10 Best Commercial Lawn Mower Review in 2021- Buying Guide & FAQs

If you are in a hurry and hunting for the best commercial lawn mower, then we recommend the Ariens 915223 IKON-X 52 Commercial Lawn Mower as the top choice. 

Only a regularly watered, nourished, and trimmed yard adds to the general appeal of your home. Often small sized lawns on leveled grounds are trouble-free to maintain. But not every gardener is privileged to own such a garden.

Most gardeners who own yards of several acres, punctuated by bumps, or hilly terrain, invest considerable effort and time to maintain their lawns. However, the top commercial lawn mower brands listed below can make it non-tasking, enjoyable yet, produce professional results.

Find below our quick roundup of the review:

1. Best overallAriens 915223

2. Runner upHusqvarna MZ61

3. Best budget buyGreenworks GLM801601

4. Best ValueHusqvarna Z242F

5. Easiest to useSnapper XD

Best Commercial Lawn Mower Review

#1. Ariens 915223 IKON-X 52 Commercial Lawn Mower

For the yard mowing businessman who needs the best commercial lawn mower, the 23HP Ariens 915223 is an outstanding engine to consider. At the core, it uses the reputable Kawasaki V-twin engine driving a 52inch cutting deck. The 4.5inch deep steel deck improves aeration, thus making grass trimming almost effortless.

Considering it has a fabricated 10 gauge steel deck and tubular steel frame, the garden tool feels very sturdy, hence fitting the best commercial zero turn mower title. Moreover, it also features the commercial design 4point dual arm deck floating system. 

Its 13 steps cutting height that starts at 1.5inches to 4.5inches is easy to select from the dial operated interface. Whether you are moving at a maximum forward speed of 7mph or reversing at 3mph, the Ariens 915223 delivers high torque, therefore making trimming enjoyable. Its 2.8gallon gas tank, high back cushioned seat, and armrests contribute to a comfortable mowing experience. 


  • durable steel deck
  • high power Kawasaki engine
  • easy to select the cutting height
  • the convenient foot-operated deck lift system


  • Headlamps sold separately 
check price and availability on Amazon

#2. Husqvarna MZ61 61inch 24 HP Commercial Lawn Mower

Of all the top commercial lawn mower brands you can think of, the Husqvarna MZ61 that boasts a 61inch cutting deck and 24HP Kawasaki engine makes a viable choice. By using a reputable engine, the garden mower promises reliable startups and consistent torque on the job. 

When mowing uneven grounds, its commercial hydraulics combined to roll-over protection system works for your benefit. As for comfort, it features a high back seat equipped with armrests and foam-cushioned grips. Besides, it also integrates vibration dampeners, thus delivering an extra comfortable mowing experience. 

Since it employs the durable 11 gauge steel cutting deck that cuts a 61inch swath in a single path, the garden tool delivers as the best commercial lawn mower from one season to the next without frequent breakdowns. At the comfort of your seat, you can conveniently lift the deck to your suitable height. 


  • Can mulch, discharge, or bag grass to a 9bushel bag
  • Large wheels 
  • Triple grass management system 
  • High power to handle thick grass


  • You have to buy a mulch kit separate
check price and availability on Amazon

#3. Husqvarna MZ61 61inch 27 HP Commercial Lawn Mower

Talk of the best commercial lawn mower that excels in high torque demanding jobs, work ergonomics, and the zero-turn 27HP Husqvarna MZ61 garden mower looks promising. It uses a Briggs powerful engine that outputs 27HP to cut a 61inch swath in a single move. Also, its 11 gauge steel deck, is sturdy and offers long years of service. 

Without standing from your seat, you can lift or adjust the deck height to any of the 12 step cutting settings. Large yards might force you to mow for extended hours. The garden tool makes it more comfortable by giving you a soft high back seat, armrests, vibration dampeners, and even padded grips.  

Unlike other models, it has a service meter that reminds you when to go for overhauling. Therefore you can take your mower for regular maintenance at timely intervals. Besides, the serviceable parts, such as the air filter and other electronic units, are quick to access. On the other hand, its large collection system of 9 bushel triple bag means few trips to disposing grass clippings.


  • Easy to access serviceable parts
  • Comfortable over long hours of mowing
  • Durable steel deck
  • Broad cutting width
  • Swift ground speed
  • Sure startups


  • Collection bag sold separately
check price and availability on Amazon

#4. Husqvarna Z242F Commercial Lawn Mower 

Husqvarna is a famous brand among lawn mowing engines. This time it rolls out Husqvarna Z242F that looks promising as the best commercial riding lawn mower. First, it picks on a Kawasaki engine that delivers 18HP. Such an amount of energy powers the tractor at a maximum forward speed of 6.5mph. 

 What’s more, it effectively drives the 42inch wide cutting deck. Considering its energy rating, cutting width, and speed, when searching for the best commercial lawn mower it’s worth the cost. Besides, as a safety consideration, it boasts a parking brake that automatically engages or disengages as the position of the steering lever dictates.

Instead of restricting you, the Husqvarna Z242F features 3 in 1 grass disposal methods; mulching, bagging, or side discharge of the cut shrubs. Its hydrostatic transmission system requires almost no maintenance. Also, the ClearCut deep deck design allows superior airflow, trouble-free chopping of shrubs, and easy bagging of clippings. 


  • ergonomic control panel
  • slip-proof foot area
  • sure startups
  • automatic engaging parking brake
  • convenient to lift deck system


  • mulch kit and attachment bag not part of the package
check price and availability on Amazon

#5. Ariens 991151 Apex Commercial Lawn Mower

In one pass, the Ariens 991151 mows a path of 61inch and also allows you to vary the 15 steps deck cutting height over a range of 1.5 inches to 5inches. Its 24HP Kawasaki engine powers it for a forward speed of 8mph or reverses at 4mph. So accordingly, it enables you to clear a large track of yard within a short time.

Like other Ariens mowers, it also employs the easy to maintain hydrostatic transmission. By tapping on a foot-operated deck lift system and blending it to an electric Ogura deck engagement mechanism, the Ariens 991151 offers trouble-free mowing. A fuel tank of 5.1 gallons limits the number of trips you have to make to refuel the engine. 

The best commercial lawn mower has to be durable. So the Ariens 99115 APEX1has a robust tubular steel frame and a 10 gauge steel deck. Furthermore, the engine also aids air circulation with its 5.5-inch deep deck.


  • High back comfortable seat
  • Automatic changing belt technology
  • Sturdy frame and deck
  • 24HP Kawasaki engine
  • Effortless to raise or lift deck


  • Produces slight rattling sound at top speed
check price and availability on Amazon

#6. Snapper XD Commercial Lawn Mower

The Snapper XD has impressive features that single it out among commercial lawn mower brands. It uses an automatic drive system that employs StepSense technology to match your mowing speed to the mower’s self-propelled features. Accordingly, that delivers remarkable performance even at high speed. 

Once charged, the two 82V lithium-ion batteries can drive it for 60 minutes before calling for recharge. Unlike the gas or corded mowers, the Snapper XD produces no fumes and has no wires which might entangle you. Changing the deck mowing height is trouble-free from the single lever, 7 step cutting height provision. 

At one pass, it clears a 21inch wide path. At the same time, it features a smart automatic load sensing technology to match the required power with the load at any given instance, and thus, making it energy efficient. From its 3-in-1versatile grass management design, it allows you to decide on whether to mulch, bag, or discharge the grass clippings. Thus, it qualifies as the best commercial lawn mower. 


  • Runs quietly
  • Automatically matches load capacity to required power level
  • Vertical space-saving feature
  • Complete with charger
  • Delivers enough power to match tough jobs


  • Mowing time-limited by battery capacity
check price and availability on Amazon

#7. Swisher FC14566CPKA Commercial Lawn Mower 

When you have a lawn tractor and hence looking for the best trailing commercial lawn mower brands to go along with the tractor, the Swisher FC14566CPKA fits the bill. In contrast to many lawn mowers that have troubling starting systems, it uses a 12v battery to deliver quick electric startups.  

The Kawasaki 603cc engine channels its 14.5HP to drive a 66inch cutting deck and thus enables quick trimming results. At the same time, the 2.5gallon gas tank increases the mower’s productivity and reduces downtime. Besides packing enormous energy, it further has triple G6 Gator commercial quality blades. Therefore, the blades are not only durable but give a neat trimming of the lawn. 

As you move over tall grass, its three anti-scalp wheels produces smooth rolling without endangering the grass. And to crown it as the best commercial lawn mower, it supports variable cutting heights from a minimum of 1.5 inches to a maximum of 5.5inches. 


  • Fitted with electronic safety switch
  • Commercial quality cast iron spindles
  • Floating deck system
  • Side discharge enabled


  • Starting battery not part of the package
check price and availability on Amazon

#8. Greenworks GLM801601 Commercial Lawn Mower  

You can take a break from gas fumes and enjoy the benefit of rechargeable Greenworks GLM801601. It’s powered by dual 80V 2AH lithium-ion batteries that results into 60 minutes of mowing when fully charged. For the convenience of work, you can use one battery as you still recharge the other. 

At the push of a button, the mower ignites with very minimal effort. Although it is battery powered, it packs several energy-saving features. For example, it features the SmartCut load sensing technology, thereby sensing the right power to use as per the load requires.

Also, it has powerful but energy-efficient brushless motors that perform like a 160cc gas engine. On the other hand, its steel deck is strong and can tolerate years of abuse. For the convenience of grass clipping disposal, the Greenworks GLM801601 allows for side discharge, mulching, or rear bagging. So if you need the best commercial lawn mower that’s battery-driven, you won’t regret investing in it.


  • Lightweight of 79.5lbs
  • Single lever cutting height adjustment
  • Efficient brushless motors
  • Quick charging within 30 minutes
  • Package provides charger


  • Battery restricts mowing duration
check price and availability on Amazon

#9. Swisher ZTR2766BS Commercial Lawn Mower 

One of the rare features of Swisher ZTR2766BS that makes it the best commercial riding lawn mower is that it can cut both in reverse and forward direction at the speed of 8mph. The 27HP Briggs and Stratton engine provide the vital energy that propels it forward and also drives the 66inch wide cutting deck. 

As an assurance of its durability, it features an 11 gauge steel fabricated deck and three gator mulching blades. So you can take on difficult grass and shrubs without relenting in performance. The foot assisted deck lifting mechanism is simple to carry out when changing the mower’s cutting height.  

At the same time, its hydro gear 2800 transmission’s efficiency and the rapid response control technique’s ease of control makes it dependable. Crowning it off as the best commercial lawn mower is its low center of gravity and the ability to make a zero degree turn. 


  • High capacity 8-gallon fuel tank
  • Commercial-grade welded steel frame
  • Sure electric start
  • Highly maneuverable


  • Its dampening system needs improvement
check price and availability on Amazon

#10. Swisher Z3166CPKA Commercial Lawn Mower

Vast sized yards characterized by uneven topography are usually challenging to maintain. But, when you have the best commercial zero turn mower like the Swisher Z3166CPKA, it becomes enjoyable. It’s the combination of the 31HP commercial-grade Kawasaki engine, dual 4-gallon fuel tank, and the 23inch chevron tread tires that makes it ideal for such jobs.

You can easily tilt and adjust the deck height with electrical assistance. So raising the cutting height from 1.25 to 5inches becomes straightforward. When you need to mow at great speed, its max forward speed limit of 10mph, 66inch deck width, and the rapid response control technique works to your advantage. 

And even at that top speed, the adaptable high back suspension-enabled chair, seatbelt, and twin hydro gear transmission make it safe and smooth. For tough grass, its heavy-duty cast iron spindles, 3/16 thick fabricated front-mounted deck, and 3 G6 gator commercial quality mulching blades have an equally marching toughness. Overall, it’s a worthy choice as the best commercial lawn mower. 


  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Electrically adjusted deck height and tilt
  • Smooth and comfortable steering
  • Roll-over protection system 
  • Dual LED headlamps


  • Not ideal for tight places
check price and availability on Amazon

How to Choose the Best Commercial Lawn Mower

If landscaping is your business or you own a large yard, then you need the best commercial lawn mower that makes your work easy.

To get such a mower, reflect on the following factors:

Consider Your Present Clients’ Demands

Knowing the demands of your present customers will see you select the right mower that fulfills their needs and keep them coming back. For instance, if you mow day time at working hours, then a quiet battery-operated mower makes the best choice. 

Furthermore, ensure that the mower can move freely, make turns, and even reach the borderlines. If the lawn has no obstacles, then go for mowers of at least 60inches and thus save on time. Else, if there are trees and gates, then you’ll need the best commercial lawn mower of small deck size. 

Think of Team Member’s Expertise

Before investing in a commercial mower, evaluate both you and your team ambers level of proficiency. It doesn’t make sense to buy the tractor mower employing the latest leading-edge technology if none of you know how to use it right. 

Therefore, confirm that it has easy to use controls, delivers clean and pro looking cuts. Otherwise, if you still struggle to understand how to adjust the deck cutting height, mow in reverse or change its oil, then it means it’s the wrong and not the best commercial lawn mower for your business. It’s only when you know the machine in and out that you can command it to deliver impressive work for your clients. 

Rugged and Reputable Brands

One of the universal features of the best commercial lawn mower is its ability to take on tough mowing duties. That implies the material used in the frame and deck should portray such sturdiness. For instance, tubular frames and a steel deck of about 10 to 11 gauges should be adequate. On top of sturdiness, reputable engines registers admirable performance at low speed, high speed, and even in reverse mode. Such functionalities make you spend less time clearing a large area. 

However, even if you choose the most promising mower, there are also regular maintenance requirements that you’ll need. Therefore, buying from a reputable dealer counts. Such famous brands have their service centers spread all over. So in case you need professional help or one of the mower parts break down, it’s effortless to get a spare part. 

Operator’s Comfort

When mowing on a large scale, then you shouldn’t compromise your comfort. Ensure you are happy with the riding posture. You can choose models that allow you to mow while seated, standing, or walking behind the equipment. Moreover, know the method of grass disposal that you want. That includes mulching, bagging, or discharging the cut shrubs. 

Some clients may require you to bag the chopped grass and dispose of them in the composed heap. In such cases, a mower that has a large grass collection bag saves you from making many trips. On the same note, it is convenient to have the best commercial lawn mower that has provision for adding other attachments as the job dictates. 

Source of Energy

For convenience, pick on a mower with a power requirement that you can readily get. Nevertheless before you make your choice on the best commercial lawn mower, compare the fuel consumption against productivity (acres per hour) for different models. 

Regarding the source of energy, factor in the gas tank size; it should support you for a couple of hours mowing instead of calling for refuel or constant recharging. For example, a diesel-powered tractor mower with an average of 5gallon gas tank will support you for a couple of hours before calling for refueling. 


a man is riding a lawn mower

What are the Advantages of Commercial Mowers Over from Residential Mowers?

The core feature that distinguishes commercial from residential grade mower is the degree of sturdiness. Lawn mowers that target commercial use have an overall design that adapts them to long demanding exercises. Such engines can take on even 10 hours of mowing without showing overheating problems or wearing out quickly. The deck thickness, blade material, and engine displacement of a commercial lawn mower are higher than that of a residential mower. 

For example, the best commercial lawn mower has its blades rotating at a higher speed compared to residential types. By so doing, they manage to reduce clamping effect to an almost nil level. Besides, they also feature large displacement engines that give high horsepower. Accordingly, they can take on challenging terrains and even tall and thick grass without any difficulty. 

Who Should Buy a Commercial Quality Lawn Mower?

Although landscapers require commercial lawn mowers, their use isn’t limited to that only. For instance, there are times when you might have realized that your lawn robs you considerable amount of time. If it is more mountainous, forces you to bend and walk a longer distance, and strains your back, then it means your mower can’t take the challenging job. 

The wisest solution then is to change to the best commercial lawn mower. Switching to a commercial designed mower allows you to handle otherwise challenging duties in less time, comfortably, and even deliver professional work. Therefore if you want a mower that lasts long, and transforms tiring lawn care into an enjoyable task, then switch to a commercial mower. 

How do I improve the Efficiency of My Mower and Lengthen its Lifespan too?

For you to get optimum performance from the best commercial lawn mower and let it serve you for many years, you have a role to play. Before igniting the mower, confirm the pressure on each tire. And once you have ignited the engine, ensure it runs at the recommended (as per the manual) revolutions per minute, RPM. 

At the same time, keep a check on the blades to ensure that they stay sharp and thus deliver even professional cuts. On a day to day basis, remove the accumulated dust, grass, and sticks from the mower.

Here is a quick video on how to clean a commercial lawn mower without compromising your safety;

Apart from blowing, you need to check on the state of the air filter. Clean it if it is dirty and replace it when necessary.

The following video best explains how you can go about cleaning the air filter; 


By now, probably you are well informed about shopping for the best commercial lawn mower. Revisit the buyer’s guide provided above and get valuable tips. From the research, gardeners prefer the Ariens 915223 IKON-X 52 Commercial Lawn Mower since it has correctly matched its engine capacity, deck size, and performance. However, only you know what suits your lawn, go for it from the list!


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