10 Best Crabgrass Killer – Buying Guide & FAQs

Crabgrass is a destructive weed that can spread quickly through a lawn and cause many problems. That’s why we researched the best crabgrass killer products on the market and rated them according to our preference. We scrutinized each of these options to ensure that they meet your needs.

Our research included hands-on utilization of each crabgrass preventer and careful examinations of various online guides and expert reviews. In this way, we received a deeper understanding of each product that will make it easier for you to choose the option that works the best for your frustrating crabgrass situation.

Let’s get started.

Our Top 3 Crabgrass Killer

1. Best Overall: Scotts WeedEx Prevent with Halts Crabgrass Killer

2. Runner Up: Syngenta Tenacity Turf Crabgrass Killer

3. Best Budget Buy: Green Light 7462 Wipe-Out Crabgrass Killer

10 Best Crabgrass Killer Reviewed

#1. Scotts WeedEx Prevent with Halts Crabgrass Killer

After testing many different crabgrass killers and reading reviews from many other sites, we feel comfortable suggesting Scotts WeedEx as the best crabgrass killer on the market. We trust Scotts to provide the kind of high-quality lawn care products homeowners deserve, and they didn’t let us down. This product is designed not only as a crabgrass killer but as a preventative measure as well.

As a pre-emergent crabgrass killer, it destroys crabgrass seeds and prevents them from growing. Although it isn’t as potent at killing mature crabgrass, its preventative force makes it very efficient for many users. Apply Halts when the lawn is dry to get the best performance. Doing so makes sure that rain and snow won’t cause the pesticide to run or soak into the ground too much around your yard.


  • It prevents crabgrass from growing back
  • Stops winter weeds from developing
  • It kills other weeds on your lawn


  • Not effective against mature crabgrass
  • More costly than some other options
check price and availability on Amazon

#2. Syngenta Tenacity Turf Crabgrass Killer

Tenacity is often referred to by many users and other websites as the best crabgrass killer on the market. We disagree slightly – it is only the second-best. It rises to this position by being a strong pre-emergent and post-emergent option. These terms mean that it will attack both crabgrass seeds and mature growths. This 2-in-1 formula is the best we could find on the market.

We found that it killed crabgrass right down to the right and helped it whither away quickly when we tested it. And when used properly, we also found that it killed other tough weeds as well. It doesn’t quite reach the top because you need to combine it with Lazer Blue Dye and a surfactant (a binding material) to get the best results.


  • The potent 2-in-1 formula kills seeds and growths
  • A simple application method should be easy
  • Root-destruction helps keep crabgrass away


  • Needs other products to be at its most effective
  • It may be attractive to some animals
check price and availability on Amazon

#3. Green Light 7462 Wipe-Out Crabgrass Killer

green light crabgrass killer

If you don’t have a lot of money, we strongly suggest Green Light. This manufacturer is known for producing inexpensive yard care products, and their crabgrass killer is no different. By far the best affordable option, it will provide a large number of benefits. We particularly liked how it included ingredients to help your lawn grassroots, boosting their strength.

One issue we found with Green Light was its ingredient list. Some homeowners aren’t going to want to use dimethylamine salt or quinclorac on their lawns. Though these ingredients are commonly used in many of the best crabgrass killer products on the market, some individuals may worry about contaminating their yard. This situation didn’t bother us, but we know it will come.


  • Destroys over 250 types of weeds
  • Focuses on both the leaves and the roots
  • Very competitively priced


  • Not as powerful against crabgrass as other options
  • It contains ingredients some might not want to use
check price and availability on Amazon

#4. Southern AG Atarazine St. Augustine Crabgrass Killer

Designed primarily as a centipede grass killer, this selective herbicide product still works well with many types of crabgrass. It reminds us of Agralawn crabgrass killer products because it is most effective against warm-season turf grass species and is potent enough to destroy many kinds of southern weeds. We particularly like this option because you can use it just twice a year and get strong results. Other weed killers may require monthly applications to work.

We found that applying this weed killer in the early spring provides the best benefits. It will kill the early growths of crabgrass and also destroy persistent and frustrating mature growths. We found that applying this weed killer around the edges of a home was particularly useful. Make sure that your water spouts don’t impact the application by repairing any leaks. A failure to do so could cause the pesticide to run.


  • Easy application for maximum benefits
  • Works well with many types of weeds
  • Requires only a handful of applications


  • It may be destructive if applied to regular grass
  • It might not be practical for cold-weather weeds
check price and availability on Amazon

#5. BioAdvanced All-In-One Crabgrass Killer

Some readers may believe that any weed killer out of the top five on our list is not worth consideration. That idea is far from the truth! BioAdvanced‘s all-in-one package is a potent method for controlling crabgrass that we love. In our tests, we found that it selectively killed a large number of frustrating weeds without causing damage to your Bermuda grass or other plants throughout.

Though not explicitly designed for crabgrass, its an all-in-weed preventer that can kill smooth crabgrass, stop crabgrass germination, and destroy other common lawn weeds. This option is a post-emergent type, meaning you need to use it after the grass has grown. Unfortunately, its usefulness as a preemergent herbicide is limited, meaning you need to be careful when choosing this grass weed killer option.


  • It kills many weeds without difficulty
  • The concentrated formula mixes quite easily
  • Very affordable for many buyers


  • It takes a while to be effective
  • It does not help prevent crabgrass re-growths
check price and availability on Amazon

#6. Agrisel QuinKill Max Crabgrass Killer

This product surprised us quite a bit because this manufacturer and product is so new to the market. We particularly liked a few quality-of-life additions that made it stand out as a selective weed killer that can destroy weed seed and protect desirable grass, such as Kentucky bluegrass. For example, it includes a measuring cup (what a marvelous but straightforward idea!) that we wish more grassy weed preventer products offered. We also liked that it was concentrated for easier spread when killing crabgrass.

We were particularly impressed with how much treatment effectiveness we got out of one bottle. You wouldn’t think that a bottle this size kills weeds and stops growths as crabgrass matures over 20,000 square feet, as the label suggests. And yet we found that it did help with large crabgrass growths on perennial ryegrass, turfgrass, poa annua, digitaria sanguinalis, and many other species! As a result, we find that this is an excellent option for accurate herbicidal measurements and low-cost crabgrass management.


  • Unique bottle design for more accessible application
  • Very fast kill time
  • Spreads far over a large area


  • The company is new, meaning it might be hard to find
  • Not available in Alaska, California, Hawaii, New York, or Minnesota
check price and availability on Amazon

#7. Select Source Quinclorac 75 Crabgrass Killer

This product rates very high on many sites, but we weren’t as impressed as others with it. We loved that it killed crabgrass to the root and was useful for broadleaf weeds. We also liked that it worked as both a pre- and post-emergent treatment options. The ingredients here are also quite potent, with methylated seed oil providing a surprisingly tough weed control method. This option is strong even when compared to Scotts Halts Crabgrass and other similar products.

That said, there are a handful of issues that held us back from rating it higher as a post emergency crabgrass killer. As a dry mix, it can be a little tricky to apply appropriately. Some users may also find that it could destroy other plants in their yard that they want to keep, such as wild violets or even daisies. That said, we still believe that this is an excellent option for those who want a low-cost herbicide that works very well on crabgrass.


  • Destroys crabgrass and other weeds
  • Utilizes a simple pump sprayer
  • Affordable compared to similar products


  • Not cheap
  • Very minimal rainproof time
check price and availability on Amazon

#8. Primesource Quinclorac 1.5L Select Liquid Crabgrass Killer

As a concentrated liquid weed killer, this choice is quite strong. We liked that you could add a few drops to a bucket of water to produce a surprisingly large amount of herbicide. In this way, it is a great budget option for many homeowners. WE found that the price was more than fair, and the effectiveness was compatible with many of the lower entries on this list.

Though you may have to apply it a little more frequently than some herbicides – up to once every 21-days instead of twice a year – its lower price and concentrated nature make it very affordable. As a pre-emergent treatment option, it provides a potent level of crabgrass control well worth your money.


  • Another very affordable option
  • Rainproof for up to two hours
  • Beneficial for many weed types


  • It doesn’t prevent re-growths
  • It cannot be used on edible crops
check price and availability on Amazon

#9. Spectracide Weed Stop For Lawns Crabgrass Killer

Spectracide is a high-quality product which is worth your consideration. We like that product because it is one of the most concentrated options available, meaning you don’t have to spend a lot. And its robust nature makes it more potent when appropriately spread, allowing you to produce the kind of protection you want for your yard.

As a multi-weed killer, it can provide benefits for up to 250 various weeds, a number that pops up a lot with many treatment options. Interestingly, it is also relatively safe to use on most plants. We found that it didn’t kill flowers, trees, or other non-weed plants. That said, we don’t think it is a good idea to use this on any gardens where you may be growing food plants.


  • Very strong for its price
  • Will kill insects and other pests
  • The compact size makes storage easier


  • Not always easy to find
  • Sometimes not allowed in some states
  • Understanding the Best Crabgrass Killer Variations
check price and availability on Amazon

#10. Ortho Weed Be Gon Plus Crabgrass Killer

Weed Be Gone is an effective crabgrass killer that specifically targets grassy weed and broadleaf weed species. We found that it works most powerfully on warm-season grass, particularly fast-spreading crabgrass infestation problems. When applying, we strongly suggest a hose-end sprayer or tank sprayer, as these help spread the formula the most efficiently. And try to wait until early spring to apply this treatment directly to crabgrass seed or other types of grass seed varieties.

As a pre emergent herbicide option, this choice kills seeds before they sprout. While it is quite powerful, we found that it wasn’t quite as strong as the options higher on the list. We’d suggest this option if you can’t find the items above and want the best alternative. It is especially effective against crabgrass plant types in more open areas.


  • Reasonably priced compared to many options
  • Strong on warm-season grasses (the most demanding type)
  • It doesn’t affect zoysia grass (a susceptible lawn grass)


  • Requires investing in a spray nozzle
  • Provides minimal mature crabgrass control
check price and availability on Amazon

A Simple Guide to Choose Best Crabgrass Killer

When reading the list above, it is good to consider the ideas below before picking the best crabgrass killer. Thoroughly understanding all of these elements makes it easier for you to make a purchasing decision and makes it simpler to communicate with lawn care experts.

a crabgrass in the lawn

Pre Emergent or Post Emergent Crabgrass Killer

We found two types of crabgrass killer products during our investigations. The most common of these are pre-emergent herbicides or those that kill the seeds before they grow. The other option is the post-emergent type, which focuses on crabgrass after it has matured. A third type – a combination of these two types – is also a widespread choice for many products on the market.

Typically, we find that pre-emergence herbicides work the best for those who plan on fighting crabgrass early in the year. Destroying the seeds before they sprout helps to keep your yard free of this problem. However, post-emergent options work for those who find crabgrass in their yard despite their best prevention methods. And the hybrid options work best as an all-around treatment method.

That said, hybrid herbicides are a bit “Jack of All Trades, Master of None,” meaning that options for pre- and post-emergent treatments often focus better than these types. However, average homeowners probably do well with a hybrid choice. The ultimate choice depends on when you want to eliminate this grass, your budget, your geographical area, and other factors.

Selective or Non-Selective

Your choice will also depend on whether you want a selective or non-selective option. The first type focuses on specific types of weeds, including grassy weeds, and destroys no other types. Many of the options on our list are selective and must be purchased accordingly. Non-selective will kill a much broader range of weeds but can be more destructive to a lawn if improperly used.

The best advice that we can give you is to always read the label before making a purchase. Though the options above will all kill crabgrass, researching the label helps you identify any limitations. Beyond that, reading the label also helps make it simpler to discuss your options with lawn care experts. These professionals can help you narrow down your choices even further if you are still confused.

Liquid Sprays or Dry Granules

Application types include liquid sprays and dry granules. Liquid sprays provide a larger area of application and are applied using tank sprayers. They provide very potent destructive force but may be contaminating to some yards. We suggest spraying liquid herbicides when the wind is low to avoid drifts of spray and to focus your herbicides directly on the weeds in your lawn.

By contrast, dry granules are easier to apply when using a calibrated lawn spreader and don’t cause potential contamination. However, they aren’t as concentrated as some liquids and may not destroy some crabgrass types. Some also use natural ingredients like corn gluten meal that some may not prefer to use. A little experimentation is a good idea here. We believe that liquid sprays are probably the best choice, but we know some people may prefer dry.

Other Options

If you don’t want to spend too much time to take care of your lawn, choosing professional lawn care service near your home or use artificial grass for your backyard could also be options.


Is the best crabgrass killer dangerous to my lawn?

Most types of high-quality crabgrass killers won’t cause any damage to common lawn grass. Make sure to read the label before you attempt spraying a yard.

Are kids or pets safe from crabgrass killers?

Keep children and pets away from herbicides, as they may be poisonous when ingested or if they get in delicate areas, like the eyes or the nose.

Do DIY crabgrass killers provide many benefits?

Though homemade crabgrass killers use many safe chemicals that can destroy crabgrass, they are not as effective as the options on this list.

Where can I find these weed killers on the market?

Most large-scale retail centers should have most of these crabgrass killers for sale. Specialty garden stores will, though you often find the best choices in online shops.

Our Verdict

The best crabgrass killer for you will vary depending on your yard and your overall needs. Some people may want Scotts WeedEx due to its high potency, while others may prefer less expensive options. Whatever the scenario, we feel confident that you’ll find a weed killer that works for you on this list. Make sure to check out every review and test each product that interests you to get the best results.


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