10 Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum in 2021- Reviews & Guide

In case you have little time and wish to identify the best commercial leaf vacuum, we recommend the Greenworks 24322 as the top choice.

Trees contribute positively to the environment. However, when they shed leaves over your walkway, deck, or lawn, raking them off becomes a back-breaking task. 

On the other hand, you can’t afford to assume them since the scattered leaves present an unappealing picture. So instead of the tedious task of raking, you can remove the debris off your lawn without sweating using the commercial leaf vacuum mulcher.

Find below a recap of the review;

1. Best OverallGreenworks 24322 40V 185 MPH

2. Runner Up: Toro 51621 UltraPlus

3. Best Budget BuyWORX WG509 TRIVAC 3-In-1

4. Best ValueToro 51618

5. Easiest to UseEarthwise LSW70021 Push

Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum Review

#1. Greenworks 24322 40V 185 MPH Commercial Leaf Vacuum

Although it runs on a 40v, 4AH battery, the Greenworks 24322 delivers a performance that rivals gas powered leaf vacuum. The lithium-ion battery takes 2 hours to charge fully, then delivers 21minutes of run time and thus allows you to cut and collect about 4.5 bags of leaves. Besides, the ergonomic garden tool employs a brushless motor of high efficiency, durability, and high power. 

As the best commercial leaf vacuum, it has 6 variable speeds and a turbo button. It functions as a blower and vacuum. Furthermore, changing from one mode to another is quick and requires no tool. After that, it will drive an inrush of air at 180mph at a volume of 340CFM (cubic feet per minute) and deliver a superior mulching feature.

Despite such high ratings, it runs quietly and produces minimal vibration. Also, it has a cushioned over-mold grip, and thus enhancing its comfort. For safety reasons, when the gate hasn’t latched properly, the engine won’t run. 


  • Straightforward to use
  • Low maintenance cost and long life
  • Lightweight at 5.6lbs
  • Dual settings low and high
  • Complete with a collection bag
  • 4-year warranty for tool and 2-year warranty for battery


  • Incompatible with other batteries
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#2. Toro 51621 UltraPlus Commercial Leaf Vacuum

Since it combines three machines into one unit, Toro 51621 UltraPlus functions as a powerful blower, leaf shredder, and vacuum. It employs a reliable 12-ampere motor to drive 410 CFM of air at a speed of 350mph. Furthermore, it offers you variable speed control and an oscillating nozzle kit that sweeps to and fro thus minimizing wrist movement. No wonder many gardeners prefer it as the best commercial leaf vacuum mulcher. 

It combines a metal impeller and patented shred all ring shred hence enabling it to reduce 97% of mulched debris to a ½ inch, depending on leaf type and condition. Furthermore, it’s complete with all the vital accessories to make it the best commercial leaf vacuum. The main tube excels on dry leaves, the power insert delivers on wet heavy leaves, and the concentrator helps on the difficult crevices. 


  • Complete with a bottom zip bag that doubles as storage for accessories
  • Lightweight of 8.9lbs
  • Variable speed
  • Has cord storage hook


  • Considerably heavy due to bag and cord
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#3. WORX WG509 TRIVAC 3-In-1 Commercial Leaf Vacuum

When hunting for the best commercial leaf vacuum mulcher that doubles as a vacuum and blower, the WORX WG509 TRIVAC looks like a good option. Without using any tool or swapping tubes you can change from blower to vacuum at the flip of a switch. Its 9.3lbs weight as a blower adapts it to single-hand use and control. Besides the collection bag has a strap thus easy to carry in vacuum mode. 

From its two speeds of 80/250mph and air volume capacity of 350 CFM, you can easily adapt the machine to the surface you are cleaning. For convenience, the curled lip effortlessly vacuums out difficult places like under patio furniture. The two-stage metal impeller and leading-edge technology makes it efficient and cost-effective, therefore crowning it as the best commercial leaf vacuum. 


  • It has three in one feature
  • Complete with a 1.2-bushel collection bag
  • Has safe cord retainer 
  • High mulching ratio 18 to one


  • No strap to help bear grass clipping weight
check price and availability on Amazon

#4. Toro 51618 Commercial Leaf Vacuum

If you are looking for a top-rated corded electric vacuum that’s lighter than gas powered leaf vacuum, then try out the Toro 51618. It has a 12-ampere powerful motor that emits air volume of 390 CFM at 225mph to drive the blower, vacuum, and shredder unit effectively. That means debris, wet leaves, or sticks won’t stand its way. That’s why it suits the heavy-duty vacuuming tool. 

It can condense 81% of mulch to below ½ inch. Moreover, it has a mulching ratio of 10 to 1. Owing to its 7.2lbs lightweight, you can easily hold it in one hand and still give standard leaf vacuum performance. Since the package is complete with a concentrator, it makes your cleaning work simple. The UL, Underwriters Laboratories, listing confirms its quality as the best commercial leaf vacuum. On the other hand, its multiple blower inserts widen its scope of applications. 


  • 3 in one machine
  • Tool-less conversion from blower to vacuum
  • Powerful 2-speed motor
  • Lightweight 7.2lbs


  • Plastic impeller
check price and availability on Amazon

#5. BLACK+DECKER BV6600 Commercial Leaf Blower

Although it’s one unit, BLACK+DECKER BV6600 plays the role of a blower, vacuum, and shredder aided by a powerful 12-ampere motor. When you compare it to Black and Decker LH4500, it produces only 68dbA, thus making it 50% quieter. However, don’t be fooled to think it’s less powerful; it has a variable speed and can force air at a speed range of 140mph to 250mph at a volume of 400 CFM. Therefore, it qualifies as a commercial leaf vacuum mulcher. 

Since it can drive a large volume of air at such high speed, the BV6600 is ideal for clearing leaves from the driveway, deck, and heavy-duty vacuuming grass clippings, twigs, and pine needles from the lawn. With its 16 to 1 mulching ratio, it shreds large leaves to tiny bits and thus fits in the 1.5-bushel collection bag. 

Its package gives the complete range of accessories that the best commer0cial leaf vacuum requires. That includes a blower tube, concentrator, diffuser, vacuum tube, and EZ reusable bag. Changing the 8.1lbs tool from blower to vacuum mode takes only seconds and requires no tool. 


  • Has integrated cord retainer to keep power cord secure
  • 3 Easy to use and reusable collection bag
  • Has detachable shoulder strap
  • A sturdy metal impeller that inhibits clogging


  • Occasionally the collection bag gets stack on the machine
check price and availability on Amazon

#6. LiTHELi 40V 480CFM 92MPH Commercial Leaf Vacuum 

The LiTHELi leaf vacuum uses 40V, 2.5AH battery to power a brushless motor for an hour from a single charge. Accordingly, it’s stable, silent, and has more than 85% efficiency. Its ergonomic design and lightweight of 5.8lbs allows you to hold it single-handedly, thus effortless to use. Besides, its package offers you both charger and battery. 

At the press of a button, it engages the turbo mode to drive 480 CFM of air. At the same time, it boasts a dial controlled continuous variable speed of 45 to 92mph. At the end of the vacuum tube, it has a metal sleeve that not only prolongs its life but also helps to dislodge stuck debris. Its non-slip rubber handle makes it secure and comfortable to hold. Overall, it forms a possible choice for the best commercial leaf vacuum. 


  • Ultra-light abut 5.8lbs
  • Easy to adjust dial variable speed
  • Produces minimal noise
  • Metal sleeved tube end
  • Ergonomic design


  • A replacement battery is expensive
check price and availability on Amazon

#7. Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Commercial Leaf vacuum

One of the unique features that make Toro 51619 Ultra the best commercial leaf vacuum is its rugged metal impeller. For that reason, it displays better power and improved mulching ability. The three in one garden tool has a quick release latch that aids in fast and tool-less switching from blower to vacuum mode. 

Since it supports airspeed of 250 mph it can vacuum heavy leaves, debris, and even blow sticks. The nozzle concentrator makes stuck leaves quick to remove. Its variable speed, bottom-dump zip collection bag, and lock cord provision make it trouble-free to operate. When not in use, you can store the equipment’s accessories in the bag and hang it at a place.  

Owing to its high mulching ability, it can reduce 88% of the mulched leaves to ½ inch or less; depending on their state. Considering it weighs 8.5lbs, it won’t strain your muscles so much. 


  • Three in one feature; blower, shredder, and vacuum
  • Easy to change from vacuum to blower
  • Backed by two years warranty
  • Sturdy metal impeller


  • Vacuum bag’s sturdiness needs improvement
check price and availability on Amazon

#8. Earthwise LSW70021 Push Commercial Leaf Vacuum

If constant charging and fumes produced by gas powered leaf vacuum tires you, then try out the environmentally friendly Earthwise LSW70021. Unlike other handheld vacuums that strain the hands, it employs the push mechanism. Removing leaves from your driveways, patio, and sidewalk shouldn’t bother you anymore. 

The manually pushed garden tool is sturdy, lightweight, and maneuverable. It features two brushes for every section and thus enabling it to rake out leaves from a 21-inch path in a pass. You can then channel the raked leaves into a sturdy 2.6-bushel grass collection bag. 

Though not electric powered, the best commercial leaf vacuum is efficient and collects about 80% of the debris from the yard in one pass. Depending on the height of the turf you are raking, you can adjust the raking depth (without using any tool) and make clearing leaves simple. 


  • Easy to store or hang
  • Equipped with a strong and large collection bag
  • Needs no electricity or gas
  • Adjustable raking height


  • Cant sweep leaves next to buildings or tree trunks
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#9. BLACK+DECKER LSW60C Commercial Leaf Vacuum

When regarding the portability and efficiency of the best commercial leaf vacuum, the 9.7lbs BLACK+DECKER LSW60C 60V Max tops the list. Ideally, it vacuums leaves best from firm surfaces like deck, driveways, and walkways. 

It’s powered by a high capacity lithium-ion battery of 60V. When you plug it into a socket outlet, it takes an hour to store full charge, after which it powers the vacuum tool for 30 minutes on the highest settings. In such a mode, it supports 100mph airspeed with minimal sound disturbance below 65dbA. 


  • Comfortable grip handle
  • Energy Star certified charger
  • Complete with 5 collection bushel bag and charger


  • Ideal for light and loose leaves only
check price and availability on Amazon

#10. BLACK+DECKER BV6000 Commercial Leaf Vacuum 

The BLACk+DECKER BV6000 is a corded electric 3 in 1tool that functions as a reliable heavy-duty blower, vacuum, and mulcher. As a commercial leaf vacuum mulcher, it has a powerful 12-ampere motor that effectively drives it over a 2-speed system of 170mph and 250mph. 

With the help of the concentrator, it can take on challenging vacuuming tasks of collecting pine needles and grass clippings from the lawn. A built-in cord retainer prevents the irritating snapping off of the power cable, thus giving uninterrupted use. The detachable shoulder strap makes load-bearing easy. 

As the best commercial leaf vacuum, its high mulching ratio of 16:1 combined with the two EZ disposable 1.5-bushel collection bags and diffuser means few trips to disposing of garbage. 


  • High impact metallic fan
  • Tool-free changing from blower to vacuum
  • Produces half the noise of Black and Decker LH4500
  • The high mulching ratio of 16:1
  • Lightweight of 8.1lbs


  • Easily clogged by twigs
check price and availability on Amazon

What You Should Know When Buying the Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum

a man is using a commercial leaf vaccum

When you know the crucial features that make up the best commercial leaf vacuum, then you can’t go wrong in your selection. Accordingly, here are valuable tips. 

Source of Power

Commercial grade leaf vacuums are electric corded, battery, or gasoline-powered. Gasoline-driven have high power, allows free vacuuming but has considerable weight and noise. Corded electric types have reliable power, light but have cables that limit the area you can vacuum. Battery-driven vacuums though portable, require constant charging. 

Therefore to make the best choice, consider the size of your yard, location, and then make the right choice. However, when you own a large garden, the best commercial leaf vacuum is a gas powered model. Electric corded and battery types are convenient on medium-sized lawns. 

Vacuum AirSpeed, MPH

Often the speed at which air rushes up the vacuuming tube is rated in MPH, miles per hour. Many gardeners often think the higher the MPH rating, the higher the chances of it being the best commercial leaf vacuum. But it doesn’t always hold. 

Generally, a dry and loosely held leaf requires less power to suck. Heavy-duty vacuuming like picking wet matted leaves, sticks, and pine needles need high power. And so, a vacuum with a high MPH and CFM rating is ideal. 

Collection Bag Capacity and Mulch Ratio

Most leaf vacuums also double as blowers and mulchers. For that reason, look for a collection bag of a capacity that you can bear while vacuuming. An oversize bag, though, limits your trips may burden you down. 

A brighter idea is to concentrate on a high mulching ratio so that the shredded leaves occupy the least space. For that reason, shoulder strapped bag thus makes the best commercial leaf vacuum. As the grass clippings pile in the bag, you can strap it on your shoulder and carry it effortlessly.

The Shape of the Nozzle 

Usually, vacuum/blower tubes differ in the shape of their nozzle. For instance, to suck up leaves and debris from the yard, a round-shaped nozzle works best. At the same time, other models also integrate certain features to help you around the yard. 

For example, a curled lip or built in scrapper will help you to dislodge a stuck wet leaf. Therefore check on the nozzle shape and other sets of accessories that may lighten down your vacuuming work of the yard. 

Weight and Comfort of Use

In very many cases, you will have to carry the garden tool from start to finish in your hands. It thus pays to know the weight you can safely bear. And remember, as you vacuum, the equipment shreds the grass, direct them to the collection bag, and the weight you have to carry increases with time. 

At the same time, the handle of the best commercial leaf vacuum should offer reliable grip and comfortable to hold for many hours. Otherwise, with the bag hanging and the grip biting your fingers, it becomes unbearable.

No Tool Conversion

From the review, you have noticed that many models feature 3 in one machine. At the same time, it feels convenient to hold the garden tool with one hand. For that reason, the best commercial leaf vacuum should have its control button close to where your hand’s grip. 

That way, you don’t strain to reach them. Besides, switching from blower to vacuum and back should be quick and straightforward. Most often, many models require no tools; instead, just flipping a button. Still, others require you to attach a vacuum tube. Whichever the case, the process should be fast and effortless. 


commercial leaf vaccum is working

What Are the Benefits of a Leaf Vacuum?

When leaves fall on the ground decay and swept into streams, they may negatively impact aquatic lives.  So it is wise for every homeowner to vacuum fallen leaves on the compound regularly. Raking is an old technique that still works but not convenient all the time. 

If you have a large garden with numerous trees and flower beds, manual raking can be very tiring. Reaching out for leaves fallen under the deck, on the driveway, and in other hidden places is challenging. The best commercial leaf vacuum transforms the tiring task into a pleasant routine job.  

Besides, it gives out a professional finish, filters pebbles, and some models even shred the leaves. You then add the shredded clippings to your compost heap! So instead of always complaining and evading leaf collection, especially during fall, you can brave it with the right tool: a leaf vacuum. 

Can You Vacuum Up Wet Leaves and Pine Needles?

Yes, you can suck up wet leaves, but it requires a powerful vacuum. Generally, vacuuming small and loose debris requires less force. But when the leaves get wet or damp, they mingle up with soil and become heavy. At the same time, rainfall can rivet them on the mud, making them even more difficult to remove.

That’s why you need the best commercial leaf vacuum with unique accessories and an adapting tube to free such leaves before vacuuming. 

For heavy-duty vacuuming, the Toro 51621 UltraPlus and Earthwise LSW70021 are good candidates to consider. 

However, vacuuming pine needles and tiny leaves from gravel filled ground is challenging. Nevertheless, here is how to go about it;

What Safety Precautions Should I Take When Using Leaf Vacuum or Blower?

Just like when working with other tools, your safety comes first. For that reason, depending on the noise level produced by the garden tool, you may need to wear personal protective equipment.

That includes ear muffs, gloves, and even glasses for your eyes. Besides, adhere to the safety rules outlined in the vacuum’s manual. The timing of your vacuuming should be right to prevent unnecessary distractions. 

For that reason using a noisy (for instance, gas-powered model) blower/vacuum at dawn or late in the evening isn’t a wise idea. If you must clear the leaf at odd hours, then ensure that the blower runs extremely quiet, or set it to a minimum throttle speed. 


Clearing leaves from the lawn is never a one time job. It’s thus vital to make it light and enjoyable. That’s why you need the best commercial leaf vacuum that’s robust and reliable. 

The Greenworks 24322 readily fulfills such requires especially for the medium-sized garden. It’s light. Portable and packs enough suction power of 180mph/340 CFM. Besides, it gives you variable speed and produces very minimal noise.

However, you have the privilege of choosing the leaf vacuum that suits your yard. Hopefully, you now won’t have to gamble in your selection, having read the guide above. If you need a neat lawn, then the above leaf blowers look promising!

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