10 best cordless trimmer blower combo In 2021 – Buying Guide & FAQs

If you want to know what the best cordless trimmer blower combo is without reading too much, we recommend the BLACK+DECKER 20V LCC222 Cordless Trimmer and Blower Combo as the best option.

Weed eater and blower combo kits are great for producing a manicured lawn free of long grass, weeds, and unsightly path edges. A combo kit of cordless power tools ensures easier lawn maintenance at a pocket-friendly price.

Your new cordless string trimmer will effortlessly cut through overgrowth and edges in hard-to-reach areas, while the blower removes trim and debris from your newly-cut lawn.

In today’s guide, we’ll show you 10 of the best cordless trimmer blower combo kits and how to choose the best trimmer and blower combo for your lawn care needs.

10 Best Cordless Trimmer Blower Combo

#1. BLACK+DECKER LCC222 Cordless Trimmer Blower Combo

The overall best cordless trimmer blower combo you can get today for decks, sidewalks, and removing debris from your garage is the BLACK+DECKER 20V LCC222. The cordless trimmer comes with an auto-feed head that requires no bumping or manual pulling to release the trimmer line.

The 10-inch cordless trimmer also doubles as an edger. Users can rotate the trimmer’s shaft to position the trimmer line vertically to clean along driveway and sidewalk edges without pulling up dirt. The LCC222’s lightweight design will also help ensure that you maintain optimal cutting performance at an even height.

The LCC222 uses a 20V, 1.5-ah Li-Ion battery pack that provides up to 30 minutes of nonstop cutting. This trimmer-blower combo comes with two battery packs to offer twice as much trimming or blowing performance. The blower unit has adjustable speed settings but isn’t as powerful as other models.


  • Low-noise output
  • Premium-grade features
  • Affordable price
  • Adjustable shaft length
  • No stooping/bumping necessary
  • Great for small and medium-sized gardens


  • Narrow trimming width
  • Blower is underpowered
  • 2-hour charge times
check price and availability on Amazon

#2. Greenworks PRO STBA80L210 Cordless Trimmer Blower Combo

The Greenworks PRO 80V cordless trimmer is lightweight, easy to handle, and incredibly durable. Thanks to the digital brushless motors found in both the trimmer and blower, your cordless trimmer can run for longer per charge while maintaining optimal cutting speed and performance until the battery is completely drained.

This weed eater blower combo has a cutting width is between 14 and 16 inches. This tool uses a bump head, so you will have to gently bump the tool onto the ground to dispense the trimmer line to your exact specifications. The variable speed trigger gives full control when cutting at lower speeds through thicker weeds or high speeds for thin grass blades.

The cordless blower can produce up to 500 CFM of airflow volume while producing less than 70 decibels from 50 feet away. There are three different speed options and a variable trigger that allow you to push grass clippings and dust without it going airborne.


  • 45-minute runtime
  • 30-minute quick-charge
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Durable brushless motors
  • High-speed blower unit


  • Comes with just one battery pack
  • Costlier option for mid-range combo tools
  • Slow acceleration
check price and availability on Amazon

#3. Greenworks G-MAX STBA40B210 Cordless Trimmer Blower Combo

The Greenworks G-MAX cordless trimmer uses 40V Li-Ion batteries to provide up to 45 minutes of continuous trimming or blowing per charge. The 2.0-Ah battery pack requires just under 30 minutes to reach max capacity. However, you only get a single battery with this cordless trimmer and blower combo.

The cordless trimmer has a maximum cutting width of 12 inches, and it uses an auto-feeding system with trigger support. The 0.065-inch-diameter line works exceptionally well at light-duty trimming and edging while also being lightweight for enhanced maneuverability.

The blower is a bit undersized compared to the previous Greenworks cordless model. With a 40V battery, this tool moves leaves, grass clippings, and lightweight debris with 110-MPH, 390-CFM gusts of concentrated wind. While easy to maneuver, some users found the lightweight design to feel like more toy-like than other leaf blowers.


  • Lightweight cordless trimmer and blower units
  • Long-lasting brushless motor with variable speed
  • Comes with auto-feed trimmer head
  • Long runtime per charge
  • Mid-range 40V tools


  • Blower not very durable
  • Only one battery pack
check price and availability on Amazon

#4. BLACK+DECKER BCK279D2 MAXAxial Cordless Trimmer Blower Combo

The BLACK+DECKER BCK279D2 runs on 20V battery packs that supply up to 30 minutes per charge. The string trimmer comes with an automatic line feeding head that’s trickier than in most system. No bumping is required, but the feed line tends to get stuck on occasion. It has a 10-inch cutting path, so it’s designed mainly for smaller gardens.

By rotating the trimmer head, you can convert the tool into an edge trimmer. It doesn’t come with support wheels, but instead, it uses a metal guard that sits flush on hard surface edges to produce a cleaner cut. Users can also raise or lower the trimmer head by adjusting the telescoping handle.

As for the blower, it’s a 2-speed unit that can deliver up to 320 CFM at 90 MPH. The blower works somewhat well at removing clippings from grassy terrains. Like most axial blowers, this is designed to blow large quantities of debris off of hard surfaces.


  • Lightweight, adjustable, user-friendly
  • Decent battery life per charge
  • Comes with dual 20V battery packs
  • Comes with auto-feed system
  • 2-speed axial blower
  • Made for smaller gardens


  • Auto-feed system can be faulty at times
  • Underpowered blower unit
check price and availability on Amazon

#5. BLACK+DECKER LCC340C Cordless Trimmer Blower Combo

The BLACK+DECKER LCC340C is an entry-level cordless trimmer and blower combo that runs on 40V batteries. You can squeeze 30 minutes of power per charge after roughly 60 minutes of charging. The 40V rating can be underpowered at whacking weeds of overgrown gardens, but for light-duty cleaning, the LCC340C combo works beautifully.

This weed eater blower combo uses an auto-feed system that dispenses the trimmer line while you work. This ensures that the trimmer will always cut at a 13-inch swath. Plus, you can extend or retract the shaft for maximum comfort by multiple users.

The blower produces airflow speeds of up to 130 MPH, which is great for removing debris from hard surfaces like driveways and patios. Pushing leaves and grass clippings off of your yard can be a challenge.  


  • Telescoping shaft
  • Auto-feed system
  • High-speed blower
  • Great for small yards
  • Low blower noise at 130 MPH


  • Durability issues
  • Blower works only on hard surfaces
  • Low runtimes
check price and availability on Amazon

#6. BLACK+DECKER LCC221 Cordless Trimmer Blower Combo

The BLACK+DECKER LCC221 is another pleasantly affordable cordless trimmer and blower combo that surpasses expectations of what a 20V unit can do. The trimmer weighs just 4.5 pounds and has a telescopic shaft that makes it comfortable to use by multiple users. As a 20V cordless tool system, you won’t get a ton of power out of the trimmer and blower, but it works fantastically at light-duty trimming and edging at home.

The cordless trimmer also relies on an auto-feed system without bumping or manually pulling the trimming line out. At most, this trimmer can clear grass and weeds up to 10 inches in width with every pass. Elderly users have found this cordless trimmer to be extremely easy to use and maneuver, even on edge-trimming mode.

Once again, BLACK+DECKER’s blower unit fails to impress. The blower works great at removing dust and debris from harder surfaces but fails to produce similar results for leaves and clippings on grassy terrains.


  • Super-affordable price tag
  • Lightweight trimmer
  • Auto-feed head
  • Adjustable shaft length
  • Decently powerful for 20V


  • 10- to 20-minute average runtime
  • Long charging times
check price and availability on Amazon

#7. DEWALT DCKO975M1 Cordless Trimmer Blower Combo

The DEWALT DCKO975M1 comes with the DCST925 cordless trimmer and the DCBL720 cordless leaf blower. Both of these units provide enough cutting and blowing performance that match the premium price. Sadly, you’ll only get one 20V battery that provides power for around 25 minutes. It’ll take around 60 minutes for the battery to recharge to max capacity.

The DCKO975M1 cordless trimmer unit uses a bump head that dispenses the trimming line easy and in tiny bursts. The trimmer cuts at a 13-inch width with a 0.08-inch line for enhanced overgrowth cutting performance. After assembly, the trimmer weighs 7.4 pounds, which is heavier than most on this list, but you’ll also get astounding cutting performance for small-scale landscaping jobs.

As for the DCBL720 blower, it shoots out 400 CFM airflow volume at 90 MPH. The blower works incredibly well at moving debris from hard and grassy surfaces, though it might struggle in blowing wet leaves away.


  • Best in durability
  • High-powered tools
  • Longer-lasting batteries
  • Variable speed trimmer
  • High-efficiency brushless motor
  • Decent-powered axial fan


  • Expensive
  • Uses 20V batteries
  • Heavier than most 20V systems
check price and availability on Amazon

#8. Greenworks STBA24B210 Cordless Trimmer Blower Combo

The STBA24B210 is Greenworks’ most valuable 24V cordless trimmer blower combo. The 2-Ah battery packs can deliver nonstop power for up to 25 minutes per charge. Using 0.065-inch single trimming line, the STBA24B210 is great for moderately overgrown yards.

The trimmer head cuts in a 12-inch path, which some users found helpful at clearing a quarter of an acre of grass. The auto-feed system works perfectly at dispensing the perfect amount of trimming line every time. There’s even a support wheel on the head that lets you glide along the edges of pavement to produce perfectly straight lines.

Similar to other trimmer blower combo options, the blower unit is the underperforming tool in the set. It produces 300-CFM gusts of wind at 100 MPH, but fails to move clippings from grassy terrain as well as on hard surfaces.


  • Lightweight tool
  • Reliable, shareable battery
  • Great for small to medium-size gardens
  • Wide swath


  • Blower unit doesn’t work as well on grass
  • Long charging times
check price and availability on Amazon

#9. Worx WG929.1 Cordless Trimmer Blower Combo

The WG929.1 is another 2-Ah cordless trimmer blower combo set that produces a surprising amount of power and speed for a 20V system. Like the previous model, the WG292.1’s battery works for around 30 minutes and takes over an hour to recharge. However, this combo set comes with two 20V batteries to double your productivity.

The cordless string trimmer also uses the same on-demand feeder trigger to dispense as much trimming line as you need. With a safety guard and a flower guard, you can trim thick weeds from your garden while ensuring garden ornaments and crops remain intact. In addition, you’ll also get support wheels to keep the trimmer line at a constant height while trimming along the edges of hard surfaces.

The 2-speed blower tool can shoot out up to 360 CFM of air to move large piles of dirt, clippings, and wet leaves with ease. Unfortunately, the 20V batteries provide just about 20 minutes of runtime and take more than an hour to fully recharge.


  • 30-minute runtime per charge
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Comes with 2 batteries
  • Guard and support attachments


  • Not very durable
  • Blower drains battery quicker
  • Not for overgrown gardens
check price and availability on Amazon

#10. Worx WG930.2 PowerShare Cordless Trimmer Blower Combo

The last weed eater blower combo on our list of the best cordless trimmer blower combo is the Worx WG930.2. Like the previous Worx models, this one runs on 20V batteries that supply up to 30 minutes of trimming and leaf-blowing per charge. You’ll get two battery packs with your purchase, as well as a dual-port charger to recharge both batteries simultaneously.

As a 20V cordless system, you won’t get as much for clearing overgrown gardens, but you can upgrade to 40V batteries for enhanced trimming performance and blowing power. The WG930.2’s shaft is one foot longer than the previous models’, so taller users can use this tool comfortably without leaning down. Plus, with Command Feed technology, you just need to press a button to dispense 10 inches of trimming line.

You’ll get the same exact blower unit as the previous Worx model (90 MPH at 360 CFM), as well as the same attachments accessories (guards, wheels). Users have reported that the blower has a cheap, plasticky feel to it and that charging the batteries can take twice as long.


  • Dual battery packs
  • Dual-port charger
  • Longer shaft
  • Lightweight
  • Great for smaller gardens
  • Low-noise blower unit


  • Plasticky feel
  • Long charging times
check price and availability on Amazon

How to Choose the Best Cordless Trimmer Blower Combo

Now that we’ve gone over our trimmer blower combo reviews, we’d like to show you how you can choose the best combo for your unique lawn care needs. This guide will help you in making a more informed purchase decision.

beautiful garden

Sizing and Knowing the Type of Your Lawn

Before you settle on a cordless trimmer blower combo, you first need to understand your own lawn care specifications. You can begin by knowing how wide of an area you need to trim. A general rule for choosing a trimmer based on lawn size is 20V models are ideal for lawns of up to 1/3 of an acre, 40V models for 2/3 of an acre, and 80V for one acre and larger.

You should also know what type of vegetation grows in your yard. Slower trimming speeds are ideal for cleaning clearing hard surfaces, including garages and sidewalks. Higher trimming speeds are better at slicing through thin blades of grass and weeds.

Trimmer Head Type

There are three trimmer head options: fixed, bump, and automatic feed. Fixed trimmer heads are for those who don’t want to continuously wind the plastic trimming line onto the head. Models with fixed heads are bulkier but last longer.

Bump feeds let you place a spool inside of the trimmer. Over time, the line becomes shorter, but by bumping the head onto the ground, you can dispense more trimmer line. Bump feed trimmer heads are the most popular by far among first-time and pro landscapers.

An auto-feed trimmer head works similarly to a bump feed. By pressing a trigger, the trimmer head will automatically release more trimmer line. Some can even dispense trimming line automatically to make up for the lost trimming line over time. This is the most user-friendly type of trimmer head, but it’s generally the priciest of the three.

Trimmer Line Thickness

The thickness of the trimmer line also plays a role in how well the trimmer will work in your garden. 0.065 to 0.085-inch trimmer line is mostly used for residential-grade landscaping. A 0.085 to 0.105-inch-thick trimmer line works better at cutting through thick, dense weeds. Only pro or hardcore landscaper would need a 0.110-inch-thick trimmer line. This can be overkill for most residential gardens and DIY homeowners.

The best trimmer-blower combo meets your exact garden-maintenance needs. For gardens with thicker, harder-to-manage weeds, opt for a thicker trimmer line.

Trimmer and Blower Weight and Size

Since you will be carrying the tool for several minutes at a time, you should consider the overall weight of the cordless trimmer blower combo. Find a model that’s easy to lift and carry for as long as the battery’s charge (around 30 minutes).

Battery Ratings and Charging Time

Lastly, we need to consider the size of the battery, the maximum runtime per charge, and how long it takes to recharge the battery. The higher the battery’s voltage rating, the more power output it delivers. For more challenging landscaping projects, you should take a look at high-voltage cordless trimmer blower combo options of at least 40V.

The runtime of a cordless trimmer is anywhere between 20 and 30 minutes on average. Meanwhile, it can take upwards of 60 minutes to fully charge a single battery pack. If your cordless combo trimmer blower combo set comes with a single battery for both tools, you should think of getting a spare battery pack.


beatiful lawn

Are cordless trimmer blower combo kits worth it?

Based on our trimmer blower combo reviews, you’ll discover that purchasing multiple tools at once is cheaper than getting them separately. Purchasing tool kits offer more value for dollar spent, and you’ll know that the included battery pack is compatible with both the trimmer and the blower. If you buy a cordless trimmer and blower separately, you will end up spending more than choosing a value pack.

In addition, a cordless trimmer blower combo is an essential garden maintenance kit. These combo kits are generally designed for residential-purpose landscaping, but even professional service providers can find value in these mid-range options.

Should I get a 20V, 40V, or 80V cordless trimmer blower combo kit?

The ideal voltage rating depends on how challenging your landscaping job is. For instance, if you work with thick, oversized weeds, a 40V or 80V would suit you a lot better than an entry-level 20V trimmer-blower combo. On the other hand, if thick weeds don’t grow on your garden, or if you follow a regular landscaping routine to prevent an overgrown garden, then a 20V or 40V combo will suffice.

Why choose cordless over gas?

Different power sources offer different performance levels. The toughest type of garden tool is gas-powered. Their combustion engines provide quicker trimming speeds and higher torque to slice effortlessly through thick vegetation. A gas leaf blower will move larger quantities of debris farther.

However, before choosing gas or electric, ask yourself how much power you actually need. Admittedly, cordless trimmers are weaker than gas models but are generally powerful enough for basic residential landscaping projects. You should only consider getting a gas model if you work professionally or if your garden is more than an acre wide.


From our list, you can see that the best cordless trimmer blower combo is the BLACK+DECKER 20V LCC222. For its price tag, it’s surprising to see that the LCC222 comes with as many premium-quality features as it does. Not only is this combo kit incredibly powerful, but it also comes at a much more affordable cost than most options on and off of this list.

However, the best cordless trimmer blower combo is one that can clean your garden as best as possible. Our brief guide on how to find the best combo will help you in finding the ideal tool for your landscaping needs.


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