutrient levels of your soil. You may end up having inferior soil that needs limestone or other additives. Take your test to a professional to have them examine it. These experts will give you a better understanding of what you need to do. They’ll provide the insight necessary to ensure that your grass grows smoothly.

After this step, it is essential to clean your yard as much as possible. Start by going through and removing weeds, rocks, and other debris items. , you’ll need to get rid of sticks and other items that may mess up grass growth. We suggest a good round or two of herbicide to get rid of weeds. Most herbicides should last for the growing season when you apply them early enough.

Add your soil enhancements and then till your yard. You’ll need to till at least 6-8 inches deep wherever you plan on growing seeds. Any shallower and the roots of your grass won’t take hold well enough. After tilling, rake the lawn to help smooth out the soil. The soil should be as even as possible but tilled for easy planting. Water the ground until it is damp and keep it moist for several inches deep.

Now, you can spread your seeds on the tilled soil. It is best to do it early in the spring before the weather gets too hot. Make sure to regularly water the grass to keep the soil wet. Try to avoid walking directly on any seed to prevent damaging it. By the time summer comes around, your grass should be in great shape. Water it during droughts to avoid any long-term damage to the roots.

Our Verdict

If you want the best grass for Florida lawns, you can’t do any better than Jonathan Green 10322 Black Beauty. However, you may also find grass seeds that suit your lawn type and soil better than this option. This includes Empire Zoysia, St. Augustine Grass, and Seashore Paspalum. That’s why we suggest looking through the different options here with care and attention. Ensure that you take the time to examine all of your lawn grass and choose seeds that feel right for you. Pay attention to your soil type, shade tolerance, and pests like chinch bug invasions as well.


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