10 Best Gas Leaf Blower – Buying Guide & FAQs

This is our review of the best gas leaf blower in 2021.

Cleaning up yard for the fallen leaves can be a headache. It’s necessarily to get the right leaf blower which can offer both good power and convenience to tackle your job. Compared with corded leaf blower, gas leaf blower is more powerful and can get the job done faster. To make things easier, We reviewed 10 best gas leaf blowers in market and summarized detailed buyer’s guide to help you make the right choices.

Let’s get started.

Our Top 3 Gas Leaf Blower

1, Best Overall: Poulan Pro PR48BT Backpack Gas Leaf Blower

2, Runner-up: Makita BHX2500CA 4-Stroke Gas Leaf Blower

3, Best Budget Buy: Craftsman B215 Gas Leaf Blower

10 Best Gas Leaf Blower Reviewed

#1. Poulan Pro PR48BT Backpack Gas Leaf Blower

The Poulan Pro PR48BT is a backpack leaf blower of 48cc engine capacity. Such a large engine volume pushes air at 475 CFM at the rate of 200mph. It channels the high blowing force through an extended nozzle thus giving easy blowing work. 

At 22lbs it feels light as a backpack blower. Its adjustable shoulder strap distributes the weight making it lighter. Also, it features variable throttle control. 

Thus you can adjust the blowing to suit the work intensity you are handling. And when you use the Poulan Pro premixed 2 stroke oil it optimizes lubrication and extends the engine life. 

What We Liked:

  • Lightweight at 22lbs
  • An adjustable strap makes it easy to adjust the fit
  • The extended nozzle provides an easy reach of the leaves
  • Variable speed

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It has no extra set of the nozzle extension
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#2. Makita BHX2500CA 4-Stroke Gas Leaf Blower

Makita BHX2500CA product shot

The Makita BHX2500CA is a 24.5 cc 4 stroke leaf blower that suits heavy commercial duties. At full speed, it forces out 358 CFM of wind at an air speed of 145mph. 

Switch it on, and it produces sound at 67db and feels 9.4lbs light. Therefore it’s compact, easy to carry, and won’t wake up the neighbor as you blow away leaves at dawn. 

For the convenience of long hours of leaf blowing, you don’t have to keep pressing on the throttle switch. The cruise control switch is easy to reach and locks at any desired position. Compared to other models, it’s 60 percent fuel-efficient. 

Accessing the frequently reached parts is straightforward. As a bonus, the package offers long nozzles, round nozzles, and a tool kit. 

What We Liked:

  • Automatic engine decompression delivers quick starts
  • EPA II and CARB III exhaust emission compliant
  • Two-year warranty on its fuel emission-related parts
  • Relatively quiet motor
  • Large 17.7ounce gas tank

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Some replacement parts are hard to get
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#3. Craftsman B215 Gas Leaf Blower

It’s a blend of lightweight, power, and convenience that defines Craftsman B215 Gas Leaf Blower. The 2 cycle, 25cc handheld blower weighs 11lbs. Hence it’s easy to maneuver and causes less fatigue. 

At an optimum performance, it propels 430 CFM of air at 200mph. Such a blowing force drives out wet leaves from the lawn and yard. Its variable speed throttle allows you to control fuel consumption and noise level.

Since it has a scrapper, you can easily dislodge stuck debris and wet leaves before blowing. Moreover, its extended nozzle reaches out to leaves hidden in otherwise difficult to remove places. Considering it has a translucent tank, keeping a check of gas consumption is easy. 

What We Liked:

  • Easy to start in 3 steps
  • Simple to swap nozzle
  • Effortlessly dislodges stuck debris and leaves
  • Supported by a two-year warranty
  • Causes very minimal fatigue on the arms

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Produces significant vibrations
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#4. Echo PB-770T Backpack Gas Leaf Blower

Unlike an electric blower, the Echo backpack blower drives a constant 756CFM at an airspeed of 234mph. It derives such enormous power from its large engine displacement of 63.3cc. It, therefore, makes it a viable commercial leaf blower. Accordingly, it delivers an impressive job on lawn debris more than most STIHL brands. 

Its noise level of 73db can’t match that of the Hitachi RB24EAP.  But its blowing force is impressive. When pilling up leaves before using a leaf vacuum, you can set its variable speed throttle to a safe level. 

From its see-through fuel tank of 68.3oz, you can gauge when you need to refuel. At 28lbs, the backpack blower is heavier than the average handheld leaf blower. But its padded backrest and shoulder straps minimize the discomfort it causes. Furthermore, it still thrives on the high mobility of a gas blower.

 What We Liked:

  • Padded shoulder straps and backrest 
  • The relatively low noise level
  • Ultra-flexible blowing tube
  • Cruise control lever mounted on the blowing tube
  • Ideal for extensive demanding jobs
  • EPA compliance

What We didn’t Like:

  • Lacks gutter cleaning accessories
check price and availability on Amazon

#5. Echo PB-580T Backpack Gas Leaf Blower

Wear it on your back, and the Echo PB-580T Backpack blower feels comfortable. The 58.2cc gas-powered blower has a padded backrest and comfy shoulder straps. 

Moreover, the 22.6lbs lightweight leaf blower has an automotive-style air filter. So, that awards the Echo leaf blower improved filtration and lengthens the engine’s life. 

At maximum, it can blow 510 CFM at an airspeed of 215MPH making it more powerful than the Echo PB 250LN. Thus it dislodges even stubborn debris. 

Added to its large fuel tank capacity of 62oz, it can serve as a commercial leaf blower for clearing yard debris. Surprisingly it produces about 70db sound level. Therefore it almost sounds quiet as an electric model. 

When a leaf blocks the tube, its leaf guard safety feature prevents overheating of the engine. At the end of the blowing tube, it has a metal ring that boosts its sturdiness. 

What We Liked:

  • It’s a high power engine
  • The translucent gas tank allows easy monitoring of fuel level
  • Runs quietly
  • Overheating safety protection

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Has some plastic parts
check price and availability on Amazon

#6. Husqvarna 150BT Gas Leaf Blower

Husqvarna 150BT Gas Leaf Blower product shot

The Husqvarna 150BT is a backpack leaf blower that boasts an engine capacity of 50.2cc. Though it’s a gas powered leaf blower, it feels relatively light at 22.5lbs. Furthermore, its shoulder straps conveniently spread out the weight. 

It generates an air speed of 434 CFM at 251MPH. Subsequently, the Husqvarna 150BT has enough power to blow grass clippings and pine needles. Also, it uses the X-torque engine technology. Hence it cuts exhaust emissions by 60 percent and boosts fuel consumption by 20 percent. 

Between the engine and chassis, the Husqvarna integrates an effective dampening system. Thus it greatly minimizes the vibrations. Its fuel tank capacity rests at 42.27fl oz. That provides long hours of work without constant stops to refuel. 

What We Liked:

  • Ergonomic controls
  • Reliable starting system
  • Straps distribute the weight correctly
  • Variable speed throttle delivers easy work
  • Automatic resetting start switch

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Its manual booklet is hard to follow

check price and availability on Amazon

#7. Husqvarna 952711925 125B Handheld Gas Leaf Blower

Husqvarna 952711925 product shot

For an ultra-light handheld blower that’s equally powerful, Husqvarna 125B is the way to go. At 9.4lbs, it is lightweight and doesn’t strain your arms. However, the 28cc blower propels out 425 CFM of air at 170mph. So it’s compact but doesn’t disappoint on the job. 

By adjusting its blowing tube length, you can reach out to leaves further away without bending extremely. Also, the Husqvarna handheld leaf blower features a variable throttle speed. That puts you in control of the blowing force to unleash and gas consumed. 

Switch it on, and the 1.1HP engine runs at 94db sound level. Hence it’s relatively quiet such that you don’t need to wear any sound blocking device. The 16.9fl oz. gas tank and auto return stop switch add to its convenience of use. 

What We Liked:

  • Easy to maneuver due to lightweight of 9.4lbs
  • Two years warranty
  • Low noise at 94db
  • Intuitive controls

What We Didn’t Like:

  • High suction power that may pull your cloth
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#8. Remington RM430 Hero Gas Leaf Blower

When it comes to lightness, the Remington RM430 handheld model almost rivals a cordless leaf blower. But the 12.2lbs lightweight blower boasts an air velocity of 200mph at 430CFM. So when a wheeled blower gives you a hard time, try the Remington RM430 handheld model. 

The Remington handheld leaf blower then channels the high air stream through an extended nozzle. As a result, it gives focused blowing and reaches even otherwise hard to access places. When you meet hard debris, its leaf scraper loosens them effortlessly. 

Though it features a manual pull start system, it incorporates quick start technology. That means it requires little effort. Its variable speed throttle allows you to engage the correct blowing force to either dry or wet leaves. 

What We Liked:

  • Reliable starting system requiring less effort
  • It’s backed up by a 2-year warranty
  • A built-in scraper removes hard debris easily
  • Lightweight blower

What we didn’t like:

  • Straining to use on large yards
check price and availability on Amazon

#9. Schröder SR-6400L Gas Leaf Blower 

For a backpack leaf blower that offers a longer blowing time, the 63.3cc Schröder SR-6400L makes a viable choice. It drives out a 920 CFM stream of air at a speed of 230mph. The industrial-grade 3.5hp backpack blower is light at 19.5lbs. 

By using thick padded shoulder, chest, and waist straps, the blower feels comfortable to carry at the back. Moreover, the package provides both flat and round nozzles. 

Besides, its gas tank of 60fl oz. supports about 2 hours of uninterrupted blowing. For extended leaf blowing exercise, its lockable throttle switch minimizes strain on the fingers.

What We Liked:

  • Backed up by 5-year warranty
  •  It has a large gas tank of about 2 hours runtime
  •  Thick padded shoulder straps boost comfort 
  •  Well-built to last

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The throttle return spring is relatively stiff thus requires more pressure
check price and availability on Amazon

#10. Husqvarna 965877502 350BT Gas Leaf Blower

The Husqvarna 965877502 350BT picks on an x-torque engine of 50.22cc capacity. Its 2.1HP engine drives a large volume of air; 692.17CFM at 180MPH. Added to its large 42.27fl oz. gas tank, it forms a viable commercial styled leaf blower. 

Even though the Husqvarna weighs 22.5lbs, it has an ergonomic harness system. The wide padded straps spread out the weight, fit most operators, and therefore feel comfortable. Depending on the job requirement, you can adjust the blowing tube length and throttle speed to suit your needs. 

Its x-torque engine technology minimizes exhaust emissions by 60 percent and boosts fuel efficiency by 20 percent. 

What We Liked:

  • Adjustable soft-grip handle
  • Changeable tube length
  • Air purge function gives easy startups 
  • Minimized vibrations
  • Two-year warranty

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Slightly louder at 104db
check price and availability on Amazon

Tips For Choosing The Best Gas Leaf Blower

A gas powered leaf blower has greater flexibility of use than a corded leaf blower having a limiting extension cord. So to get the best gas leaf blower, we recommend that you consider the following vital points.

a man is using a gas leaf blower

Know the Different Types of Gas Blowers 

Handheld Blower

A handheld blower is simple, lightweight, and thus strain-free to hold by the handle. Owing to such design, they are portable. On average, a handheld blower weighs around 10lbs. 

You can’t carry such weight comfortably all day long. Accordingly, the blowers make an ideal choice for medium and small garden owners. 

Backpack Blower

These types of gas blowers have shoulder, chest, and waist straps. With the help of such bands, you easily position it over your back. Compared to a handheld model, the backpack blower delivers more power and is heavier. So they make the best choice for medium or large lawns. 

Wheeled Blowers

A wheeled blower makes the best choice for extra-large yards just like a wheeled lawn mower. An average wheeled blower is heavier than a backpack blower but delivers more horsepower. Homeowners with vast gardens surrounded by trees can thus benefit from wheeled blowers. 

Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) and Miles Per Hour (MPH) Ratings

The CFM represents the volume of air flowing out of the blower. Thus it influences the number of leaves you can blow at ago. 

On the other hand, MPH is the rating for the air velocity leaving the blower tube. Therefore the two ratings determine how much and how fast the blower can push the leaves. Nevertheless, the blower tube diameter also counts. 

Fuel Tank Capacity

At one time, you will have to stop and refuel the gas blower. A fuel tank of small capacity means you will run out of gas very quickly. Think of stopping every few minutes, taking the backpack blower off your back, refueling, and wearing it again. Choosing a gas tank of at least 40 fluid ounces helps to avoid such inconvenience. 

Variable Speed

The blowing force needed to collect dry leaves is different from that of wet debris. Applying excessive blowing force when piling dry leaves scatters them away. A variable speed throttle is thus a vital feature. Remember, you won’t need full-throttle speed all the time. 


Some reputed brands offer additional attachment accessories to go with the best gas leaf blower. The accessories include a segmental nozzle and vacuum bag. Other attachments also include accessories that make cleaning gutters simple. It can also transform the equipment into a leaf blower vacuum. 

Noise Intensity

Even the best gas leaf blower runs louder than a corded leaf blower. However, gas blowers differ in the sound level they produce. So prioritize a blower with a low sound level of about 70 decibels or less. Note that 2 cycle engines are noisier than 4 cycle engines. 

Four Cycle or Two-Cycle Engines

Besides the noise intensity they produce, 2 stroke and 4 stroke leaf blowers differ in the oiling system. A two-cycle engine requires that you mix gas and oil in an exact ratio. Also, it produces more fumes. So, you’ll have to exercise caution on the type and ratio of oil you use.

On the other hand, a four-cycle engine has separate tanks for oil and gas. Furthermore, it runs quietly though relatively slightly inefficient. 


How Long Do Gas Leaf Blowers Last? 

It mostly depends on how strictly you follow its recommended maintenance practices. That includes changing oil, cleaning the filter, and winterizing at the right time. If you follow that correctly, it should last you about 10 years. 

What Should I Look for When Buying a Leaf Blower?

There are several features you can take into consideration. However, aim at balancing blower weight, airflow, and ease of use. For example, about 10lbs weight and CFM of approximately 140 should suffice. 

What is the Best CFM for a Leaf Blower?

Unfortunately, there isn’t one CFM rate that works for every gardener. The best gas leaf blower that fits a user depends on the yard size and the user-friendly weight. However, for small size yards, it requires at least a 300 CFM rating. 

What is the Highest CFM Leaf Blower?

The highest CFM leaf blower rating depends on the blower type. A gas powered leaf blower is more powerful than a cordless blower or a battery powered leaf blower. But generally, an electric leaf blower may have a peak CFM of about 600. On the other hand, a gas blower can stretch up to about a CFM of approximately 900. 


Considering how much work you have, what size yard you have, and how much you want to spend is critical when selecting the right gas leaf blower for your yard. All in all, Poulan Pro PR48BT Backpack Gas Leaf Blower is our top pick. But if on a tight budget, the Craftsman B215 Gas Leaf Blower is easy on the pocket.


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