5 Best Fertilizer for Grass in Summer – Reviews & Guide

Fertilizing in the summer is a critical step. It helps to keep your yard strong and prevents the spread of severe damage. Without regular fertilization, your lawn will end up suffering. That’s why it is vital to consider the best fertilizer options for summer lawns.

We found five of the best fertilizer for grass in summer choices and narrowed the top spot to Scotts Turf Builder SummerGuard Lawn Food. Any of the options here will provide you with an extensive range of benefits that make them worth considering.

5 Best Fertilizer for Grass in Summer Reviewed

#1. Scotts Turf Builder SummerGuard Lawn Food

Scotts usually produces high-quality granular fertilizer products, and this option is no different. Our tests find that it helps to kill and protect against many bugs. And we found that it provided a good mix of nitrogen and phosphorus. We love this option for areas with intense summer heat. When spreading this lawn fertilizer, you should have minimal growth troubles. Make sure to water your lawn grass to create a healthy lawn of Bermuda grass. Also, pay attention to mowing height during the growing season for bermudagrass. Summer lawn care of this type also requires regular watering.


  • It works well against heat and drought
  • It protects against insects like ants and fleas
  • Fertilizer application is safe


  • It requires maintenance on cool season grass
  • It also requires a hopper to spread
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#2. Simple Lawn Solution Liquid Fertilizer

When your lawn is suffering from nitrogen deficiency, try this nitrogen fertilizer option. Its high-nitrogen mix helps to boost growth and increase lawn greenness. It works well on every type of grass blade type, making it a great choice. We particularly liked this slow release fertilizer’s nitrogen blend. This synthetic fertilizer blend helped to boost growth immediately with actual nitrogen. This grass fertilizer helps produce grass perfect for regular mowing. This summer fertilizer is also suitable as a crabgrass preventer for tall fescue.


  • It’s very fairly priced
  • It contains a high level of nitrogen
  • It works well on all high-heat grasses


  • It may sicken pets
  • It lacks other types of non-nitrogen nutrients
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#3. Scotts Turf Builder Southern Lawn Food

Those who are on a budget may appreciate this Scotts starter fertilizer option. It is perfect for Southern lawns due to its high resistance to heat. Our tests found that it’s balanced for Florida lawns. Florida soil is not very good for growing many types of grasses. This fertilizer helps to boost its nitrogen and phosphorous levels. In this way, you can create the stronger green lawn you want and deserve for your home.


  • It works very well for Southern lawns
  • It helps with weed control
  • It uses many unique nutrient options


  • It’s only available in Florida
  • It’s not always successful with St. Augustine grass
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#4. Green Envy- Lawn Turf Superfood

Though you may pay a bit more for this product, it is often worth the investment. This fertilizer helps with Bermuda. St. Augustine, and Kentucky Bluegrass. It is helpful on every summer grass. Our tests found that its balanced formula created a very green and strong grass. While this fertilizer does need a careful approach when using, it isn’t that delicate. Most users should be able to handle it with relative ease.


  • The concentrated mix produces between 64-128 gallons
  • It’s perfect for high-traffic areas
  • It resists droughts very well


  • It has a risk of lawn burn
  • The bottle instructions are a little confusing
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#5. Lawnbox Lawn Luxe Organic Summer Grass Fertilizer

What we love about this liquid fertilizer is its balanced nature. It would help if you grew great grass clippings with its phosphorous and nitrogen. We particularly loved its slow-release nitrogen design. This mixture creates a long-lasting feeding cycle that will boost your grass strength. And unlike other fertilizers, this option contains humic acid. This vital nutrient helps to increase soil health in many ways. And our tests also found that this organic fertilizer was safe on about every warm season grass type.


  • It does not contain manure or biosolids
  • It also does not contain artificial chemicals
  • It does not produce a potent smell


  • It requires regular maintenance
  • It may be hard for some to spread
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The Verdict

We found the best fertilizer for grass in summer is by far the Scotts Turf Builder SummerGuard Lawn Food. However, the best choice for you is depends on your needs. You need to pay attention to the nutrient levels to avoid the dangers of burning. It is also critical to note what color each early spring fertilizer promises to produce. Some will create a very intense green, while others may be less vibrant.

These options shouldn’t burn your grass seed and won’t damage an established lawn. They also help with weed problems, such as many broadleaf weed species. Do a soil test and gauge your soil temperature to find which option is best for growing grass.


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